Dubai is full of notable buildings, skyscrapers, beaches, hotels, Malls, etc. This place has lots of options for tourists and travelers. Whether day or night, Dubai attractions will never end up, and you will always have something remaining on your list. Similarly, you must have a list of places of Dubai attractions preplanned before your Dubai Trips, and this is only possible if you have made your Dubai tour package booking from the right place.

The right place to complete your Dubai Tour Packages booking is the Roaming Routes, which provides all the significant facilities you might need in Dubai. With Roaming Routes, you will never feel lost in Dubai. So, now, here, let us encounter the top attractions of Dubai that you can enjoy in your Dubai package.

1. Burj Khalifa


Burj khalifa


Burj Khalifa automatically comes on the list when talking about the Dubai Trip. This tallest building in the world can offer you the best view of Dubai from its 124th floor. Going to the observation deck needs a pre-booking of AED 125, but if you do booking instantly, you need to pay AED 400. So, make sure that you are an early bird and have completed the booking in advance.

2. Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab


Burj Al Arab is the most expensive hotel in Dubai, and it is counted among the tallest hotels in the world. When you enter the 7-star hotel, it offers you a mesmerizing interior with world-class services. Also, there are several kinds of rooms in Burj al Arab, and you can ask for your preferences also. Since it is a costly hotel, only the entry cost is INR 8000 to INR 10000. So, for this visit, you need to have good savings. It is also said that from the top floors of this hotel, you can observe the best views of Jumeirah Beach.

3. Jumeirah Beach



If you are a sunset lover, then Jumeirah Beach should be your topmost priority in Dubai, the ideal place for all travelers. The beach has exotic and posh hotels lined up to treat the travelers. This is also the perfect destination for sightseeing. The place becomes a golden one during the sunset. Apart from this, there are numerous water fun activities you can enjoy here such as diving, boating, etc.

4. Mall Of The Emirates


Emirates Mall in Dubai


Mall of Emirates is the place in Dubai where you can discover everything under a single roof. The Mall has all the brand’s shops for clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. It also has a range of temperatures depending upon the section you are willing to go for. It also accompanies the Dubai Ski, which has the -4degrees Celsius temperature. Since there are numerous things, the Mall of Emirates is on the list of the top tourist destinations in Dubai.

5. Dubai Mall


Dubai Mall


Dubai Mall is the top place in Dubai for the shopping freak. Your Dubai shopping will always remain incomplete without the Dubai Mall. This place is also famous for the biggest shopping festival, the Dubai Summer Surprises. This Mall also has Dubai’s most giant aquarium and the underwater zoo and serves as the entry to the Burj Khalifa. Along with shopping options, Dubai has many more things to do, such as a Gaming zone, cinema, ice skating, etc.

6. Sheikh Saeed Al

If you want to have a quick and detailed overview of Dubai’s history, then Sheikh Saeed Al is the best example. This place comprises the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs. The gallery of the place will take you back to those golden days when the Arabian structure and architecture were at their peak. The place is also the best example of the luxurious interiors of the Arabian style. You can get the entry by paying 2 AED for adults and 1 AED for kids.

7. Wild Wadi

If you want a break from the hot weather condition of Dubai, then the Wild Wadi, which is in front of Burj Khalifa, will be the best option. This amusement park has more than 25 exciting rides with a vast pool to cool down your body. This place is the best to enjoy some playtime with family members. If you have brought your kids with you, you must take them to this amusement park.

8. Dubai Creek


Dubai Creek


Dubai Creek is a beautiful and the most romantic place in Dubai and is ideal for couples. Here you will witness a creek with natural seawater cutting the city center. You can ride the boat to travel from one side to the other side of the Creek. The soothing view of the city visible from the Creek makes it more romantic for the couples. The place functions from 8 in the morning till 11 at night.

9. Deira Souks



Deira Souks is a famous place in Dubai popularly known for unlimited shopping. Here, you will get the chance to witness Dubai’s real business and the cultural blend. This place accompanies all types of shops with various spices, golds, textiles, etc. For the ladies, this market will be a never-ending shopping place. Women can arrive at the place by 7 in the morning for a good bargain deal.

10. Dubai Aquarium


Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo


Dubai aquarium is the most popular and highly rated Dubai attraction place. This aquarium is also counted on the list of the world’s most giant aquariums, the several thousand marine species. You can enjoy several activities in the Dubai aquarium, including cage snorkeling, glass-bottom boat rides, an underwater zoo, and shark diving. Hence, you can enjoy so much of fun activities at a place. The cost to enter this fabulous zoo is AED 70.


Therefore, these were some of the top-rated Dubai attractions where you can enjoy your holidays. The best thing is that, with the Dubai Tour package of Roaming Routes, you can enjoy the best things in Dubai at an affordable cost. Also, since everything, including the itinerary, are preplanned, you do not have to waste your precious time in Dubai planning the following destinations. In this way, Roaming Routes makes your Dubai trip experience much better.

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