The Covid-19 pandemic has shown many ways for people to make money from the comfort of home, and day trading is one of those. Generally, young people choose this method to make huge money in a short period. There is a lot of content about investing and day trading available on different social media platforms that people use as a source. 

Also, it can be an outstanding source of income for many people, and they can be successful in this field. But things are not the same for everyone. Trading and investing are very dangerous and can be unfavorable for inexperienced people. If it becomes an addiction, it can be very problematic. 

Further, some financial experts consider day trading as gambling rather than investing. Investing is more strategical and has a long-term goal, while day trading is based on speculation where people make profits from fast price changes in the market. However, here we will discuss how you can control your desire for day trading efficiently. 

Steps To Stop Day Trading Addiction

How To Control the Urge of Day Trading?

If you are new to day trading and do this occasionally, you should stop this before it becomes an addiction. The following steps will be helpful for you in this process. 

  • Delete Apps Related to Trading 

To stop this tradic addiction, you can follow many practical things, such as deleting and blocking the apps and websites you use for trading. Also, you can allow a trusted person to monitor your funds. You can consider engaging in other activities and hobbies to get free from trading-related thoughts. 

  • Block Trading Related Content

The next step is to stay away from trading-related content that is available on different social media platforms. If you feel bored or lonely, you can consider doing different physical activities or sports for pleasure. 

Also, you should stay away from media related to financial content. Instead, you can focus on your health, nutrition, relaxation, hygiene, exercise, and other things. 

  • Seek Professional Help 

Our brains respond to different things in different ways. So, when you are trying to stay away from day trading, there can be high carvings to do trading. In this case, you may need professional help from a specialist. 

Mental health professionals such as addiction therapists, addiction psychiatrists, and other professionals who have expertise in gambling disorders and related health conditions can treat this health problem. In some cases, cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat thoughts, behaviors, and feelings related to day trading. 

  • Group Therapy 

Another way to control day trading desires is group therapy. Group therapy involves interaction among like-minded people so that they will not feel alone or bored. This helps people know the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of other people and compare them with their own to feel relaxed. 

This therapy is helpful for removing the shame and guilt that people usually feel due to trading addiction. 


Although day trading can be beneficial for people who have knowledge about the market, stocks, and strategies related to this, it is not the same for every person. So, you should avoid this before you get addicted to this. The steps discussed in this article will help you control desires for day trading.  

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