Best Laptop Stand India 2022 – Portable, Ergonomic & Adjustable Stand

In this modern world, a laptop is used in every home, office, school, and industrial area, so on.  A laptop not only makes your technical work easy but also saves you time and effort. If we talk about its side effect, then it can cause body pain and back pain. Because of the long working hours, your health and body can easily be affected by it. Here you need to find a laptop stand

Having the best laptop stand to use a laptop for regular use might be helpful especially when you feel pain, any kind of stiffness in your body and a lot of discomforts. Long working hours on a laptop might cause eye strain and headaches. Infect your inappropriate working position as well as your laptop position takes more time. To avoid all this, a laptop stand can be helpful.

7 Best Laptop Stand India

A laptop stand always offers an accurate viewing height. Further, it helps in improving productivity at your regular work. Additionally, it minimizes physical tension in your back, neck and shoulder and offers a comfortable experience. In India, tons of laptop stands are available which are offered by various manufacturers in different sizes, qualities, colours and costs.

These laptop stands have their characteristics and benefits. However, choosing a specific laptop stand solely depends upon the buyer. It is natural to be confused in such a way, so here we have bought and personally tried e laptop stands. You can consider this selective option while buying. Without wasting any time let’s take a look:

#1 STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand

STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand

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STRIFF laptop stands are commonly used by many users in India. You can rest your tablet or laptop on the stand and adjust to find an appropriate position you want. You can work with ease by placing it on your dining room table, desk, kitchen counter, study table, so on. Moreover, STRIFF adjustable stands are lightweight. This pro will allow you to hang out with friends while watching movies or scroll through social media.

This lightweight laptop stand is made of premium hard plastic. You can use it for the long term without thinking about any damage. It is also thin enough to be gathered neatly in your backpack. Besides this, the product is strong enough which mean you can carry a laptop without any hassle. The best thing about this product is that it prevents overheating and extends the life of your laptop.

This product has cut out vents that allow overheating air to spread freely. This advantage will allow you to watch movies non-stop without worrying about the laptop getting too hot. Also, it helps in raising laptops or tablets to any of seven adjustable heights from 2.7 to 6.7. This multiple height feature offers a glary-free view while preventing eye strain and getting neck pain relief. This ergonomics phone stand is suitable for sharing the screen while someone is sitting next to you. This means better concentration and less distraction will offering you after buying.


  • The product has an overall good look and is quite sturdy to use.
  • It can help with reducing neck stress due to the long usage of laptops and peering down on the laptop screen.
  • Height can be adjusted through a wide range.
  • Level adjustment is good with different angels.


  • For that price, they could have to include a cooling fan.

#2 iVoler Laptop Computer Stand Tablet Stand

iVoler Laptop Computer Stand

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In this list, the next product is iVoler Laptop stand and tablet stand. You can adjust the stand to different levels which is great to make it ergonomic. This laptop and tablet stand most devices which are around 10 to 15.6 inches. Some of them include ThinkPad, Chromebook, iPad Prod, Surface, MacBook and many others. It offers flexibility which means you can place it anywhere wherever you want without thinking about any space issue.

It has a multi-angle adjustable and sleek design. This product offers you a six-speed height, also offer a comfortable operating angle. So that you can adjust its height which is based on your actual need. The best thing about iVoler, its premium design makes for easy typing and watching, eliminating spinal, should and neck pain. Further, it comes with a lifetime warranty. If you have an issue with a product, you can contact their customer services.

Among all aspects, compressed and portable is an important one which will offer by this product. You can fold it with ease and carry it in your backpacks while travelling. So, with this stand, you can adjust the height of the laptop screen ergonomically as you want. Talking about built quality, this product is made of premium quality aluminium with a non-slip silicone mat. This will allow you to avoid risking any scratches and damage to your devices.


  • The product has got good ratings and reviews from users.
  • This laptop stand is the best laptop stand you can buy for the cheapest price.
  • The build quality of the product is strong and sturdy.
  • an iVoler laptop stand can easily handle the weight of a laptop which is around 10 – 15.6 inches.
  • This stand increases the laptop base at an inclination; there is a lot of space for air circulation.


  • It is not that good for a bigger and bulky laptop.

