Advertisements on LinkedIn will pay dividends in a short time. LinkedIn is the biggest and most popular social media site, and the marketing it offers can give your business credibility through proxy. Note: (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) LinkedIn is a great platform to establish your brand, share job openings, or even announce your events.

Finding good advertising ideas is not an easy task. They can ignore advertisements. But you have to make a top ROAS with your manager satisfied. There’s no pressure to do it.

This is your lifesaver! In this collection of LinkedIn ads, You’ll find a selection of ads from which you can take inspiration for your next advertising campaign.

Let’s go!

LinkedIn ads examples (and the reasons why they work)

29% of professionals in marketing think that sponsored posts are the best way to go most effectively on LinkedIn.

Sponsored posts could range from image advertisements, carousel ads, or advertisements for jobs. In the next sections, you’ll be able to look over various designs that employ unique strategies to attract the interest of the LinkedIn audience.

LinkedIn sponsored content ads examples

Intel Corporation

They are among the most effective ad formats available for those just beginning their journey using LinkedIn for business.

How does this ad function? Carousels are the 2nd most clicked-through ad format, following the single-image type ads. If you’re looking to get more interest, an ad with a carousel could be an excellent method to keep users from moving to the next article.

The carousel-like comic strip employed by Intel is sure to catch the attention of any user, but not their intended audience, who are IT, professionals. The advertising copy is effective in knowing the target market and then describing the advantages of the item (see: “business-class PC” and “boost productivity”).


Who says LinkedIn advertising creatives should consist of photos of professional professionals in conference rooms? Try using modern, contemporary styles of design that are unique to LinkedIn users.

Research your audience’s preference using surveys of customers and Google Analytics or even personal reviews. Utilize visual storytelling to guide your message around their interests.

Make sure to design your advertisement around a goal. Are you trying to increase awareness of your brand? Are you planning some new products that you want to launch? Make your ad centered around a topic.


The next LinkedIn advertisement comes to you via Airbnb.

32% of consumers today require at least six touches to decide. Airbnb recognizes this. The carousel ads focus primarily on brand recognition and offer some post-COVID advice.


Include in your marketing plan one or two high-quality engagement advertisements. Select a subject that fits your company, and then create tips for your target audience. For instance, if you own a florist and provide spring-time planting tips on your carousel.

Don’t be afraid to employ bright colors (as long as they are, in a sense, for your company).

Limit the word count to 10-words per slide or lower.

Include an additional slide that (Buy YouTube Views UK) directs users to a landing site (such as a blog page or an item list page).

Examples of LinkedIn video ads

Of all the ads on the platform, LinkedIn video ads are particularly effective in bringing engagement. To fight the fatigue of ads and stand out on feeds, many advertisers prefer to change their usual image ads and add some videos. This strategy has been paying dividends:

Let’s look at some examples.

KPMG Hungary

Are we looking for creative ads that go beyond the box? This might be the perfect advertisement. It’s not an American-language video. However, the idea stands out in LinkedIn’s mainstream. The advert is reminiscent of something from The Office, and LinkedIn has the perfect target audience to appreciate the nod.

The story revolves around an intern getting her first month’s appraisal by her supervisor. The boss gets a call, and he tries to excuse himself from accepting the call. He thinks he’s muted, but he doesn’t realize he accidentally clicks the wrong button on his PC. The intern is then forced to hear him laugh at the thought that she will be fired, and the company is about to fail also. The episode ends with a warning about selecting the right firm to work for.


Utilize storytelling or even skits to engage your audience.

If you’re able, mention your coworkers to give them an added touch of authenticity.

Link the story to a call-to-action that drives the point to life (in this instance, KPMG is claiming to be a trustworthy employer).

Adopt a video ad for about 1-2 minutes maximum.

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