Classic satchel/tornister


  • rectangular shape, sturdy frame
  • ergonomically designed, making it very back-friendly
  • larger reflector surfaces
  • primarily suitable for primary school pupils


Modern school backpack


  • available in many appealing design variants
  • Large internal volume with individual compartments
  • can also be used as luggage
  • occasional reflectors
  • as a school bag more suitable for secondary school


Satchels as trolleys

  • Schoolbag for pulling with wheels
  • relieves the back, ideal for long distances to school
  • size adjustable by telescopic rod
  • Pulling a satchel requires a lot of strength and can put a one-sided strain on the body

Is a Tornister satchel or school backpack better suited for primary school children?

In general, remote control car circuit diagram the satchels worn at school are suitable for children of different ages and grades. Nevertheless, the “classic” Tornister satchels in box form are aimed more at first-graders and primary school pupils. This is due to the fact that this type of school bag for primary school offers more security and stability than modern school backpacks make possible. This is largely due to the typical box shape, which prevents the light satchel from tipping over more when standing.

The padded and ergonomically designed back surface is also recommended for primary school pupils, as it distributes the weight more evenly and thus relieves the spine as well as the neck and shoulder area. Especially for children who attend the first to fourth grade, this is important, as their muscles have not yet fully developed as in adults.

If your child wears such a light satchel, in which the school material is evenly arranged thanks to internal partitions, he gets used to an upright walk. This reduces the risk of getting a deformity later as a result of an incorrect posture.

In addition to the already mentioned back relief, such a satchel offers greater safety than a modern school backpack. Since the classic satchel with a lid is made of easy-care and water-repellent materials, it does not mind the rain. Even on the way to school, such a satchel can often provide better visibility than a backpack due to the fluorescent surfaces and large reflectors.

Especially for younger schoolchildren, who often cannot yet estimate distances in road traffic, this proves to be life-saving in case of doubt. best rc car for kids if you are still thinking about which is the best satchel for you, you can read the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Tornister satchels again in the following box:



  • Dimensionally stable design
  • Clear storage compartments offer plenty of space for books and school supplies
  • lightweight, back-friendly ergonomics
  • easy-care and water-repellent material
  • larger reflectors increase safety
  • also available as a satchel set




  • wide dimensions
  • comparatively “expensive” purchase price
  • often old-fashioned appearance


School backpacks are rather something for older students, as they have neither structured inner compartments nor a padded back. The same applies to fluorescent surfaces so that these satchels are only partially recognizable in road traffic.

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