The laptop is now one of the crucial electronic devices for daily use. Some people use laptops for professional work like Photoshop, CAD, Video editing, designing, etc. whereas some people use the laptop for multimedia only. While running processor-intensive tasks, your laptop’s CPU temperature gets too hot. 

Heat in the laptop mainly generates due to load on the processors by editing, graphic designing, and gaming. Laptop manufacturers squeeze the size of the laptop too small for making a lightweight laptop, but this procedure retains heat in the laptop. In this situation, the performance of the laptop decrease and sometimes the software crashes. 

Best Laptop Cooling Pads in India

To protect your laptop from these types of hazards, you have to use laptop cooling pads that can help to reduce the temperature of the laptop by offering adequate ventilation. Here is the list of the Top 10 best laptop cooling pads in India – 

#1 Zinq Technologies Cool State Dual Fan Cooling Pad

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Dual Fan Cooling Pad

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This cooling pas is from Aspire, and it is a popular option in the market. It comes with a lot of features, which improve the laptop looks along with cool it effectively. If you are looking for a thin and light-weighted portable cooling pad, then this is for you. This pad is compactly designed for laptops. This pad is made of plastic, and black colour is provided by the company.

Two high-speed rotating fans are used in this laptop, with super silent features, even the fans are designed to aerodynamically stop the noise which forms due to the friction of air between blades of the fan. This cooling pad can be used for laptops as well as notebooks. USB wire is used for powering the cooling pad. Overall it can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a cooling pad.

Pros –

  • To avoid cervical fatigue caused by sitting posture, you have 5-adjustable heights.
  • Ergonomic design provided by the manufacturer.
  • The cooling pad is designed for up to 17-inch laptops
  • This is a very lightweight laptop with just 740 gm weight.
  • Anti-slip material is used on the surface for a better grip on the ground.

Cons –

  • Only 2 fans are used in this product.

#2 Zinq Technologies cool state Five Fan Cooling Pad

Zinq Laptop Cooling Pad

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Zinc technologies are presenting cool state five fan cooling pad. This is mainly offered to gamers and office users who manage large data on their laptops. This laptop is easily compatible with 25.6 to a 17-inch laptop, so you do have not to worry about your laptop size. Most gaming laptops are manufactured in this size range. 

This laptop is made with a metal panel, thus it is strong, durable as well as helps in scattering and removing heat from your laptop. Metal touch in the manufacturing of the cooling pad provides it with a shiny and amazing look. 5 superior fans are inbuilt in this product which rotates on 1100 RPM. These fans are designed to make sure of the whisper-quiet environment. These fans provide you with better airflow, and you can work all day without any interruption.

Pros –

  • The double rotatable switch allows you to adjust the fan speed.
  • Dual USB ports are provided to connect external devices.
  • To reduce noise whisper-quiet technologies are used in this laptop.
  • LEDs are there for lighting.
  • Ergonomic design with the highly adjustable setting for a comfortable angle

Cons –

  • This product has only one coloured light.

#3 Zebronics ZEB NC3300

Zebronics Laptop Cooling Pad with Dual Fan (1)

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ZEB NC 3300 is a laptop cooling pad coming with two super-fast fans with bright Prussian blue colour lights in it. This is a very compact model and you can easily carry it anywhere. This laptop has only a weight of 840 grams. Fans are of standard size of 120mm, which provides you silent operation with 75 CFM. These fans are adjusted in this pad to ensure optimal airflow all around your laptop. This laptop cooling pad is dependent on the power of the laptop, via USB cable.

There are also stands with this pad is provided to the customer to ensure good posture. The manufacturer of this product also provides a standard brand warranty with this product. So you can buy it. There is the retractable stand is also for using laptops on the bed or sofa. A laptop of size up to 15.6 inches can be easily fit in this pad. This is best for light gaming laptops.

