Top 6 Best Laptop Keyboard Cover to Protect from Dust

As we all know today’s era is considered to be an era of the computer. We are mostly dependent on it for many of our work as it makes it easier and faster. For the proper functioning of our computer, we need to pay special attention and take care of its associated parts. One such important part is its keyboard. The keyboard is the most commonly used part of a laptop, therefore extra care is required to maintain it.

Dirt, dust, and moisture can affect the proper functioning of the buttons of the keyboard so a laptop keyboard cover is required to protect it from external damages. As it is clear from the name a keyboard cover acts like a protector skin that is placed on the keyboard. It is made up of such soft silicon that it does not hamper your typing speed and should have a keyboard cover if you are habitual of gaming or spilling food and drinks.

Best Laptop Keyboard Cover

The cover is easy to use, stylish, and is tear-proof as it is made up of durable polyurethane. It works like a shield and gives protection to the keyboard against normal wear and tear and bugs attack. A keyboard cover is the best investment if you are bothered about your laptop cover.

Let us have a look at the different brands of keyboard covers available in the market. Here is a review of some top keyboard covers that are known for durability, performance, and quality.

#1 Keyboard cover by Laprite

Laprite Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover

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The LAPRITE keyboard cover is made up of semi-transparent silicone skin. It is designed for all the latest MacBook pro- 13, 15,17. It is compatible with laptops and notebooks PCS. It also fits well with Asus, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Compaq, and Acer. It can be fitted with keyboards measuring up to 15.6 inches. It has a firm grip so the cover need not be adjusted again and again and it is not required to reposition it frequently.

When not in use It can be easily removed from the keyboard. It is a must and a good choice to protect the keyboard buttons from breaking, jamming, oiling, fading of the letters and also to enhance the smooth functioning of the keyboard and the keyboard will also look always new.

It has an ultra-thin design, which will never act as a hindrance to your typing. This keyboard skin protector is made of TPU material which is washable and doesn’t interfere with the fingerprint scanner. For taking your keyboard protection to a higher level, get your hands on this keyboard cover today.


  • It is quite durable, easily washable, and removable
  • It is easy to handle so cleaning ad disinfecting becomes easier.
  • Keywords are printed so typing becomes easier
  • It has a soft silicone body
  • It is available in a large range of colors to choose from.
  • It is environmentally protective.


  • As it is semi-transparent, the letters are not visible.
  • The keyboard light also doesn’t pass through the cover.

#2 Keyboard cover by GenyFIC

GenyFIC Keyboard Protector

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GenyFIC keyboard cover protects the keyboard from dust and moisture which accumulates on the keyboard due to continuous uses which can affect the functioning of the keyboard that is the reason a user-friendly keyboard cover is required to protect the keyboard from such damages. The cover also protects the keyboard from sudden wear and tear from food articles getting inside the keyboard with the cover on.

 It also protects from the spilling of food and beverages. This cover is quite easy to use and it is compatible with the 15.6-inch laptop keyboard. The cover is so thin that your fingers don’t feel uncomfortable while working on it. The cover does not affect the look and the feel of the keyboard. Due to its user-friendly and flexible cover material, it does not slip from the keyboard and perfectly fits on the keyboard. It is also easily removable and washable.

The keyboard cover is available in a coordinating pattern. It is dust-resistant, made of silicone, and washable. It comes with a hardshell design that covers the bottom and top of the laptop for added protection. Its base is having air vents for preventing overheating and for better stability, you can find rubberized feet.

Both its top and base is having a snap-on design and are attractive enough for all buyers.


  • It is compatible with a keyboard up to 15.6- 17.3 inches laptop
  • It protects the keyboard from any damages or wears and tears.
  • It is easy to place remove or wash the keyboard cover
  • As it is transparent, it looks very natural and original as the keyboard
  • It is available in many colors


  • It is not suitable for HP Envy 15.6 inches laptop
  • Sometimes the letters are not properly visible as it is semi-transparent
  • Adhesion becomes less after continuous application.

