Meaning of Mathematics What is Mathematics in Hindi !!

We can understand and express mathematics as that science which is concerned with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Mathematics is everywhere and everything we do is related to mathematics in some way or the other. For example: “How much salt do we need in this, how much sugar do we need, etc”, “How many runs do we need to play games, how many will we win”, “How much battery is mobile phone, how much memory is there, etc”. Everything we do is related to mathematics in some way or the other.

Definitions of Mathematics

If understood in a logical way, mathematics is a group of those disciplines, in which numbers, quantities, quantities, forms and their mutual relationships, properties, nature etc. are studied. It is a kind of abstract or formless and deductive system. It has various branches such as: Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra, Calculus, etc. We call a person doing research in mathematics.

Importance of Mathematics

Since ancient times, mathematics was placed first in any kind of knowledge science.

Yatha Shikha Mayurana Nagana Manayo Yatha.

And Vedanga Shastras are based on mathematics.

Which means: (The place which has been given to the crest in the peacocks and the gem in the serpents, the same place has been given to mathematics in all the Vedangas and scriptures.)

It has been told by the great mathematician Gauss that mathematics takes the place of the queen of all sciences. Mainly if we talk about its importance, then its various branches were also developed because it was needed in natural science.

Nature of Mathematics!!

Mathematics is directly related to the measurement and weight, because without using the principles of mathematics, we cannot measure and weigh any area. Those who are interested in mathematics, they may not understand its nature, yet will appreciate it, mainly because of its interesting facts and way of working. The famous mathematician Bertrand Russell said that “although mathematics is not that branch of logic, but still it is a logical language, that is why it has been made universal because its facts are based on logic”.

History of Mathematics

If we talk about the primary disciplines of human knowledge, then mathematics is also included in it and as old as our human civilization is, it is as old as mathematics. Along with the development of man, mathematics and its complexities also developed. When humans were known as human beings and now when humans are changing the colors of robots, mathematics has also developed and changed at the same pace. Apart from this, mathematics has also developed as a broad and rich branch of human knowledge-science.

Purpose of teaching maths !!

The main purpose of its teaching is dependent on the requirement by its science. It has become a very important subject, without which it is impossible to calculate any science, numbers and place and any field. It is also called the science of calculus, the science of numbers and space, the science of measurement (measurement, weight), quantity and (direction size type). People consider it the queen of science and that is why it has been made mandatory all over the world. It has some main learning objectives such as:

# To give full knowledge of vocabulary, signs, concepts, principles and process to the students.

# To teach to develop the basic skills of algebra.

# To develop skills related to geometry, geometry and art.

# Providing the ability to think, understand, and analyze reasoning.

# To provide the skill to understand things related to life easily.

# Make an effort to be proficient in understanding modern devices like: computers, calculators, etc.

# Appreciating the knowledge of mathematics for its usefulness in every field.

# To provide a kind of discipline to the student’s mind.

# To prepare the student for the technical field.

# To develop the scientific and genuine attitude of the student.

# Helping the student to develop in a multifaceted and consistent manner.

Maths Formulas!!

There are different types of formulas in mathematics, which are not possible to be told in one place. But each formula of mathematics has its own place, which you can easily get in internet, books, etc.

Maths Tricks!!

Maths is not a single subject but takes the place of the queen of science, so maths is very spread, for which you may not get the trick of every question at one place. But for this you do not need to be disappointed because there are many people on the internet who express various tricks of maths in videos where you will definitely get the maths trick related to your question. Thank you !!

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