Best Pulse Oximeter in India 2020

Our Top 3 Picks

#1 Dr Trust (Pro) 2 Dr Trust (Pro) #3 Dr Trust (Sig)
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To measure the oxygen saturation level in human beings, Pulse Oximeter machine is required, which is a highly effective and painless choice. It is noninvasive, and it tests the oxygen level present in your blood which helps in various manners to learn about so many health factors that’s why you can rely on it and learn about so many things. 

It is good to track your health status, and there is plenty of pulse oximeter available in the market, which is highly effective. Manufacturers offering plenty of features and each product vary due to accuracy or data storing factors that’s why you can rely on them. During the purchase of a quality pulse oximeter, it is important to learn about most of the important factor, but it is not an easy choice, that’s why you should focus on key things. 

A quality pulse oximeter will also track the amount of oxygen is carried to extremities further from the heart as well as arms. Such small details help knowing about heart health and various crucial factors to have a happy life. If you want such accurate and quality results, then you can focus on the below mentioned top 3 products along with their buying guide to grab the best deal with ease. Let’s get started now – 

Top 3 Pulse Oximeter In India

After huge research on a pulse oximeter and going through all of their features, we found that the below mentioned are some accurate, reliable, and affordable deals that you can grab with ease. The quality is also genuine, and you can rely on the purchase. Let’s check out our top pick and move to the rest of them –

#1 Dr. Trust (USA) Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


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A product which is coming with audio-visual alarm and accurate results are Dr. Trust (USA) Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. It is a premium choice, and you can find it from the price factor, which is slightly expensive from others. 

In terms of effectiveness and the built quality, there is no match of Dr. Trust (USA) Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. It has the water-resistant rating of IP22 which is quite genuine, and you can call it to splash proof only, not waterproof. 

Major Pros – 

  • Available at a reasonable price point. 
  • Take readings in quick time, fast and effective. 
  • Accuracy is undoubtedly and reliable for sure. 
  • Water-resistant with the rating of IP22. 

Major Cons – 

  • Doesn’t come with a return policy. 

#2 Dr. Trust (USA) Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


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You can understand the popularity of Dr. Trust brand by their reviews and number of purchase factor. It is a highly reputed brand, and it is offering some of the quality features; that’s why you can rely on them without any issue. 

Pulse oximeter and other medical equipment by Dr. Trust are genuine and offer the best quality for the affordable price point; that’s why you can rely on them. It measures results quickly and gives you accurate readings which are close to what you exactly want; that’s why you can consider it over others.

Major Pros – 

  • Comes at bit affordable price from the other choices mentioned. 
  • Comes with one year of warranty to ensure the best purchase. 
  • Small display represents most of the basic details. 
  • Gives warning for irregular heartbeat and SpO2 level and battery percentage. 

Major Cons – 

  • Not a reliable choice for daily use

#3 HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 900 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


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Our last product of choice is from a different brand, but it is also very reliable and affordable among others. HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 900 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter has a number of positive reviews, not as intense as other products, but it is a worth buying choice. 

This one is a Hypoallergenic choice which means, finger chamber is an allergen, and it is totally latex-free to rely on without having any issue. Built quality is nice, and it is compact oximeter. If also mentioned battery level, SpO2, and heartbeat related warning. 

Major Pros – 

  • Built quality is genuine, and it is compact in size.
  • Available at a very cheap price point, a significant difference. 
  • Gives accurate reading which makes it an excellent choice. 
  • Shows are warning in case of having any issue with heartbeat or SpO2. 

Major Cons – 

Battery capacity isn’t reliable, require changing battery very soon. 

Buying Guide – How to Find the Best one?

As you are going to buy your first pulse oximeter, you have to look after a few of the important factors which decide whether to buy it or not. After going through reviews and a bunch of other factors, you can finalize, but before such things, you should check out the below mentioned critical factors –

Accuracy – No doubt everyone wants highly accurate results, but very few people know how to ensure the best quality. Well, if you want to find the perfectly accurate pulse oximeter, then you should consider a product which claims 2% (Plus or Minus) fluctuation from accuracy. 

Compact and Lightweight – pulse oximeter which is small in size and lightweight, they are easy to store, and you can take them anywhere when you are traveling. These features matter a lot but few people prefer cheap quality oximeter which is highly compromised in this factor. 

Features – You should check features like automatically activated option, bright and vivid display, as well as fitment option. This factor is necessary to use a pulse oximeter without having a single issue, and you can rely on them also. 

After considering these key features, it is easy to grab the best pulse oximeter. Make sure that you check reviews to ensure some unknown factors about an oximeter. 

Bottom Line

Considering these products and buying guide will definitely help you grab the best deal. You may know that Good quality oximeter has a warning system as they find any issue with the oxygen level in someone then they give warning. Make sure to check feature like warning for Irregular heartbeat, low SpO2, and low battery.

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