Top 10 Best Rechargeable Table Fan in India 2020

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Rico #2 Mr. Right #3 Akari
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Rechargeable fans offer a great advantage to people who don’t have any electrical power backup available at home. With such rechargeable fans, you can easily get a soothing airflow when its hot and you want a little relief. Most of the people buy a rechargeable fan for emergency use purpose, but some find it convenient when they are going for picnics.  

You can easily buy these rechargeable fans online as well as from local stores, but online shopping is convenient and gives you the better variety, that’s why you can choose these over the selection of other ones. Let’s start by learning the basics about these fans and then move forward to the rest of the stuff so that you don’t face any issue in the future.

What is Rechargeable Fan?

A rechargeable fan is like a normal pedestal fan with all the basic feature and small size. The twist is with the power source as it contains a small battery which rotates the fan on enough speed to flow air at high speed.  

There are plenty of manufacturers coming up with their small, handy, and efficient design to give you a suitable use. The battery power depends upon model, but these products usually run for non-stop two hours, so the backup is quite reliable. 

What are its uses?

There are two common needs observed about a rechargeable fan. If you are buying a new fan, then you may have any of the listed reason –

  • People with no power back or invertor at home prefer having a rechargeable fan. 
  • Outstation use for a picnic and rural areas where they can’t get any electrical outlet.

The reason may vary, but they usually follow the same rule which we mentioned. During the purchase, you can think about these two reasons and grab the best deal. 

Best Rechargeable Fan Brands to choose in India

Plenty of brands are out there to offer you great quality rechargeable fans, but we are mentioning the most popular with higher sales, great value for money quality, reliable services, and good battery backup.

  • Rico
  • Akari
  • Luminous 
  • Havells 
  • Mr. Right

You can easily choose among these brands and grab the best deal without any issue. Keep in mind that you stay selective to avoid getting into any issue. 

Buying guidelines for Rechargeable Fan

To grab the best deal for a rechargeable fan, you should follow the basic tips because these will let you find the perfect deal with ease – 

  • Fan Blade – Usually you can find two fan blades which can offer you pretty good airflow, but these make noise whereas if you go for three blades, they will be giving excellent airflow with lower power consumption.
  • Built Quality – Most of the rechargeable fans are made up of plastic, but some have a sturdy base to handle the structure. So, you should ensure that the product must be made up of premium quality plastic for safer use.  
  • Battery BackupHaving the battery backup of 3 hours can offer you sufficient power when there is no electricity at home. Even, you can find that electricity cuts for a short time so you can find this much backup as reliable.
  • Recharge Time Most of the cheap priced electrical fans take seven to eight hours for a full charge. Well, it is definitely a wrong approach to go for. You should choose products with two hours of full charging time.  
  • Price It is a subjective part because you have your own need, and you can choose the budget. But, you should stick to the price and look for all the deals in those criteria for best opportunities.  

After considering these factors, you can grab the best deal with ease, and there will be no cluster choosing the most reliable product among all others.

Our Top 10 Picks For The Best Rechargeable Fans

This list contains products which are reliable and follow our buying guide rules. They vary in price will affect the built or backup. Let’s begin with our top pick Rico Rechargeable battery table fan and learn more about it. 

#1 Rico Rechargeable Battery Table Fan


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Our personal recommendation for the best rechargeable fan goes to Rico Rechargeable battery table fan because of great design; premium built, the use of Japanese technology, higher battery backup and pretty good airflow with the three-blade fan. 

You can choose the power type and adjust the speed as per need, which makes it one of the reliable deals for the price. With the premium built, you are getting the swing option in this fan which will suit your need in every case.


  • The high class premium material used in manufacturing.
  • The sturdy base makes it standstill without any vibration during use.
  • Choose between AC and DC power as per your power source. 
  • Quick charge Japanese technology makes it juice up in two hours. 
  • Lower weight as it has only 2500 gm weight of the whole fan.


  • A little bit expensive as compared to the competition.


#2 Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating Ac-dc Rechargeable


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Moving forward from our top pick, we found Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating AC-DC Rechargeable fan which is available for a lower price with all the features offered in our top pick. It is a three-blade fan with four hours of battery backup on the full speed of use.  

Designed is absolutely great, and you can say that this product offers the impressive built for the same. It has white color which can get dust easily because of lower quality plastic. Else than this thing, there are no issues we found during the research.


  • Three-blade oscillation fan with three different speed option.
  • It is designed with perfection to provide immense speed.
  • Reliable to use for a picnic, power backup, and many other purposes.
  • AC and DC options are available as per the power source you have. 
  • Doesn’t take much time in charging help you get the perfect use. 


  • Use of low quality plastic in the build. 
  • Blade fans catch dirt very quickly and hard to clean. 

#3 Akari Ak-8012 12″ Rechargeable Ac/dc Table Fan


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No doubt that Akari has a reputed name in the industry and if you have used their products, then you may know that they are offering impressive build quality. With the Akari Ak-8012 12″ Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan, you are getting all the common features. 

You can choose between AC and DC power source as per the need. The build quality is really good enough to go after, and the design is lightweight also. Three-blades transparent fan looks amazing, but after few months, dirt will stick to the fan, which can be a big issue for most of the people.


  • Twelve inches blade to offer the amazing airflow.
  • Comes with the small LED light on the front side.
  • Battery backup is reliable as it offers 3 hours and 30 minutes of backup.
  • Support AC and DC power for the use in any country you want. 
  • Available in three different variants for more features.


  • As per the build quality, the price seems expensive. 

