Don’t you think investing in the product is helpful? Not only for you but also for saving the planet at a certain point. BLDC fans are those products that are a fantastic alternative to the tower or regular fans.

It is an excellent investment for people that saves power and is the better option for the future. In addition, these fans run on the DC motor, which lowers the electricity bills automatically.

A small investment in these fans will help you go a long way. However, if you are searching for the model in the BLDC ceiling fans, then you are at the right place.

There are spectacular options with the aesthetic of the lines available in the market. The top 5 BLDC models are listed below –

1. Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC

Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm BLDC

This is a great addition to the house due to the basic features of the BLDC fan. The design of the fan is aesthetic. It consists of large motor sizes but has received appreciation from the consumers.

The fan’s working condition is fantastic and provides a warranty for three years to people. It consumes less power and people can save almost Rs.1500 each year. It’s convenient due to the LED control and surely the ideal choice to invest in.

Special features –

  • LED indicator
  • Speed control remote

2. Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm

This product of BLDC fan provides consumers with amazing service and having company recognition. In addition, it includes noticeable features such as timer available, hi-speed feature and reduced air friction.

This product has the best operation that provides the best air delivery to give a cooling effect in the room. As a result, people can save up to Rs.1440 per year. Moreover, the company trusts Worthley, which enhances the safety feature for providing the consumer with security. It comes in dark brown colour, and The weight is 7.32 kgs.

Special Features –

  • Anti-dust
  • 50% energy saving

3. USHA Heleous 1220 mm Premium BLDC

Usha is an incredible and valuable company continuously producing helpful products. The operation of the BLDC fan is quiet, and it has a glossy finish that looks attractive. This product is the idyllic option with all the modern features required in a room.

It runs on them by directional movement and consumes 43 W power. However, the power is quite minimal, reducing the bill up to 50%. In addition, the air delivery given by the fan is amazing through the rust-free blades.

Special Features –

  • RF remote
  • Three wind modes

4. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200 mm BLDC

Orient has always been one of the top brands in the fan. The appearance of the fan is classic with its amazing structure and unique shape. It gives effective air that includes amazing pros. For instance, the body is made of quality material, and it has reverse rotation, fan scheduling and more.

The sleek design has an amazing collection of fans, and the body cannot rust, dull or peel. The structure has made of ABS material that is highly durable. To receive sound sleep, this is a fabulous option.

Special Features –

  • Rustproof ABS
  • Four colour alternatives

5. Atomberg Studio 1200mm BLDC fan

Atomberg has a great collection for the living room and consists of basic operations. There are lovely designs available in the fans for providing people with great advantages. This is made of trustee company with the lightweight and aesthetic model.

The fan is an extremely power-saving product, and this brand has more than 300 service centres. However, it is a little expensive but a valuable product with maximum speed capacity.

Special Features –

  • Smart control is available
  • Free installation service

Bottom Line

BLDC includes amazing options for the fans. It is a swift decision for customers to make as there are lovely designs on the fans. To make the ideal choice read the post given above.

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