Pros –

  • Optimal airflow.
  • The silent operation even when fans are working on their higher capacities.
  • A retractable stand is there for the comfort of the user.
  • Blue LEDs in the fan make it pretty cook.

Cons –

  • There are not adjustable heights in this cooling pad. 

#4 Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad

 Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad,

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Tukzer cooling pad is best for gamers and developers, who use their laptops on their higher capacities. Due to which laptop generates heat. This laptop pad is good-looking. Anyone can easily be impressed by seeing this pad. This pad is designed by the professional of this field. 

In this laptop cooling pad, there are 4-high-power fans used for cooling. These fans are of 80mm, which rotates on the 1900 RPM. You can easily adjust your fan speed manually in this cooling pad. In this pad, two heights are given to the user. This laptop is compatible with up to 17-inch laptops. Thus, this is one of the best choices for gaming laptops.

Pros –

  • One fan can give 47 CFM air flow constantly.
  • Only 25dBA noise is produced by the fans, which are negligible.
  • 4-powerful fans work together in this cooling pad.
  • USB powered and 2-external USBs are also there.
  • RGB lights are used, and this is very light and durable.

Cons –

  • There is not any disadvantage of this laptop cooling pad.

#5 Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad

Tukzer Laptop Cooling Pad

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Tukzer pad is presented with many quirky features inbuilt. If you use a laptop for higher gaming of graphic designing then gain in temperature is sure. This cooling pad is specially designed for these laptops, which produce much heat when operated. This cooling pad has a cooling fand with red light, which makes it a gaming cooling pad. 

There are 3 types of fans, among them 3-works on 1900 RPM, 2 fans on 200 RPM and one big fan works on 2600 RPM. One fan produces 47 cubic feet per minute airflow (CFM), this airflow is enough for cooling any superheated laptop. These fans are also aerodynamically designed to make less notice as possible. All fans together make only 25dBA.

Overall opinion is for the buyer that, it is the best choice for gamers and graphic designers because these works produce much heat.

Pros –

  • Silent, and dynamic design.
  • 6 super fans are adjusted in design.
  • USB powered, along with those 2 external USB ports are available.
  • The stand is available.

Cons –

  • This pad consumes comparatively more power than others.

#6 Tarkan Dual Fan Cooling Pad

Tarkan Dual Fan Cooling Pad


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This Tarkan cooling pad is good-looking, strong, and durable. This pad is made up of metal which provides a mesh surface and stable support for various laptop sizes up to 15.6 inches. This laptop used mysterious blue colour lights to introduce an alienist feeling to the user. This is an extremely thin and lightweight cooling pad that increases its portability.

This laptop used 2 fans of 140 mm, which rotates at 1200 RPM to provide continuous airflow. This pad has a stand that can be adjusted on multiple angles as your need at that moment. This pad is USB powered, and you do not have to carry any other big adaptor especially for the cooling pad.

There are also 2 external USB ports provided along with the manual fan regulator. Thus, you have to buy it to cool your laptop and making it more attractive.

Pros –

  • This cooling pad is USB powered.
  • The blue colour makes it attractive.
  • 5 adjustable angles are provided to the user.
  • Metal body provides it extra strength.

Cons –

  • There is not any battery present in the pad to power it.

#7 Callas laptop cooling pad

Callas laptop cooling pad

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If you are looking a laptop for which is strong and durable along with a metal body then it is best for you. This pad is made up of metal and helps to keep your laptop cool. This meatal body gives it strength along with provides mesh surface. 

There are also stand is provided by the manufacturer by which you can adjust the height of the laptop for better airflow and comfort. Sturdy design provides you with many ports to handle your printer, monitor, scanner, and fax machines, etc. 

This is an ultra-portable laptop and provides natural airflow. Its pad is antiskid and helps to stabilize the laptop in your arms. This is compatible with an 11″ to 17″ laptop, so you can buy it, whatever your laptop size is. 

