Best Water Purifier In India 2020 – Price & Review

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Clean drinking water is necessary for everybody as the need to avoid the dirty water as much as possible. When you do not get clean drinking water then it can lead to various types of health issues and cause disease. That is why you should consider buying a water purifier, which can help you with cleaning the water and ensure maximum safety. A water purifier is not only important for one person as you can use it at your house. It will help in providing clean and purified water for your whole family so that they can protect themselves from germs in the water.

Top 5 Water Purifier – Best Selling Brand

When you start to look for a water purifier in the market you might get confused with all the options available at these stores. So if you want to learn how to select the best water purifier, then you should consider checking some simple things. For this, we came up with today’s post. In this post, we are going to present the Best Water Purifier in India. If you really want to buy a water purifier then you should consider reading all the points mentioned in this post. You can learn some important things that will help you with buying the best water purifier. At the end of this guide, you will find some important and helpful tips for buying a water purifier.

#1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight

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This water purifier contains a 7 litres tank with a power of 30 watts. There is smart LED indication which shows power button purification buttons that will help you to get status about the purification process will stop the users can also get free installation with this product so that you do not have to worry about any issues.

The users will also get advanced purification technology in this water purifier which has electric purification. The regulator in the water purifier will help in automatic adjustment of levels of TDS in the water which ensures that you get safe, tasty, and healthy drinking water. When you purify 1 litre of water then 650 ml of water will be thrown out by the machine, which means that it can lead to wastage of water if you do not use it carefully. That is why you should use this thrown out water for cleaning the clothes or utensils.


  • One year warranty on the machine
  • Long-lasting cartridge with smart indicators
  • Help from Smart LED indicators for water purification
  • Multistage purification for safe drinking water
  • Large storage tanks for the water purification


  • Some users face problems with contacting customer support


#2. Kent Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO

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In this water purifier, you will get 8 litres of the water tank with a power consumption of 60 watts. The tank material used for making this fortification purifier is food grade plastic. The manufacturer will also provide you with free installation for this product.

The buyers will get 1 year of warranty on this product with services for 3 years without any charge. Like any other water purifier, you have to use proper methods for water conservation as it will throw out 650 ml of water for purifying 1 litre of water. The buyers can purify about 15 litres of water per hour. You will get multi-stage purification in this water purifier with mineral RO technology. You can also check the certifications of the water purifier and see the awards that it won for its amazing purification process.



  • Computer-controlled operations for accurate purification
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic for better results
  • Purification for all types of water
  • Multi-stage purification process for healthy water
  • Fast and secure customer services


  • Costly as compared to other options in the market


#3. Aquafresh Swift Ro+Uv+Tds Water Purifier

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One of the best things about this water purifier is its elegant design which has a transparent cover. It also boasts a purified level water level indicator which helps the user to understand whether the water is purified or not.

In this water purifier, the buyers will get up Push-Fit Components, which will help in providing protection from leakage. The buyers will also get double purification in this purifier as you will get RO and UV protection with the TDS controller.


  • Alarm system to notify you about purification
  • Computer-controlled operations for faster performance
  • Water purification by UV treatment and Reverse Osmosis
  • The attractive design of the water purifier


  • You have to install the water purifier yourself


#4. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+MF 6 Stage 5L Water Purifier


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In this water purifier, users will get cold, normal, and hot water purifying process. For the purification of hot water, you will get 5 litres per hour purification, but for cold water, you will get 3 litres per hour for the purification.

It has led indicators, which will help you to get information about the purification process. There are three faucets in the water purifier, which you can use simultaneously to get the water. You will also get the hot water dispensing lock in this water purifier.


  • Normal, cold, and hot water functionality
  • LED indicators to help with water purification
  • Use it on the table to set it easily
  • Warranty card for the water heater


  • Hot water purification can consume a lot of power
  • There is no quality assurance for the product


#5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

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It might be the best option available for you under a budget price. If you want to get a water purifier with alert features for the purification or low pressure, then this water purifier is an amazing option for you. In this water purifier, you will get a capacity of 7 litres along with installation from the experts. You will get features like sediment filter, post-carbon filter with ATB, RO membrane, and UV lamp for the purification of the water. It has a power cord of 1.5 meters which is ample for using it at any place in your house.

In the package, the buyers will receive an installation kit, pre-filter, water purifier, and user manual to understand all the features of this water purifier. You will get a 1-year warranty on the water purifiers so that you can easily resolve any issues with it.


  • Perfect design of water purifier to easily install it anywhere
  • Mult-stage purification process for cleaning the water
  • Aqua Taste booster to maintain the pH level
  • Double layer protection with RO and UV protection


  • None so far

How To Choose The Best Water Purifier?

We have divided this ultimate guide into some important sections to help you with buying the best water purifiers. Now it is time to give an ultimate and quick guide to help you to choose the best from the market.

Go With Quality

If you want to buy good quality water purifier for your family, then you should definitely check the quality of purifying. Instead of looking for a good design of water purifier you have to check whether it provides the latest technology for cleaning the water

Nowadays you can find multiple brands in the market to boost their premium quality of the product. That is why you should consider using the help of a company which can promise you the best results.

Give Preference to Advanced Purification Technology

If you are planning to buy a water purifier then you should prefer the one which of advanced purification technology. It is essential that you consider such things before buying the product to avoid any kind of issues later on.

Make Sure That You Test Water TDS Source

It is essential that you test the water TDS source for buying the water purifier. Such things are essential if you want to avoid any issues with water purification. If you have a TDS mark of more than 2000, then you should avoid buying a domestic water purifier as you require a water softening solution for it.

Make Sure That Water Purifier Has All The Basic Features

Before buying a water purifier you have to consider whether it has all the features that you require in it or not. It is essential to check whether it provides a multistage water purification process or not so that you can get rid of bacteria, salt, and viruses from the water. Also, check whether it is certified or not for providing water purification services.

Also, Consider The Size and Weight of Water Purifier

To buy a good quality of water purifier, you need to check its size and weight. Consider the space in your house to buy a perfectly sized purifier and consider its weight if you move frequently to new places. In today’s post, we have talked about the five Best Water Purifier. We have presented the five best choices that most people consider buying. All these items/products we have listed in our list have high ratings at online stores. Also, with the five best recommendations we have provided a quick and ultimate guide for you to buy the best water purifier for your family.

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