What exactly is a handcart and how is it used?

Whether the handcart is foldable or equipped with a rigid metal frame: Basically, it is used as a means of transport. The following list explains the more detailed properties:

  • They are non-motorized vehicles for pulling or pushing
  • almost all models are equipped with two axles and 4 wheels for rolling
  • Variants built with a wooden rung cladding are also referred to as ladder wagons
  • handcarts with steerable front and/or rear axles prove to be particularly practical
  • compared to the past, the tires are now made of solid rubber, alternatively, pneumatic tires are used


Regardless of whether the handcart is equipped with pneumatic tires or hard rubber tires: With a few exceptions, 4 wheels are available. big tire hoverboard it is important whether these are attached to the axles at the front and/or rear in such a way that they can rotate. This makes it much easier for you to pull and push. This is crucial if the handcart is large and therefore weighs a little more.

In some variants, only one wheel is attached to the front axle, which, according to various handcart tests on the Internet, leads to the fact that the car is particularly mobile. However, the selection here is somewhat smaller.

Common uses

Especially in urban environments, handcarts that are foldable are often used. In the vast majority of cases, they are used to take children and the provisions needed for on the go as well as the drinks. These can be small excursions into the countryside or day trips. Due to the folding mechanism, they can be easily stowed in the vehicle, which is naturally not possible with models with a rigid frame. In order to make it more comfortable for the children in the handcart, it is worthwhile to use a children’s pillow.

Of course, there is also the possibility to transport a dog in a handcart as in a dog trainer. Take the dog bed with you so that the four-legged friend can make himself comfortable and not forget the food. And of course, it is also quite clear that the handcart is used on the beach, whereby the right tires are important here. Popular are models from Beachtrekker.

According to legislation, handcarts that are foldable, as well as all other variants are approved for participation in road traffic, which also includes sidewalks. A brake is not mandatory. On the other hand, lighting is mandatory if you are on the road with your handcart in XXL or in another version after dark. This must light up to the front and rear, no further specific requirements are made.

A clear handcart comparison: What types are there?

Basically, a distinction is made between handcarts that can be folded and those for which this function is not available. In addition, best stakebards tricks there are models with special features that are suitable for commercial use or are used in the garden for the transport of plants and young trees. These variants are examined in more detail below.

Foldable handcarts

  • Optionally this type of handcart is foldable or foldable, which depends on the construction
  • this feature significantly simplifies transport in the car and storage after use
  • In the vast majority of cases, the handcart is equipped with a roof that is removable
  • Not quite as stable as wooden handcarts and variants intended purely for the transport of goods

Wooden handcart

  • This is the classic variant, which also makes something visual
  • The wooden version is often referred to as particularly robust in various handcart tests
  • Depending on the brand, there is also a roof for slimming
  • Requires more space to store and can only be taken in larger vehicles such as a van

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