How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop?

Since the onset of covid-19, a lot of organizations have taken up a virtual route. They quickly adapted to the virtual office place, and the people are now having meetings in virtual rooms. This journey from the meetings rooms to Skype, Zoom and other tools has been quite overwhelming. Now, most of us used the wired headsets earlier, but one of the disadvantages of these wired headphones is that they occupy a lot of space, and it feels cluttered because of the cable running around the desk.

To get rid of the cables and manage your workspace, you can invest in reliable Bluetooth Headphones. The sound quality of the Bluetooth Headphones is good, and they are available in all sizes. If you live in a joint family or have kids or pets at home, you can even buy a pair of noise cancellation Bluetooth Headphones. So, if you are planning to buy Bluetooth Headphones or have already purchased those, this article is for you.

We have listed the process to connect your Bluetooth Headphones with your windows and mac laptop. You can check out the detailed steps in the sections below but let us check out some important points before you begin the pairing process.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop

Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop

Before You Begin

Follow the steps listed below before you start pairing the Bluetooth Headphones with your laptop. These will ensure a trouble-free connection to you.

  • Battery Level – The first thing to verify is the battery level of your headphones. When you buy new Bluetooth headphones, they may be already drained out because of the long storage duration. In such a case, it would be a better idea to recharge the headphones before you start pairing them. 
  • Close Proximity – The next point to note here is that you need to bring the headphones nearby. The usual range of the Bluetooth Headphones is 3 feet, so you should note that even when you are in a meeting.
  • Audio Levels – Many people connect their Bluetooth Headphones, and then they start troubleshooting them if you cannot hear anything. The first thing that you should check in such a case is the audio levels. Sometimes, the audio level can get reset after connecting the headsets.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to MacBook (Apple Laptop)

If you have an Apple Device and if you would like to connect the headphones to it, then this section covers all the details about the same. The process remains common for connecting any other Bluetooth Device to the MacBook too. Check out the steps below.

  • Turn On Discoverable Mode – Turn on your MacBook and turn on the Bluetooth Headphones. Once that is done, you need to push the Bluetooth Headphones in discoverable mode. You can check the user manual on how you can make the device discoverable. Usually, long pressing the power button would help you in activating the pair model.
  • Open Bluetooth Settings – Now, click on the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences. From the available option, open the Bluetooth settings and ensure that the Bluetooth is on. 
  • Connect – Now, wait for a few seconds and let your MacBook search for the available devices. If you see the headphones in the list of available devices, click on connect button corresponding to the device. If it asks for a pairing code, then enter the default pairing code of the headphones.

You should note that it is even easier to connect Apple Airpods to the MacBook. To connect them, turn on the case and click on the volume item on the Mac. Under output device, click on the Airpods, and you should be done. Your Mac should be logged into the same Apple ID as iPhone to connect the Airpods. If you do not have an iPhone, then you need to open the Airpod Case and press the button on the case. After that, you need to follow the process listed above.

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Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Windows Laptop

You have been through the steps to connect the Bluetooth Headphones to the MacBook. If you are using a Windows Laptop, then you can check out the steps below. This will help you in pairing the headphones to a windows laptop.

  • Bluetooth options – Irrespective of the Windows version, you need to open the Bluetooth settings. You can access these by going into the control panel or by clicking on the status menu near the system clock. Once you are in the control panel, you will find the Bluetooth option, or you will have to click on Devices and then click on Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  • Pairing Mode – Before you proceed to the next step, you need to turn on the Bluetooth Headphones and make them discoverable. To do so, you would usually need to long-press the power button, but the procedure may vary from one brand to another. Once it is in the discoverable mode, move to the next step.
  • Add Device – Click on the Add Bluetooth or Other Device, and in the pop-up window, select Bluetooth (Mice, Keyboard, Pen or Audio Device). The system will now start scanning for the device. Once the device is visible, click on the headphones and click on the connect button.
  • Connect – The headphones will now be connected, and you will be done with the task.

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Troubleshooting the Bluetooth Headphones

If you face some issues with the Bluetooth Headphones, you can review the common issues and solutions below. 

  • Unable to Pair – If you cannot pair your Bluetooth Headphones, check if you need to enter the secret pairing code. The pairing code is available in the user manual, and it is usually set to 0000. Some headphones require you to press a set of buttons to turn them into discovery mode. You can check if the headphones are in discovery mode or not. If you have followed every step and can still not connect, it is time to reach out to customer support. 
  • No Volume on Device – Sometimes, you may notice that there is no volume on the headset. In such cases, you can first try to increase the volume from the headphones control. If that doesn’t work, you need to check the audio controls on your laptop and increase the volume. This should sort out the issue. You can even try and update the device driver to troubleshoot.
  • Unable to Switch Audio – Some applications on your laptop may have a default device set up for transmitting the audio. There are chances that the device has not been updated to Bluetooth Headphones after connection. In such a case, you need to go to the audio settings and check if the Bluetooth Headphones are showing up in the active device list. 
  • Headphone Not Turning On – If the headphones are not turning on, you are most likely out of the battery. Connect the headphones to the charger and check for the status LEDs. If you still do not see any activity, then you might have to contact customer support. If you see any status LED blinking, then you can relax and let the battery charge.

Final Verdict

We hope that the procedure to connect the Bluetooth Headphones to your laptop is clear to you. When you cannot connect the Bluetooth Headphones, you can call the customer support of the headphones brand. They can assist you with the issue. Most of the headphones come with a six month to 12 month warranty, so you can even get a replacement in case of any manufacturing defect. Remember that you should never charge these headphones when you are using them. Always keep them away from yourself during the charge. Also, avoid using fast chargers with the headphones as they can degrade the battery of Bluetooth Headphones.

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