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#1 Lenovo #2 Acer #3 Samsung
Lenovo Monitor under 10000 acer monitor under 10000 samsung monitor under 10000
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It’s not as easy as a 5 exercise to find a monitor that too under the price range of 10000, and that meets all of your needs. It takes a lot of time and effort. Never fear; we’ve taken care of it all. 

When you’re on a tight budget but still want the best monitor, you’ll probably be able to find one that meets your requirements. As long as your needs are met, & monitors under 10000 can provide a decent experience. 

Both gamers and those looking for a monitor for the office can benefit from budget monitors even though they are smaller and have fewer extra features. Many budget gaming monitors have features like varying refresh rate (VRR) assistance or faster refresh rates that are useful for gamers

Your quest to find a good monitor under Rs. 10,000 has come to an end. In this article, you can find the best selling brands of best monitors under 10,000 and their detailed reviews. 

Best Brands Selling Monitor under 10000 in India


With a 75Hz refresh rate and 1920x1080p resolution, the Acer monitor can provide a good gaming experience. Whenever you require it the most, it does have a response timing of 5 milliseconds. Bluelight Shield, flicker less display, and a comfortable view mode is included in the monitor. Most of the Acer’s monitor has a 178-degree viewing angle.


The 1920x1080p resolution is claimed for the Lenovo monitor. An improved viewing experience is provided by the 178-degree viewing angle and the three-side borderless display. Playing games should be stutter-free thanks to the 75Hz refresh rate as well as a response time of just 4ms provided by AMD FreeSync. Eye care features built into the Lenovo monitor can reduce eye strain and provide flicker-free images.


With the AOC monitor, you can enjoy a truly immersive viewing experience. Its monitors are simple, well-built design with a frameless panel and excellent picture quality designed to amaze and envious your neighbors. Not only can you connect any device to the monitor, but it also provides flicker-free and low-blue light technology to protect your eyes.

5 Best Monitors To Buy Under 10000

#1 Acer Nitro 22 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor (Approx 9500/-)

Acer Nitro 22 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor under 10000

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In addition to a 21.5-inch FHD+ display, the Acer Nitro Monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate.

The biggest feature for a gamer is that it has the identical 250 Nits of brightness and 1 ms of response time.

It’s worth noting that Acer includes stereo speakers that are quite good. You may also choose to mount this monitor on a wall if desired.

The Acer QG221Q’s gaming specs are top-notch. To combat ghosting and screen tearing, its good refresh rate and a response time of 1 ms make the gameplay feel more fluid. With AMD FreeSync and a quick response, it gives you an edge over your opponent. If you intend to use this screen for gaming, make sure your graphics card is AMD-compatible before you buy it.

The model’s 22-inch screen is supported by a VA panel and features full HD resolution. Colors appear more vibrant and accurate than on a TN panel, but it falls short when compared to IPS. Even so, you can look forward to more vivid colors and higher output brightness.

 Features such as flicker-free output as well as a blue light filter help reduce eye stress and fatigue caused by long periods of screen use. Connectivity options on the Acer QG221Q include dual HDMI and then a single VGA port.

As a result, the monitor’s bezels are thin and its backside is thick. There is enough stability in the stand, but it only allows for tilt adjustment and does not have any height ergonomics available.


  • Best for gaming
  • Comes in jet black color
  • Can be used for editing to


  • No support for height adjustment

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#2 Acer 20 inches HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor (Approx 7500/-)

Acer 20 inches HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor

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Acer has developed a 19.5-inch monitor for its customers that will meet their needs daily. The monitor has 2W stereo speakers built-in. The slimline speakers do an excellent job. It minimizes the level of light reflected on the High Definition display with Acer Comfy View innovation

As part of the Acer’s Flicker-less technology, the display is provided with a stable sufficient power supply to eliminate flickering. From any angle, the monitor provides a stunning view.

With the VisionCare technology, users will not have any issues with the brightness of their screens. With a core of concentric circles, the monitor’s stand has a modern look.

It allows the user to appreciate every inch of the screen’s dimensions.


  • Value for money
  • Light in weight
  • Can fit every budget 
  • Amazing sound quality 


  • It’s an average monitor

#3 Acer 22 inch Full HD Backlit LED LCD Monitor (Approx 8000/-)

Acer 22 inch Full HD Backlit LED LCD Monitor

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Are you in search of a modern-looking monitor for your desk? With a dual-purpose monitor, you can multitask while playing games and doing other tasks like photo or video editing or voice recording.

The Acer is one of the thinnest monitors fewer than 10000 Rupees with a 21.5 inch IPS display as well as full HD resolution. Colors appear vibrant and accurate with this device. Working on creative projects is a breeze, and making designs is as well. It also has a flicker-free filter and a blue light filter to keep your eyes from becoming fatigued from too much screen time.

A 4 ms response time, combined with a 75Hz refresh rate, should result in a smooth gaming experience without any blurriness or lag. If you’ve got AMD graphics, you’ll get a performance boost from AMD FreeSync. The HDMI, as well as VGA ports on the monitor, allow it to be connected to other devices. Like other models in this price range, there is no DisplayPort.

The circular foundation stand only allows for tilt adjustment, despite being a slim monitor stand. There is no way to adjust its height or swivel.