Pros –

  • Ventilated laptop stand.
  • The anti-skid pad is inbuilt in the cooling pad.
  • Compatible with a range of laptop sizes.
  • A reading stand is also provided.
  • This laptop maintains your body posture by giving you a large angle stand in the product.

Cons –

  • This laptop pad is not containing fans for airflow.

#8 TopMate C5

TopMate C5 Cooling Pad

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This is one of the most modern types of laptop coolers. This cooling pad contains many features that are not available in other cooling pads. TopMate cooling pad is good-looking and contains blue lights on the laptop cooling fans which truly illuminates the pad. This illuminance is very attractive in the dark.

This pad has 5 silent cooling fans. Aerodynamic design and the use of capacitor makes these fan silent. These fans are very fast, smalls are rotating on the 2400 RPM and 1 big fan rotates on the 1200 RPM. This cooling pad is also compatible with 12 to 15.6-inch laptops. This laptop cooling pad has 5 height angles, which improve your body posture. 

The speciality of this cooling pad is, this pad has a digital screen to show the temperature of the laptop. buttons are also available along with the screen to adjust fan speed according to the temperature and to switch on/off blue light. 

Pros –

  • This laptop has a digital screen.
  • Its fans are truly fast.
  • Blue light makes it look impressive.
  • 5 height adjustments are available.

Cons –

  • This laptop is costly than other ones.

#9 Mente Laptop Cooling Pad

Mente Laptop Cooling Pad

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This laptop looks elegant, with a unique design and adjustable tilting. This is this and lightweight laptop with which increases its portability. Pad is design to provide natural as well as artificial airflow. This laptop pad has a non-slip surface that welp to maintain grip with the laptop. angle adjustments are provided for comfort and ideal posture.

This is a super silent and very lightweight laptop to do not disturb you while working, and also for easy use. Along with this laptop pad, 2 external USB ports are provided by the manufacturer.

The body of the pad is made up of plastic and iron mesh with 38 CFM airflow in it. Both fans are rotating on the 1000 RPM. This pad is compatible with 10-to-17-inch laptops. This is USB-powered and operates on the 5V DC.

Pros –

  • Four height adjustments are provided.
  • 2 USB ports for extra use.
  • Nice looks with the blue lights in the fan.
  • Metal mesh body provides a large body.
  • Suitable for a wide range of laptop sizes.
  • Two powerful super silent fans are inbuilt.

Cons –

  • This laptop cooling pad only has two cooling pads.

#10 ZEBRONICS Zeb-NC7000

ZEBRONICS Zeb-NC7000 Cooling Pad

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Zeb-NC is a hard body, durable and smart cooling pad for laptops. In this product, multiple colour lights are used for attraction. This laptop is compact and easy to transport anywhere.  There is 1 very powerful, super silent fan that is adjusted to keep the laptop cool. The fan is the extra-large size of 170mm which operates without any noise. 

There is also an adjustable stand for different positions. This laptop is compatible with every brand and is used for laptops up to 17 inches. To control the speed of the fans button is aligned in the pad along with the on/off switch for the lights. This cooling pad is also USB powered and provides2 external USB ports along with detachable USB cables. 

This cooling pad is meant for gamers, editors, and graphic designers. You can but it for properly cool your laptop and to improves its looking and attract people to it.

Pros –

  • RGB is situated for the lighting in the laptop.
  • 170mm large cooling fan is here.
  • Compatible with sizes up to 17 inches.
  • USB powered.
  • A manual fan speed controller is available for the user.

Cons –

  • This laptop pad only has 1 cooling fan.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Pad for Your Laptop?

nowadays it is everyone’s need for using the laptop and used everywhere in any field. Laptops are preferred by most communities rather than PC because of portability. Cooling pads are one of the important things must consider for a laptop. Here is how to choose.

  1. Laptop cooling pad with fans

Cooling pads with fans are very popular in the market. Always buy a laptop cooling pad that contains at least one fan. Cooling fans with fans are much better than fan-less pads available in the market. There are fans to exhaust the heat of the laptop via the fans by continuously generating maximum airflow. it is on your laptop that how many fans are required. If your laptop generates more heat because of higher gaming and graphic designing-related work then you have to buy at least 3 fan pads.

