A plant stand is a dedicated space where you can display your plant collection indoors, outdoors or on the balcony. Having a plant stand in the room space can make you feel refreshed, comfortable, healthy, and stress-free. Plant stands for outdoor space and interior space made of different materials like metal, steel, and wood among which wood and metal are comparatively popular. There is no doubt that every stand has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss how they differ and which one is best for the home.

Wooden Vs Metal Plant Stand

About Wooden Plant Stand:

  • Natural Touch

You can add a natural touch to your indoor or outdoor space by installing a wooden stand. Since every garden is full of natural greenery, and wooden stand will naturally enhance the beauty. They look simple and so natural in the backyard.

  • Multiple designs & Varieties

The wooden stand comes in varieties of sizes, shapes and designs. You can choose stands that are ideal for more than one plant. In this way, you can pick the plant stand according to the room’s interior and availability of space.

  • Affordable

Wooden stands are made using natural materials, so they don’t burden your pocket. They are affordable, and hence you can save a lot of bucks.

  • Outdoors and Indoors

The biggest advantage of wooden plant stands is that they can be used indoors and out. Natural designs enhance the look wherever they are placed.

  • Versatility

Not only for placing planters, but you can also use a wooden plant stand to display a piece of décor, which gives a different look in outdoor and indoor spaces. For more details about wooden stands visit https://www.plantstandindia.in/ blog.

Drawbacks of Wooden Plant Stand:

  • Once the stand is exposed to direct sunlight, it may tear or wear. In this way, the life and durability of your plant stand will be reduced significantly.
  • Water droplets can also affect the durability of the stand. It may happen that whenever the plants are watered, droplets of water will fall on the wood, and there is a possibility of mildew on the wood. So, you need to be aware while watering the plants.
  • If you are choosing a large plant stand, it may be too heavy. This means that you will not be able to move or shift it again and again.

About Metal Plant Stand:

  • Available in different shapes

Metal plant stands are available in different shapes, like square, rectangular or round. These angular plant stands are slightly more perfect than the round-shaped stands. The round-shaped pots always require ample space. Hence, having multiple shaped stands can help you save space.

  • Space-Saver

Stands made from metals are space savers options. They are more than the planters you use regularly. By placing a metal stand, you will be able to display more plants in your garden.

  • Maintaining the Cleanliness

Another benefit of the metal stand is that it helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the outdoor and indoors concerning people cannot lift the containers, or grow bags. The usage of the metal stand provides elevations of the jars which helps in the cleanliness of the garden.

Drawbacks of Metal Plant Stand:

  • One of the biggest problems, when you are using a plant stand, is rust No matter how good quality is used in it there is a possibility of rusting in it.
  • The metal makes the stand heavier than other types of plant stands. When the stand itself becomes heavy, it becomes heavy when the planter is inserted in it.

Final Words:

Traditionally used wooden stand adds an antique and classy touch to your room while metal is a strong, sturdy, rust-free and durable option.

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