Whether you want to transfer data from your smartphone to laptop or you want to enable developer mode and go for advanced features, connecting your mobile through the data cable is the mandatory process. Gone are the days when you could connect any device to a laptop directly and access the files. 

Now, there are specifically designed drivers requirement which helps in connecting a smartphone to PC. If you are using an android device and want to connect it with a MacBook, you are certainly going to have issues. So, the possible solution to get rid of these problems is by using a third-party tool. The apps and procedures to connect a mobile to the window or MacBook laptop are easy after knowing the exact method. 

How To Connect Mobile To Windows & Mac Laptop

connect mobile to laptop

Keep reading to know the method to connect an Android or an IOS device with windows or Macbook. Let’s get started.

Reason to Connect Mobile to Windows Laptop?

There are plenty of reasons which can make you connect your Android or iOS smartphone to a laptop. The common reasons are – 

  • To back up your Android or iPhone to a laptop. 
  • To transfer files into your laptop or to the mobile. 
  • To turn on the USB ethernet option to turn on the internet. 
  • To use your smartphone camera as a Webcam. 

These are some of the reasons which can make you connect your iOS or Android device to the laptop with ease. 

Method Android Device to Windows

To begin, you would have need a data cable so that you can connect it to your PC. Most laptops have USB-A and USB-C ports. If your smartphone’s charging cable has USB Type-C and your laptop doesn’t, then you can buy adapters to make the connection. 

  • First of all plug your smartphone’s charging cable into your laptop and do the same with your mobile. 
  • After connecting the cable, you will get a notification to choose the mode. Most android device manufacturers offer the same method. 
  • Pull down the notification bar on your smartphone, and then tap on Connection type notification. 
  • You can choose between three models, files and data transfer, charging only, and FTT connection. 
  • Choose the Files and Data transfer option, and then keep your phone aside. 
  • Refresh on your laptop screen and then open “Computer’s window” by pressing the window key and then searching for it. 
  • Or, you can press the Windows + E key together to open my computer. Here, you can find all the hard drives and other mounted devices. 

Your smartphone will be listed below all the computer drives. Double click on the device, and you can see the content on your smartphone. The rest procedure to add or remove data is similar. If you are unable to connect the device by this method, you might have to link the device. 

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Linking Android Device to Windows

Microsoft Windows added a new feature to link your smartphone (Android or iOS) into the operating system and have a smoother experience using it. To begin, follow the below-given steps – 

  • Press the Windows button, search Settings and open it. 
  • In the settings application on your laptop, you can find an option called “Phone”
  • Tap on the phone button, and you will be required to sign in to your Microsoft Account. 
  • If you haven’t signed in already, you can sign in or create a new account. 
  • Then, click on Add Phone button. 
  • Set the country’s phone code and enter your mobile number. 
  • Click on the send button, and then you will receive an OTP. 
  • Sometimes Microsoft sends you a link, click on that link for confirmation purposes. 
  • Now your device is connected, and you can get the benefit of all the compatible apps. 

Your phone will be listed in the “Phone” page settings now and if you can’t find the option, restart your PC, and the option will be available. 

Note – The above-given method is to connect iOS and Android mobile phones with your laptop and it will be a wireless connection. After linking the device, you can share links and files directly to your device flawlessly. 

Connecting an iOS device with Microsoft Windows Laptop

iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are made by Apple, and they are not directly compatible with Microsoft windows. If you want to connect an iOS device to make backups or to transfer songs, pictures or any other data, you would have to do a couple of things right. 

  • First of all, open any web browser of choice and search for iTunes for Microsoft windows. 
  • You can find 32-bit and 64-bit applications. After finding the compatible version of the iTunes app, download and install it on your PC. 
  • This software will take a certain time to download other drivers and making your laptop connect with the iPhone. 
  • Once you have installed the drivers, restart your laptop and refresh. Open the iTunes app and then connect your iOS device. 
  • After connecting the device, you are required to enter the password on your smartphone and you can choose between Trust or not. 

Once everything is done, your iOS device is connected to the Windows Laptop, and you can browse photos from the iPhone gallery. The best part is, you can also copy data from your iPhone to your laptop and make other changes. However, you can’t move files from iPhone due to some limitations from iOS developers. 

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What else you can do?

After connecting your iPhone to a Microsoft Windows Laptop, you can do several things. Here are some of the reasons – 

  • You can transfer songs from your laptop’s storage to your iPhone using the iTunes application after connecting to the smartphone. 
  • You can copy iPhone’s Photos library data into the Windows laptop for backup purposes. The process is straightforward enough to understand. 
  • To back up your iPhone to PC while upgrading the firmware on your smartphone. Or, if you are shifting to a new phone, backup is a must. 
  • To sync Photos, Videos, Songs, Movies, Audiobooks, PDFs and other data to your smartphone. 
  • To update the firmware on your smartphone as your iPhone is not updating to the latest version itself and crashing. 

These are some of the major reasons that can make you connect your iPhone to a Windows laptop. 

How to Connect your Android Mobile to MacBook?

To connect an Android smartphone with a MacBook, you might have to make plenty of research to find the perfect solution. Connecting an iPhone to a MacBook is simple and require no extra effort. You plug the smartphone into your MacBook, and you are good to go from the Finder Window. But, if you look for an Android device connection, it requires third-party tools. 

  • There are several third-party applications that you can download to connect an Android device to MacBook. Among all the options, “Android File Transfer” is a popular application. 
  • You can download this application directly from the MacBook’s App Store, or you can download it from the web by searching for the same. Choosing App Store will be a better option to download. 
  • After downloading, install the application, and it will be available on the Launchpad. Now, connect your Android smartphone to MacBook, and you can find the notification on your smartphone. 
  • Choose the mode to Data Transfer and then open the Android File Transfer Application from the Spotlight. 
  • To open the spotlight, press the Command + Space key together and search for Android File transfer. After opening the application, and choosing the mode on your Android Device, you are good to go. 
  • You can browse the files on an Android device, and it is also easy to copy and paste by the drag and drop option. Make sure that your Android device must be connected in the Data Transfer mode. 

In case, you have connected your smartphone and you are not getting any option regarding the connection, then reboot your MacBook and try it again. If this method still fails, then there is a problem with your Smartphone Data Transfer Mode. You can choose other modes and use the same. 

Note – If you want to access photos on iPhone after connecting to a MacBook, then you can open the Photos application from docks or launchpad. On the right side of the Photos App, your iPhone will be listed. You can import photos directly to your MacBook without any problem. Simply select the photos you want to import, then click choose the import library and click the Import button in the upper right corner. 


In case your mobile is get connected and disconnected automatically after plugin in the cable. In such situations, you should try using a new cable. If your smartphone connects properly, then the issue is in the wire you were using before. If your workflow requires connecting the smartphone to your Laptop simultaneously, then you can try having a cable always installed in your laptop.

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