#3 Keyboard protector by Laprite

Laprite Keyboard Protector

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This rainbow keyboard cover is made up of silicon and is compatible with HP e15 thin and light. Its dimension is 5 * 13 *18 cm and weighs around 100 grams. It is made up of premium quality TPU material which ranges from ultra-thin to 0. 12mm. It is also safe for the laptop screen and typing is also easier. This product is quite easy to apply and easily removable as it is flexible and durable. It is very easy to wash and can be reused again and again.

It is a good product to provide complete protection for the keyboard against normal wear and tear, liquid spills, moisture, etc. The keys in the cover are molded in such a way that it gives a perfect fit and beautiful look to the keyboard. It has high transparency which allows the backlight of the keyboard to be seen in the dark. It also avoids any sound while making typing fun.

If you want to add some extra fun flair to your keyboard and want to protect the same, then Keyboard skin by Laprite is the right pick for you. It is colorful, which includes bright tones like light purple, yellow to deeper hues like navy blue and midnight green. This cover can protect your laptop and keyboard from key wear, dust, and spills.

If in case you spill anything on it, you can easily rinse and clean it.


  • It has an attractive look
  • It is compatible with keyboards up to 15.6 inches
  • Its application is very easy
  • It is made up of ultra-thin high-quality TPU material
  • It perfectly fits into the keyboard
  • Its high transparency allows proper visibility


  • Visibility becomes very difficult in the dark
  • Adhesion becomes weaker on continuous usage.

#4 Keyboard cover skin by OJOS

OJOS Keyboard Cover

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OJOS keyboard cover is s super soft and made up of ultra-thin non-toxic TPU material designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Air 13 inches. Its dimension is 32 * 12 * 2 cm and is very lightweight approx 50 grams. This product is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is not silicon. This is specially designed for MacBook Air 13.3 inches. This Keyboard cover offers obstructive protection against dust and other damages.

It has very high transparency which allows the keyboard backlight to penetrate through it. It has an amazing 0.18 mm thickness to avoid any typing interference. To add to its advantages it is completely washable and reusable. It gives an unparalleled and smooth typing experience with its unique microtextures on its surface.

This keyboard skin is worth the money and long-lasting. It will not be worn out for years. It hardly shows any signs of dirt and always appears new. It is smooth, soft, and nice. They are constructed with the best material and designed for sticking to the laptop keyboard.


  • It is an ultra-thin transparent keyboard cover
  • It is made up of non-toxic Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • The cover is so transparent that the keyboard backlight can easily penetrate through it.
  • It allows minimum typing interference.


  • It is compatible only with MacBook Air 13.3 inches
  • It is only designed for USA layout keyboards

#5 Keyboard protector by Saco

Saco Keyboard Protector

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Saco keyboard cover is made up of high-quality silicone rubber material which is transparent and allows proper visibility of the keys through the cover and is designed for HP 15 thin and light. It weighs around 200 grams. It gently fits onto the keyboard which maintains the typing speed and it also feels soft on the fingers.

 It is removable and washable so there are fewer chances of germs spread. The keyboard cover protects the normal wear and tear which is caused by the constant use of the keyboard. All the keys are cut perfectly and fit properly into the keyboard. It prevents the keyboard from dust particles and water spills.

The laptop keyboard is an essential part of the gadget, but they are prone to huge damage. This is the reason you need to protect the laptop. When you will use this keyboard protector, it will help in preventing damage and one can have a great time while using it.


  • Its installation on the keyboard is very simple
  • The silicon material is of high quality which gives a good typing feel
  • It prevents the keyboard from dirt, germs, and moisture.
  • It is durable and reusable
  • The cover is dustproof and waterproof.


  • It is quite bulky weighs around 200 grams
  • Only one color option is available and that is black
  • There is less visibility in low light

#6 Keyboard skin cover by Oaky

Oaky Keyboard Protector

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The oaky keyboard cover is made for MacBook Air 13 inches (model A2179). It is available in black color and is waterproof and dustproof. It can prevent the keyboard from liquid spills and dirt entering into the keyboard which can affect the life of the keyboard. It is very flexible and reusable and also easy to apply on the keyboard and can also be removed for disinfecting or cleaning.

