As a mother, one of my utmost priorities is to give adequate vaccination to my child. This is something that I realize is too important and that is why I never miss giving any type of vaccination to my child. I recommend the same to all the parents and mothers out there as well. In this article, I have described the meaning, the immunization schedule, as well as the cost of the IPV vaccine in India

What is the IPV Vaccine?

IPV stands for the Inactivated Polio Vaccine and is a vaccine that you should administer into your child if you want to protect him or her from the occurrence of polio. Polio is a disease that is usually spread owing to a virus and the virus is also contagious in its nature.

It is extremely important to protect your young one from this particular disease because it might cause paralysis in your child. Just a vaccine can drastically reduce the possibility of your child contracting the disease.

Side Effects of the Vaccine

The following are some of the side effects that you get as a result of the vaccine:

  • Severe allergies or an allergic reaction
  • Redness and a sore
  • Mild fever

Most of the side effects that people normally get from this vaccine are nothing serious and is something that can be handled mildly

Immunization Schedule of the IPV Vaccine

This is the polio vaccine that usually has to be given when you are a child. The dosage that needs to be given to a child is usually the following:

First dose when the child is around 2 months of age, the second dose when he or she is 4 months old, the third dose at the time when the child is 6 to 8 months old, and finally, the last dose of the vaccine has to be administered to your child when he or she is of the age between 4 years to 6 years.

However, if you happen to be an adult who has not received the polio vaccination at the time when you were a child, you should definitely get yourself vaccinated. There should be a gap of around one month or a maximum of two months between the first dose and the second dose. Also, the third dose should be given to you only after a gap of a year or a half after you have been given the second dose of the vaccine.

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Price / Cost of the IPV Vaccine in India

The vaccine is easily available in India at affordable rates. The price of the same in India is somewhere around 440 rupees.

Who Should Not Get the Vaccine?

My doctor advised me that the following group of people should not get the IPV vaccine at all:

  • If your child or the adult who wants to take the vaccine has had an allergic reaction because of the polio vaccine took earlier
  • If any of the components or the ingredients that are present in the vaccine will give you any kind of known allergic reaction

Thus, the IPV or the Inactivated Polio Vaccine is an extremely important one and having known the details of the same, I hope that you will not miss getting it administered to your child.  

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