How To Rotate Laptop Screen? – For Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11

A laptop offers great portability to work at the home, office, and remote locations. The functionality surely feels incredible and it can make you get better productivity. However, the small screen display might seem like a problem while working on photos/video editing software. The same thing happens when you are working professionally and need a large display. Connecting an external monitor plays a crucial role in resolving all the problems more efficiently. 

The common issue with an external monitor tackled by almost every laptop owner is wrong output. Sometimes the displayed content is full of chunks and requires a little work to set everything. While a normal monitor can connect instantly and adequately, using a vertical display seems like a problem. The content is not in vertical mode and you have to make some changes. In such situations, features like screen rotation come in handy. 

How To Rotate Laptop Screen?

How To Rotate Laptop Screen

Microsoft Windows is already equipped with some impressive features which allow you to change the rotation, flip the screen and much more. Keep reading this post to learn about the method to rotate your laptop screen as per the requirement. Before learning about the method, knowing the need for screen rotation and benefits might make you learn many new things. 

Reason to Rotate Your Laptop Screen

It doesn’t matter that if you develop media content, apps or something else, having a look at created design in the vertical format makes sense. You learn about flaws, and you can also focus on some different areas in a better way. The major use of screen rotation is preferred by the app developers. 

Changing the screen orientation helps in several types of tasks and you can expect a great advantage while working with vertical files. No doubt that horizontal orientation is going to help with several types of tasks in daily life. You can use screen rotation while browsing the web on a large screen and taking a screenshot of a complete page to become easier in a single shot. 

Multitasking is another reason, which brings you many advantages of laptop screen rotation. You can open two different apps and more by this method. In most cases, creators get several advantages from screen rotation and it can play an essential role in making things easier for most people. 

Meanwhile, there are times when you accidentally press the command and flip or rotate the screen by mistake. These are some of the situations, when you might or must need a laptop screen rotation. Well, screen rotation is all about changing the orientation. 

Method to Rotate Screen or Changing the Orientation – For Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11

Even though window 11 isn’t released for everyone, the commands to change the screen orientation are the same. Following the below-given steps will help you change the orientation for Window 7 to Window 11. Follow the steps – 

  • Press the Window key on your laptop and search “Display Settings” here. You can press the window button and start typing. 
  • After hitting the enter button, you will get a window to customize the display. Any kind of settings from display resolution to the orientation, you can find all the options in this column. 
  • If you have connected to an external monitor, then you can click on the specific display and change the orientation. 
  • Displays are labelled and you can choose the one you want to change. For more than one external display, you can find numbering written on all the displays to know which one is you are looking at. 
  • After selecting the display, click on the orientation option and you can click on the down arrow (at the right edge of the drop-down menu).
  • Choose the desired orientation from the given options and click on apply. The orientation will be changed and then you can click on the Ok button to keep the display in the selected orientation. 

In case, you are willing to change the orientation back to normal, you can follow the same procedure and choose the landscape mode. There are also flip screen options that you can choose whenever you need them. 

How to Set Orientation to Automatic?

If you are using a two-in-one laptop, then you might be using the laptop as a tablet mode in many cases. Using the window laptop in landscape orientation might be great but for web browsing, this feature might feel less productive. So, you can change the rotation following the previous steps. However, there is an option to change the rotation automatically. 

  • Go to the action centre in your window device. Or, you can press Win + A to open the action centre. 
  • You can find the rotation lock feature here. Press the rotation button and you can change it automatic and manual. When the rotation is On, your laptop will change orientation based on how you are holding the device. 
  • In case, you can’t find the option, then pressing expand option button will bring you all the options. 

This feature works perfectly and provides you additional benefits like you can change the rotation of the device and the orientation of the displayed content will be changed. Many monitor displays support this feature. 

Important Note – Even most two-in-one laptop has this feature. There are many old models which aren’t packed with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. These two small hardware plays an important role in knowing about the orientation. If your laptop doesn’t have this hardware, then the automatic rotation will not work. 

What if The Rotate Button is in Gray?

There are many times when the Window shows the Rotation button in Gray colour. In these situations, there are chances that you have an external unit connected like a keyboard, mouse or any other device. Unplugging the external hardware will get back the feature and you can toggle between on and off. 

Whether you are using a laptop, tablet or a PC, the rotation feature works perfectly if all the settings are right. Most computers doesn’t have the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors and you can’t even find this hardware with monitor displays also. This hardware is mainly installed in touch screen window’s devices. 

How to use Keyboard Shortcuts to Rotate Screen?

Just like you have shortcuts to open apps and choose the external display in the window, there are also some shortcut keys to change the rotation. By using the right command keys and pressing them at the same time, you can change the screen rotation easily. 

  • Press CTRL + ALT keys at the same time and use arrow keys to decide the orientation of the screen. If you want to browse content in any specific orientation, you can simply press the arrow key. 
  • If you want to get the desktop to normal landscape orientation, pressing the same keys with the down arrow key will do the work for you. 

This hotkey works perfectly for Windows 10 and if your work requires changing the screen rotation on an often basis, these simple commands will be beneficial to your productivity. 

How to Rotate External Monitor? – Pivoting Head for Monitors

If you want to rotate an external monitor and also want to change the orientation of the monitor itself, then you need some specific mounts. You can specifically look for external monitor stands which are designed for lightweight LED monitors. These monitor stands have a pivoting head that let you tilt, or rotate the monitor as per the requirement. 

Most creators use a set of monitor displays like three displays in a row. They use two monitors in the landscape position and the last one in the portrait orientation. The best part about this type of set-up is with productivity. You can run the program on one display, view other content on the second landscape monitor. 

For the final result, the use of portrait displays comes in handy. While choosing pivot heads for the monitor, you should check to buy a guide to figure out the perfect type. After setting all, you can always use hotkeys while changing the orientation of the display. If you are using a dock to connect all the displays, then you might have to go through some extra steps.

Bottom Line

Apart from these methods, you can create hotkeys using Intel Graphic setting app or with third-party software. In most cases, these shortcuts will be helping you do the work at a better speed and they will help you enhance productivity. Keep in mind that the screen rotation shortcut works for Windows 10 only. If you are using any other operating system like Ubuntu or macOS, then the method is different. In macOS, you can’t change the screen orientation through settings.

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