 It is very soft to touch and gives a good typing experience for the users. Provide a fashionable look to your laptop. The words are printed on the keyboard so there is no difficulty in typing it and the keyboard will always look new.


  • It has an extra slim and soft body
  • Words are printed on the cover
  • It is easily removable and reusable
  • Easily fits onto the computer keyboard
  • It gives a fashionable look to the laptop
  • It is waterproof and dustproof
  • It is very lightweight


  • It is only compatible with MacBook Air 13 inches
  • It is available in only black color

Buying guide for the best keyboard cover

There are so many ways and so many reasons the keyboard would get dirty. Its letters also fade with time. Very common causes are the fine particles which are present in the air and can accumulate into the keyboard and hamper its working, the naturally occurring oils from the fingertips can also be a cause of fading letters on the keyboard s, so to stop this dust and wear and tear of the keyboard cover is a good choice.

There are many keyboards cover options available in the market and you can choose one according to your requirement and which suits your budget. A precise budget guide is discussed below to help you choose from the best keyboard covers available in the market.

  1. Material

The writer who heavily relies on their typing speed and accuracy should not go for silicone cover because typing on it is quite unnatural because of its soft gel surface as compared to the hard keys present on the keyboard. Extra effort is required to type with a silicone cover which reduces typing speed. Sometimes the shapes of the keys are also differently placed on the silicon cover to minimize the production cost by the manufacturer.

  1. Color of the Keyboard cover

The silicon covers are available in multicolor, full of artwork, custom fonts, and keyboard shortcuts but it is easier to use a cover with the letter printed with the black stroke. It should also match with the US English keyboard shape.

  1. Compatibility

While purchasing of keyboard cover the compatibility of the product should be kept in mind. A loose-fitting cover or if letters are not properly placed on the cover it may frustrate you. So make sure it is according to your make and model

  1. Transparency

While choosing a keyboard cover it should be kept in mind that its backlight is not affected after applying the keyboard cover. However, the decorative keyboard covers visibility become 50% less the font color if is very dark.

  1. Is it safer?

 While applying a keyboard cover it should also be kept in mind that is it safer for your laptop because sometimes it may overheat the system and may damage the screen when the laptop is closed. It should also be kept in mind that the quality of the keyboard covers it such that it should not leave any mark on the screen after the laptop is closed.

  1. Shape of your keyboard

While purchasing a keyboard cover the shape of the laptop and the model should be kept in mind while placing an order so that your keyboard cover adjusts properly.

  1. Price

While purchasing a keyboard cover the price should also be kept in mind. The cheaper covers also do the work satisfactorily but they may not fit with your keyboard perfectly and may fade away easily.


If you spill something on your laptop keyboard, you know how difficult it can be to clean it. Even if you are having an extra keyboard, it takes a lot of time in getting coffee stains and dirt out of the keyboard keys. With the waterproof skin of the keyboard, you can easily pull it and can wash it easily in the sink, and is good to go. Thus, it is suggested to invest in the best waterproof keyboard covers.


Every day there are new products in the market which you think is a must to protect your gadgets from everyday wear and tear. One such popular accessory is the laptop covers which are available in the market. So is a keyboard cover important for your laptop? This is the basic question that will come to your mind before purchasing it; no doubt it protects our keyboard from dust, germs, and liquid spills.

It also enhances its looks and protects the keyboard but they may also reduce the typing speed and may not feel comfortable while typing. The continuous use of the keyboard makes it more prone to damages. A keyboard cover can be a good option to protect it from the normal wear and tear from everyday use.

 It also protects the letters from fading. There are many benefits in using a laptop keyboard cover, it is quite economical plus they are easy to clean and are waterproof. They are reusable also. Covers can also be easily installed. But it can also damage the screen and may occasionally break the screen after the laptop is being closed ultra-thin cover is recommended to avoid these types of problems.

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