Who is Charlotte Emmerson?

Charlotte Emmerson is an English writer, poet and critic. She was born on the 2nd of August 1835 in London, England. Charlotte was a member of the Bloomsbury group, and she is credited for being the first English woman to publish a volume of poetry. Charlotte’s father was a lawyer. He got transferred to India when she was still young, and he died in 1848. She married women with Iain Glen. She has two daughters and a son, who died in 1887.

Her mother tried her best to keep her daughter at home but she had always wanted to be independent. She tried to find a job for herself but she could not find one that would allow her enough time to devote to writing poems as well as editing them. So she went on with teaching as well as writing poems at night before going back home again.

List of books by author Charlotte Emerson

Charlotte’s first book “Ballads” was published in 1860 by Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., London which helped boost her reputation among the literary circles in England. The first poem that made an impression on people was “The Mystery of the Sea”, which was published in “The Academy”.

Her second book “Poems” was published in 1864. In this book, Charlotte tried to go back to her earlier style of writing. This might have been because she wanted to be taken seriously by the literary world and she wanted to show that she had matured as a writer. She also wanted to show that her style had changed and it was now different from what it was before. The poems were more personal and philosophical than the ones in her first book “Ballads” and dealt with many different topics like religion, politics, love, death and sex.

Her third book called “Hints for Women” was published in 1866. This time she tried a new approach, which would help her reach out more women readers. This time, Charlotte did not write about love or sex but about marriage and family life instead. She tried to convey messages through the poems such as marriage is not a prison; marriage is a partnership; marriage is not a form of slavery. She also wrote about the importance of women education and their role in society.

In 1868, Charlotte published her last book called “The Queen of Poetry”. This was her best-selling book, and it went on to become the second bestselling book by any female author in England. The book was a collection of poems that had been published in various magazines over the years as well as some new ones.

After publishing this book, Charlotte tried to write short stories but she did not succeed at it. She also tried writing plays but they were also unsuccessful. In 1873, she decided to give up writing altogether because she was not able to find a publisher for any of her books and because she was afraid that people would start criticizing her again because they did not like what she wrote.

After giving up writing, Charlotte joined the Women’s Suffrage Movement and became active in campaigning for women’s rights to vote. In 1866, she was elected as the first president of the National Society for Women’s Suffrage and in 1867 she was also nominated to be the first president of the British Women’s Temperance Society.

Personal Information

Charlotte died in 1906 at the age of 77 and she is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in London. Her tombstone reads: “Here lies Charlotte Brontë, author of Jane Eyre, Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”.

“Jane Eyre” was first published in 1847 and it was the book that brought Charlotte fame and she became the first female novelist of the Victorian era. It was a huge success and it made her famous all over England. The book was also translated into French and German under the titles “Jane Eyre ou les Malheurs d’une jeune fille” (in 1849) and “Jane Eyre” (in 1851).

In 1848, Charlotte married a clergyman named Patrick Brontë who had previously been engaged to her sister Emily Brontë. Patrick died on January 19, 1850, just two days after he had taken his vows to Charlotte. She then married Arthur Bell Nicholls, who was an English barrister. They were married for nine years until Arthur died on July 11, 1862.

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