#4 Citra Lr-2018 Powerful Rechargeable Table


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Having table cum rechargeable fan can offer an impressive number of benefits during the purchase of best products. With the purchase of CITRA LR-2018 Powerful Rechargeable Table, you can grab amazing deals without any issue. 

No doubt that it has a 7 inches fan with three-blade fan option which seems like a bad choice, but if you look at lower use then it seems like the better option. For a single person, this fan is reliable and better to consider as compared to other people.


  • The fan can be mounted on the wall as well as used with the stand. 
  • Two-step speed choice for low and high to go with.
  • The fan can be charged with the use of a micro USB cable.
  • Comes with the premium build quality and great design.
  • Design is super-premium and looks great for longer use.


  • Battery back up is great, but airflow is not that good.  
  • Doesn’t have a swing option which makes it less reliable.

#5 Micmac Ht-5580 New Model Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan


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MICMAC may not be a popular brand, but they have some quality products for a very affordable price, which made us list their product here. No doubt that MICMAC HT-5580 New Model Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan is very cheap for the price but it still main basic features. 

It is a two in one 7 inches leaf fan which can be used with the AC as well as DC power for higher convenience. The design is absolutely great enough to opt for. There are two different variants available in the same for great use. 


  • Two in one leaf fan with the 7 inches blade. 
  • Two-step speed choice to choose a suitable airflow.
  • Battery backup is great enough to offer 7 hours use. 
  • The fan can be mounted on the wall, which makes it reliable.


  • No warranty on the product. 
  • Battery takes excessive time to charge.

#6 Geek Aire, 12-inch Rechargeable Table Fan


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Having a 15600 Mah battery ensure that this product is going to offer you an intense battery backup with the higher fan speed. As you can find that Geek Aire, 12-inch Rechargeable Table Fan has a large fan blade with three blades in it. 

The design is very simple but premium because it absolutely cost a very higher price as you compare all other products. It is sure that very few people approach such high price point, but if you want the best use, then you can consider this product as the better and reliable choice for sure.  


  • Gives 24 hours of battery backup in power failure. 
  • Sturdy build with the metal frame on the outer side.
  • There are two different blade size variants available. 
  • A versatile choice with the sturdy design of it. 
  • It has the one-knob easy control choice offered.


  • Expensive price point. 
  • Heavy weighing choice. 

#7 Impex Breeze-d1 Solar Rechargeable Fan


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This one is a weird choice because, for such a low price point, you are getting a rechargeable battery with the solar charging option. However, it still got the number of positive reviews which can easily make you think about the purchase of this product.

The design is absolutely great, and the built quality is reliable, not that great. In case you are looking for an affordable product for travel use then this one is going to catch your nerves easily. It has all the common feature that you want.


  • Solar charging option available in it. 
  • Very affordable price as compared to all the choices. 
  • It has a high-speed motor RPM of 1700.
  • Two-step speed and light selection choice.


  • Built quality is not that reliable 
  • Battery backup is very low for the price. 



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With the purchase of Impex BREEZE-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan, you can expect some cool feature like Solar charging, and it works perfectly. The only issue is, solar charging takes too much time as compared to the other choices.

In case you are looking after the build quality, it has genuine build quality, but many people have negative reviews which can make you think whether to buy or not. After the proper use, we didn’t catch many issues; however, you should stay selective to avoid all the issues.


  • Impressive design to offer the greatest décor enhancement. 
  • Offer pretty good battery backup for longer use. 
  • Reliable for travel due to the solar charging option availability.
  • In-built USB charging option available for smartphone charging.


  • Comes at a bit expensive price point.

#9 Akari Ak-8008 8″ Rechargeable Ac/dc


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As you have seen Akari product before in our list, it ensures that Akari is a well known and highly popular brand that you can go after without a single issue. It has a premium built, and you can rely on the design which can make you prefer this brand over the selection of any other brand.  

The price is affordable, and you can find that there are three different versions available in the same power option and the price is also similar. You can consider them as if you want more features or better design.


  • Design is absolutely good enough to make you love the product. 
  • Available in three different designs to choose from. 
  • Size is small with a sufficient battery which lasts for a longer time.
  • It has an 8 inches fan blade which offer pretty good airflow all the time.
  • Very cost was efficient with a small LED light in the center of the fan frame.


  • Usability is great, but charging time is rely annoying on upon.
  • Battery backup isn’t that good on high-speed use.

#10 Opolar Battery Operated Usb Rechargeable


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One of the impressive designs in our list is from OPOLAR because of its amazing built and design. It looks stunning in term of design, and the build quality is good enough to opt for. People who are going after great design can consider it over the selection of any other rechargeable fan in India.

The build quality seems fine, but it is made up of cheap plastic. Another factor about this product is usability, which can easily make you rethink about the purchase. It has USB ports and every common feature, but the battery backup isn’t that reliable, so you should stay selective.


  • Seems very impressive in term of looks. 
  • Available with the charging option for mobile.
  • The three-speed setting choice for the best use.
  • Easy to charge with the power cord included with the product. 

Why Not To Buy?

  • It is built out of low-quality material. 
  • Design is not suitable for all time use. 
  • Battery backup is very low considering the use. 

The Final Verdict

After going through the whole list, you can say that Rico Rechargeable battery table fan is the best because it has the advanced Japanese technology along with the affordable price. In case you don’t want to fell into any wrong purchase then go after a bit expensive and reputed brands for the best deals. Considering the built quality, manufacturing and design can help you grab the best deal with ease. I Hope this guidepost will let you go after the suitable choice as compared to all others.

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