#3 Portronics Portable Laptop Stand

Portronics Laptop Stand

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Portronics offer My Buddy hexa laptop stand with a rotatable base which is suitable for rotating your laptop and allowing it to get a crystal clear view at a 360-degree angle. With this laptop stand you don’t move when your laptop moves. It keeps your tablet and laptop safe while you typing or prepare presentations and spreadsheets. By using this laptop stand you can watch non-stop movies without the risk of back or neck injuries.

There is so much we do on our laptops like video calling, gaming, preparing presentations, typing and so on. So we need a completely comfortable experience and that is offered by this laptop stand. One of the major benefits of having this laptop stand is that its 7-level height adjustment support lets you sit back and eliminate the risk of neck and wrist injuries.

Further, it has large vents which stimulate natural airflow and reduce heating issues and keep devices cool. This lightweight and tough laptop stand come with a strong ABS plastic body which ensures reliability. It can support devices from 13 to 17 inches including MacBook. You can easily protect your device from falling while working and can use it as a reading desk stand, mobile holder. It is suitable for better office operation and regular technical works.


  • This laptop stands pointedly spread airflow through a hollow space in the middle; saving the device from common overheating issues.
  • It has a rotational base, where the stand can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The anti-skid pads do work properly and do not allow the laptop to slide and hold firmly.
  • There are various angles at which the stand can be set as per the need.
  • The stand itself is solid and easy to carry. It fits easily in the laptop bag and travelling bag.


  • It is made up of plastic which can break very easily if not handled carefully.
  • Using it for bigger and heavy laptops might be an issue.

#4 Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand

Tukzer Foldable Laptop Stand

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Tukzer Foldable laptop stand has helped you to improve your posture throughout the day while working on the laptop. This ultra-thin foldable laptop stand is suitable for your travel and daily work. Its sleek and lightweight design allows carrying it easily anywhere in your back or put it into a messenger bag. It is equipped with an anti-slip silicone pad which helps to prevent scratches on the device.

The unique quality of this product is that it has a silicone foot at its bottom. This will allow keeping the device stable and offers a good working experience without any disturbance. Also, it ensures a secure and safe surface to use your device without worrying about damaging your workspace surface. Moreover, it features an open hollow radiator grill design which allows heat to be quickly spreading, thereby preventing the laptop from crashing due to overheating.

This sleek and sturdy laptop stand is suitable for 8 inches to 15.6-inch laptop. The adjustable joint is tight and hence keeps the stand fixed. Further, it has no sharp parts, and the grey silicone allows for better stability. The best thing about this laptop stand is its great versatility, which ensures reliable and comforting use for almost every purpose.

Overall opinion regarding the use of this laptop stand falls into the positive category and if you are willing to buy an all-in-one laptop stand, this will ensure an excellent purchase.


  • This laptop stand is compact and provides great ease during use.
  • It is a reliable laptop stand with great functionality.
  • This stand is easy to use and doesn’t require any effort.
  • The build quality seems sturdy and reliable.


  • No cons were reported by any buyer.

#5 Portronics My Buddy K Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy K Laptop Stand

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Protronics Company comes with a user-friendly laptop stand which is My Buddy K. It is a lightweight, portable, solid and stable stand. This laptop is thoughtfully designed for business travellers and regular schools students who needs an ergonomics quality in their laptop stand. The best thing about this product is that it is made up of aluminium alloy and a silicone rubber pad which makes it sturdy and tough.

It is scientifically designed to help you balance you’re keeping your back straight, make sitting posture better, keeping your neck relaxed and wrists natural even while working on a laptop. This lightweight and elegant stand give you six angles to view the screen at your convenience. Plus, it keeps your laptop cooler so the internal components life and battery life of the laptop also improves.

You can use it easily with use your thumbs and forefingers to pinch to press close quickly. It also raises your device screen height to eye level for better ergonomics. You can carry it anywhere infect in travelling. Overall the product is good in terms of portability, flexibility and quality.


  • The ergonomics and flexibility of this laptop stand is bliss.
  • The product build quality is tough and sturdy.
  • It is super light and can be carried in the laptop bag easily.
  • It is an excellent option for 15.6-inch laptops.


  • The rubber tops are not stuck perfectly so they are getting removed by wear and tear.