  1. The versatility of the cooling pad

It is important to buy a laptop cooling pad that has versatility in its use. Many times in the daily use of the laptop, you have to use your laptop on the cushion, sofa, and bed, so it is important to consider that your vents are not obstructed. If this happens then airflow effects and the cooling pad doesn’t work properly. To get rid of this type of situation try to find a cooling pad with small legs. 

  1. Portability

Portability is one of the important factors. Sometimes you have to travel with your laptop, in this case, it is not easy to carry a pad with the laptop. So, buy a cooling pad that is properly featured with an integrated cable mechanism, which allows you to strap your laptop to increase its portability. You can also buy a cooling pad that will fold compactly and not consume large space on storage, this is also easy to transport.

  1. Size

It is important to choose the proper size of cooling pad for a laptop. If you but a small cooling pad than laptop then your laptop is not fit in it, and if it is too big then it is loose for your laptop. So buy a cooling pad that has a similar size to your laptop or a little bit larger than your laptop. if your buy the same size laptop then it is best for your laptop because it will adjust in it easily and your pad also work at its highest peak.

  1. Power of the cooling pad

It is important to consider that how your cooling pad consumes power for its functioning. There are two types of cooling pads are available, first which have their separate power adaptor and second which consume power from your own laptop’s battery by the USB cable. It is not easy to carry adaptors for their cooling pads separately, so that’s why it is suggested that always but a USB dependent cooling pad. This type will consume your one port but make it easy.

  1. Regulation of the fan speed

Always check that how your laptop cooling pad will adjust its fan speed. Some cooling fans have buttons to manually operate the fan speed, but this is old fashion. Now in the market of cooling fans, pads are available which can auto-adjust their fan speed. The thermal sensor is situated in this pad that senses the temperature of the laptop and adjusts the fan speed as your needs. You can set the speed manually too. Some pads are more advanced and you can adjust their fan speed via your laptop by using the software of the pad. Overall you have to choose an auto-regulated cooling pad for your laptop.

  1. Sound of fans

Sound is also one big factor when regarding a cooling pad for a laptop. Some cooling pad makes noise when they used because of their fans. people think the noise of the fan will not disturb you, but after a period you will be irritated with this unwanted noise.

Thus, be sure before buying a cooling pad for your laptop that it will not produce noise, even when it is working at its maximum capacity. Noise and fan speed relation is very important to consider in the pad. 

  1. Appearance

Everyone needs good looks on their laptop, and if you are a gamer then it is your priority that how what your laptop looks like. Placing a cooling pad on your laptop sometimes can depress the looks of your laptop. for nice-looking along with their good cooling mechanism, there are many types of cooling pads are available in the market.

 There are many RGB lighting laptops are available in the market which increases the good appearance of the laptop. There are different colours of the lights in the pad, and the effects are also available in the cooling pads. These effects help us from boring by seeing the same colour and effects in the product.

  1. Type of the material 

There are many types of materials are used in the production of the laptop, like plastic, rubber, and metal. All types of laptop pads are best on their own and you can choose any of them as your needs. If you do not use your laptop on the daily basis then you can choose a rubber body. And if you hardly use your laptop on Rough surfaces, then you can choose a metal body. Plastic is used for many conditions, it is lightweight, and best for anyone who wants to cool their laptop.


You can cool your laptops easily by using these cooling pads. All above-described pads are best in their criteria of cooling. Some of them are meant for gaming laptops that’s why lighting is used in them. You can choose a cooling pad with or without the fan as your laptop need. This is most important to choose the pad which fulfils all the requirements along with which gives you some extra features. These features can be auto fan regulation, RGB lighting, extra USB ports, digital display, and buttons to regulate fans and RGB lights.

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