When you are browsing through something on the internet, working on your laptop, or when you are playing some games on the laptop, did you find ants coming out of it? This has happened with many people and you are not alone. This is a very common problem that many of us face while using the laptop. Do not stress yourself about it. 

There can be many reasons for ants in the laptop like food strains on the laptop or food crumbs that are laying near the laptop that attract the ants. Along with that, the heat that is produced by the laptop can also be a reason for ants in the laptop. Usually, ants like to make the nest in a warm and dry place and your laptop seems like the ideal place for it. Whatever is the reason for ants to enter into your laptop, we have some of the best and easiest ways to get rid of the ants from the laptop.

Many people do not care about the ants and some get easily irritated due to the ants in the laptop. You will need a little patience when you are having ants in the laptop as it is going to take some time for you to get rid of them. But at the same time, you cannot neglect them as they can cause serious damage to the hardware and the data in the laptop. So, let us have a look at how to remove ants from laptops in this article. 

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ants From Laptops:

How To Remove Ants From Laptop?

Now that you have some idea about why ants enter inside the laptop, it is now time for you to understand how to get rid of ants from a laptop. Like we already discussed, there are several methods for doing it. Let us discuss a few simple methods here, which can be very helpful.

Clean the exterior first:

The first and most important method that you need to follow is cleaning the exterior of the laptop first. If there are any food crumbs or any dirt on the surface of the laptop, they should be cleaned first. This can be done with the help of keyboard cleaners, which are very much similar to vacuum cleaners. It will suck all the dirt that got accumulated on the surface of the laptop. You should remember to place the cleaner at least half an inch away from the laptop and keyboard.

Use electronic wipes:

Whether it is a laptop or any other electronic equipment, electronic wipes can be of great help. They are a very effective way to clean the food strains on the surface of the laptop. You just need to swipe with the help of wipes and it will be done. You should first start with the screen of the laptop and then cover the other parts of your laptop. Just make sure that you are cleaning every corner of the exterior of your laptop. That will help you in protecting the laptop in a better way. Just keep changing the wipes as and when it is required to make sure that the dirt is not getting transferred from one to another. 

Clean the interior:

Cleaning the exterior will just stop attracting new ants to your laptop, but what about the ants that are hiding inside the laptop already? So, to get rid of them completely, you will have to clean the interior of the laptops. You don’t have to be worried when we say to open the laptop and clean it. You just need to remove the battery and then open the screw. That will help in opening the backside of the laptop. Once you open it, if there are ants, then they will start moving. This is when you need to react and get a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure that the pressure of the vacuum cleaner is low and you are holding it at a distance from the laptop interior to make sure that there is no damage to the laptop hardware. You should not continue this process for more than seven to ten minutes. When you are done with ten minutes, then just leave the laptop open. Yes, you need to leave it open because there are chances that are still more ants hiding inside the laptop. 

Use ant bait:

After the interior cleaning, just leave the laptop opened and take some ant bait. You should now place this ant bait around the laptop. Just place it at least two to three inches away from the laptop. You can also place a few dead ants near the bait. Just leave the laptop open overnight. The Pheromones that come from the dead ants will attract the ants that are hiding inside the laptop. The ant bait will also work wonderfully. When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to find several ants on the trap. This will help in getting rid of most of the ants. 


So, these are some of the simple and most effective ways to get rid of the ants from the laptop. Along with using the methods to get rid of them after they get inside the laptop, you should make sure to avoid them in the future. That means you will have to make sure that your room or house is free from ants. You can get in touch with the best pest control team to get rid of the ants in and around the house. 

You should also keep in mind that you are not eating food near your laptop. In case you are unable to avoid it due to a heavy workload, then make sure that you are cleaning the surface of the laptop immediately after you finish your meal. That will also reduce the amount of work that you will have to do when the ants have already occupied your laptop. So, try these simple methods today itself. 

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