#6 Case Plus Laptop Stand/Laptop Holder Riser

Case Plus Laptop Stand

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Case plus laptop stand is specially designed for those who want a reliable laptop stand. It has a thin, hard and plastic frame. Because of its portability and lightweight quality, it can be easily folded and carried around. It is durable enough to withstand a weight of up to 25 kg. The best thing about this laptop stand is that it helps to prevent your tablet or laptop from overheating.

It comes with large cut-out vents and an adjustable height option. This will allow your air to circulate from all sides of your laptop. With the use of this product, you can get a glare-free and clearer view while getting neck acne and preventing eye pain. Further, you can watch movies and performing various tasks on your laptop without fear of falling.

Talking about compatibility, Case Plus supports most devices from 10 to 15.6 inches like IPad pro, Macbook, Thinkpad, Surface, Chromebook, etc. you can fold and carry easily in your suitcase, briefcase and laptop bag while travelling. This laptop stands fully fold-able and lightweight. It is extremely handy to carry in an office bag as well. Moreover, it keeps your laptop cooler so the internal components and battery life also improves.

Thus, it is an ideal option for regular office work, college and school work. Especially the titled angel position raises the laptop to the eye line of sight position. This will allow you to feel comfortable and taking a great work experience.


  • This stand is very convenient if you’re working from home or working on a laptop for long hours.
  • The quality is also amazing and well suited for all laptops.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product.


  • No cons were reported by any buyer.

How to choose a laptop Stand for a table?

As we mentioned earlier, the laptop stand prevents your body posture from getting unbalanced so that you can work on the laptop for hours. The point is how to get a laptop stand when you have no idea about it. Because there are a wide range of options and buying specific option might be difficult. You need not worry if you are in the same dilemma. Read certain aspects which will help to pick the right one. In this, a blog we mention certain aspects that you should take into consideration while buying.

Things to consider while buying a laptop stand

Although the laptop stand can be of different types it is important to have the right colour, size, adjustable option in it. Whether you do online shopping or go to the local market, but keep the following things in mind while making a final decision:

Material to Use

First of all, you have to be sure which type of material you require in your laptop stand. However, it is a casual question but one of the important one. It helps to determine the weight of the stand. Most laptop stands are made of aluminium alloy, metal, plastic and wood. According to the fact, a lightweight laptop stand will better in the term of portability and cost. While heavy laptop stands are best for office use.

An individual who is going to place other devices on the stand should consider heavy laptop stands. One of the major’s benefits of having a heavy one is that you can place a projector and DJ equipment on it when you want to use it like that. However, It depends on the customer need and preference. You have to decide whether you will be rotating the stand frequently or will it be in the same position?

Work Place Efficiency

Another important aspect to consider is workplace efficiency. Good work efficiency of the stand is a great addition to your workplace. Whatever you choose, make sure your stand will be able to stop discomfort and huddling while using it. Go for such a stand which will eliminate the chances of ache and discomfort even on the large table

Compatibility & Size

In this list, the next aspect is size, which helps in determine which size of the stand you need. If your laptop size is less than 11.6, a small stand is perfect for it. Plus, a laptop stand should be wide enough to domicile the laptop. A perfect size stand should be able to support the laptop safely. You should make sure the stand fits snugly into your workspace. Also, you have to be clear about your need and choice. So check that stand is appropriate for your sitting position as well as your height. Overall, the dimensions and footprint in stand matter the most.


Flexibility is one of those important features which make a stand comfortable to use. A laptop stand with a tilt angle offers you to adjust the stand as per your use. Moreover, you can enjoy different viewing angles with such kind of stand. A proper flexibility feature ensures you use the stand for varying desktops setups and laptops. When you are using a laptop stand with a fixed height, you can’t find this type of flexibility in your work. Therefore, complete flexibility helps to manage differences in the heights of the user when standing or sitting while working.

Design of Stand

The next important consideration is the design of the stand. Your workspace area and environment help to make finalised that which will be suitable. As we know, laptop stands differ from each other. Some fits for sofas use and some for use on desks and beds. The rest are perfect for standing. Whatever you choose, but make sure a stand which suits your need and preference.

Non-Slippery Legs

Laptop safety depends on the non-slippery edges and legs. Go for such a stand which comes with non-slip legs. It ensures the stand straight on any surface without moving.


The cost may vary from each other. According to buying facts, spending on expensive options offers a higher quality while cheap products can easily damage after two-three times usage.

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