We’re pleased to welcome you to the next Momentum Monday marketing blog! Today we’ll teach you how to increase your Instagram followers organically, for free Utilizing Engagement. This is an innovative and natural approach that utilizes the engagement techniques that are available on Instagram to make an impression with your friends.

How to Start Growing Your Instagram!

How to Increase Followers on Instagram Naturally

In order to expand your Instagram profile, it is important be thinking about the reasons you’re doing this and set goals. Organically growing on IG isn’t easy and easy due to how many people use the platform every day and the amount of ads that are run through the site. IG is a lot busier and crowded now than the time it was launched a decade ago. There are some unique strategies as well as a lot of manual labor that has to be done to build the number of accounts you have.

  • Before we get started, however we’ll talk about getting going.
  • Be sure to already have an IG account, or you can create one free of charge
  • Find out what kind of account you’d like and the reason for it.
  • Make use of a business or personal account
  • Set up your account correctly details, settings, and settings and much more

Now is the time to start thinking more strategically about how you can grow your Instagram account and the reasons you wish to expand your reach you’re following on IG initially. We will discuss below how to increase the number of Instagram Followers Organically by using engagement strategies!


Also, you can take a look at tools to automate your marketing for social media such as Mobile Monkey to increase your followers and reach. In Momentum Digital, we also offer social media engagement and marketing. Contact us for more details!

Install your Instagram growth strategy for marketing!

The process of growing your Instagram organically these days requires lots of manual effort and time. This is why many companies run advertisements and promotions that are paid to increase their reach and followers. Check our Facebook Ads information for more details.

Now let’s discuss the next steps and how to get started.

1. Make sure you log in to your account, and then optimize your profile

I’d recommend making sure you have the correct details, including profile pictures Links, contact details

2. Update your links, profile, description, info, stories, etc.


Utilize an Link tree account to gain additional links, and fill in the profile information as full as the characters will allow begin posting IG stories and begin publishing good content on your website.

3. Set out your goals (Grow Followers? Improve Engagement? Get leads? )

Why do you want to use an IG account? And what’s your objective? Are you looking to make money from your page or your business Do you wish to attract clients? Do you wish to be an influencer paid for? There are a lot of possibilities to pick from. If you want to buy Instagram followers Malaysia at cheap pricing packages, you can visit Followers Bucket.

4. Determine your market

When you open a account for business or personal You must think about whom you want to follow and the reason. Are you a brand or a service firm? Are you a local or retail? Consider the kind of people who might follow you, and the hashtags they may already follow.

5. Create Strategies

I’d then suggest making an action plan for the best way to make use of IG to connect in conversation with different accounts. The most popular methods include hashtag research and location tags, as well as followers from similar accounts as well as suggested accounts. The next steps concentrate solely on engagement through the IG app. I broke it down in detail with the help of this YouTube clip I’d recommend you watch it above.

6. Log into your account and begin your outreach

There are a variety of outreach techniques you could use.

Save hashtags and research them. Begin commenting, sending direct messages as well as following and liking posts from people who use these hashtags and follow them.

Write thoughtful comments and ask questions about posts by people who are using hashtags or location in their posts. Utilize locations if your business is more than a local business, which means you can directly interact with the people who live in your area through liking, commenting and sending them direct messages.

Check out similar accounts and see who is following their followers. Utilize their followers as a potential market for low-hanging fruits because you are sure they’ll be interested in your content, too. Follow and like posts of your followers. See The FollowersBucket Rewards here to know much about Social Services.

You should spend 15-30 minutes a day on this, and remain consistently consistent, but be unique to ensure that your account isn’t marked as spam or flagged.

7. Follow up with your accounts

Don’t stop at the moment of engagement. Engage with these people on a regular basis. If they are happy or they leave a comment or send you a message back keep it up. Send them a message or keep asking them questions. This will make them information faithful customers.

You can employ this technique to turn your new users into buyers. These are just a few suggested strategies which have been successful for us when we tried to increase followers on Instagram organically with Engagement.

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