A pool vacuum complements your skimmer and filter system when cleaning your swimming pool or hot tub. Online tests indicate that not only manual but also automatic models are available as pool robots.

You will find aquanique 5000 gph waterfall pump as electric cleaners as well as models without electricity for the garden hose. Electric pool vacuum cleaners are driven by a pump. The pump is either integrated, or the pump of your filter system is used. Choose now from our product table a pool vacuum cleaner with battery, which is particularly maneuverable.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our pool vacuum cleaner comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

Pool vacuum cleaners are available as automatic and manual models. Automatic models are self-propelled pool robots that independently clean the pool. Manual pool vacuums work electrically or according to the Venturi principle. Electric pool vacuums have an integrated pump or use the pump of your filter system or skimmer.

Electric pool vacuums receive the power supply via a cable or a battery. With battery, the pool vacuum cleaner is particularly maneuverable, but the operating time is limited to the battery life.

With a pool vacuum, you can clean swimming pools and whirlpools of sand, algae, and pebbles on the floor and walls of the pool. A pool robot is also able to clean the waterline.

A pool vacuum cleaner is used as a vacuum cleaner under water to clean the floor and walls of your swimming pool or hot tub. A telescopic rod allows you to use it from the edge of the pool. A pool robot takes over the cleaning of your pool automatically, comparable to a robot vacuum for your home. In our comparison for pool vacuum cleaners 2022, you will find in our product table primarily manual pool vacuums, electric pool vacuums, and pool vacuum cleaners for the garden hose. Our purchase advice also deals with pool robots and informs you about the most important purchase criteria for pool vacuums. Tips for use and the answers to frequently asked questions about pool vacuums complete our offer.

What is a pool vacuum cleaner and how does it work?

A pool vacuum cleaner is necessary for pool maintenance. As a mechanical pool cleaner, it can help save on chemical cleaners and not overload your pool’s filtration system. While a skimmer and a filter clean the water surface and remove floating dirt from the water, a pool cleaner is primarily suitable for cleaning the pool floor and walls. The water can remain in the pool during pool cleaning.

For pool vacuums, a distinction is made between manual and automatic pool vacuums. An automatic pool vacuum cleaner is also called a pool vacuum robot or pool robot. It is placed in the pool and, similar to a vacuum cleaner robot, independently drives the floor and walls of the pool for cleaning.

With a manual pool vacuum cleaner, you carry out the cleaning yourself by guiding the pool vacuum cleaner over the surface to be cleaned, comparable to a vacuum cleaner. best pond filter system for this purpose, the pool vacuum cleaner is equipped with a telescopic rod so that you can carry out the cleaning from the edge of the pool.

Cleaning is carried out with the pool vacuum by vacuum, which is generated by a pump. The pump can either be integrated into the pool vacuum, or the pump of the skimmer or the filter system is used. Alternatively, cleaning is carried out without electricity with the so-called venturi principle, in which you use the pool cleaner with a garden hose.

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