  • Offer vibrant color reproduction
  • Has a high refresh rate
  • Low input response
  • Comes with an alluring design
  • Value for money


  • There are no height adjustments 

#4 Lenovo 19 inch HD Monitor (Approx 7999)

Lenovo 19 inch HD Monitor

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Lenovo’s display is next on the list. The glossy black L22E monitor has a 2mm thin bezel and a nearly edgeless design. The display features on this device are quite impressive. The VA panel on the 21.5-inch Full HD display produces images with better colors and view angles (178/178 degrees) than a TN panel-based screen because of its power.

AMD FreeSync support is a standout feature of the Lenovo L22E. Gaming on an AMD-powered monitor reduces the occurrence of ghosting and screen tearing. However, if you do have this AMD Radeon system, this is the best gaming monitor under $10,000.

Natural color and high pixel count make Lenovo’s L22E a standout monitor. AMD FreeSync and its improved response time make it ideal for high-end gaming and other forms of entertainment.


  • Overall good design and built
  • Good picture quality 
  • Blue light filter


  • No HDMI cable given
  • No height adjustment

#5 AOC 24 Inch Ultra Slim Monitor Approx (10000)

AOC 24 Inch Ultra Slim Monitor

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Are you a fan of contemporary style? Perhaps you place a high value on your appearance. The AOC is another option. This 23.8-inch Taiwanese LCD monitor is without a doubt among the most technologically advanced displays available for less than INR10, 000. At first glance, the 3-Way bezel-free attire and premium stabilizing stand make it quite appealing.

AOC’s AH-IPS panel as well as 1080p high definition resolution delivers near-to-accurate colors and sharper images thanks to the high pixel density of the AOC. It has a wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees thanks to its IPS panel. When used for long periods, the monitor’s flicker-free technology reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Using this monitor in a bright environment like near a window is ideal for office, movies, and photo editing.

As a result, the display is not suitable for games that require quick and fast response times.


  • Beautiful frameless design
  • Impressive reproduction of color
  • Great brightness output


  • High response time, not ideal for gaming
  • The stand is not sturdy

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Buying Guide – What to Check When you are Price constrain


To avoid squinting as well as straining your eyes, the size should be large enough to allow you to work comfortably on it.

Depending on your PC’s display and graphics card, a larger screen may be more expensive, but may also produce better-quality images because of the higher resolution.


Before you buy a monitor, you need to know what it is going to be used for.

Hardcore gamers, for example, will require the lowest possible response rate in a monitor.

However, if you’re going to use this to read the documents, edit videos, or browse the internet, it won’t matter too much how fast it responds.

It isn’t necessary to buy a high-end monitor if all you need is a monitor which can help you with day-to-day tasks like emails, posting on Facebook or surfing the web or paying your bills, or watching videos. For these purposes, large, high-definition displays are available at affordable costs. Check out the top-rated all-in-one computers.


A 4K TV’s resolution will be higher than an LED monitor’s because LED screens have a lower pixel density. 

Is it possible to pick the ideal monitors for less than 10,000 rupees? When it comes to your computer or laptop, you should know its resolution.

Screen type

LED, LCD, and other screens with lower pixel densities are not suitable for professional use because they are less expensive.

Response time

It takes a pixel to go from inactive to active and back in response time, which is measured in milliseconds (ms). Milliseconds are used to measure response times (ms).

The faster a pixel could indeed change colors, the lower its Response Time should be.

Refresh rate

The frequency with which a display updates its picture is known as its refresh rate.

Refresh rates in computer monitors are expressed in hertz.

Although a higher refresh rate provides a smoother viewing experience for the user, it necessitates more processing power from the CPU.


The ability to connect the mobile phone as well as PC to a monitor, similar to a TV, is available on some models. Even gaming can be done in high definition!

Some have HDMI and VGA while others do not, so be sure to check the available connections.


In this category, you’ll find applications for users who do everything from spreadsheets to video editing to gaming. LED or IPS monitors with Full Hd display are ideal for a variety of applications. There aren’t too many details to worry about, so you can choose a functional combination that works for you.


HDR- HDR technology can enhance the visual experience by broadening the color of the pixel resolution and contrast for brighter colors and greater color accuracy. Gaming, watching movies, and photo/video editing can all benefit from this technology’s ability to produce realistic-looking content.

Smart Technology 

Smart technology can transform the monitor into a Personal computer if you don’t want to use a computer monitor connection. Streaming sites, web browsers, as well as online applications are all available via the built-in Wi-Fi adapter on these monitors. To run applications and watch videos/movies, you can even attach the monitor to your phone. When you want to connect it to a computer, the connectivity is available.


Some monitors can connect external speakers or headphones without the need to purchase additional equipment.


  • Consider do they offer any kind of warranty?
  • The product’s weight
  • Is the screen’s finish matte or glossy?


A few of the things to think about before making a final decision includes the following: In addition to these, speakers, webcams, stands, as well as ergonomic features are all things to consider when making a purchase decision. Make sure you get the right monitor for the full-fledged, powerful PC because it can be the difference between a good and great experience.

Buying the best monitors under 10000 can be the best thing as it can help you in saving costs and offers the best features within budget. Check out the list of top monitors mentioned above and get your hands on it today. 

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