Best Instant Water Heater in India 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

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#1 Bajaj #2 Ecomm #3 Havells
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Gone are those days when you had to boil the water in a pot on the stove. Thanks to our latest technologies, most of our routine hassle has become convenient and time-saving. Talking of which to enjoy a hot water bath is certainly the topmost one. Now you don’t have to bill the water and then pour it in the tub to enjoy bathing or washing when you can simply get it done with an instant water heater. Of course, the previous type of water heating process was time taking but now the time has changed. The water heater invention was surely one breakthrough for our modern era.

There is no denial to the fact that the instant water heating solution is bliss. But this is also true that demand for the same has increased quite a lot. You may come across tons of options but to choose the right one can be a problem especially if you are first time user. This easy yet convenient option is safe to be used. All you need to do is switch it on before using it and off it once the indicator on the geyser shows on light off.

Now it is time for you to take the benefit of this incredible amenity and get your life more relaxing and easy. Given below is some of the best range of instant water heating solution that you can come across. Compare the price, features, style, and sizes and you are all set to use the best one suiting your needs. It is always important that you take the decision only after considering all the parts. With so many new products that have launched in the market, you must not get mislead by the advertisement. Rather focus on the features that suits you need.

Best 5 Instant Water Heater in 2019

#1 Bajaj Flora Instant 3 LTR Vertical Water Heater


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This is one incredible instant water heater that is available in 1 and 3L. This so far has received 3kW and 4.5kW rating and is said to be quite a trending one in the market. The company has managed to not just offer this heater with great functions but also with good designs and signs too. It is completely safe, elegant and best suited to those who stay in the high rise building. The good part of this heater is it comes with an indicator of ‘heating’ and ‘power on’ function. With ample of safety system solution and approved by ISI, this product is a must-try.


  • It is loaded with ample of safety options
  • The sturdy quality makes it user-friendly
  • It gives instant hot water result


  • Maintenance can be a problem
  • It does not come with a lasting warranty option
  • The installation process is quite complex

#2 Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


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This is a perfect example of durability and performance which is not seen in most other geysers. If you are looking for the right instant water heater which will save money on the electricity bill at the same time give you hot water even in chill breezing season then surely you can think of this option. Crompton is a well-known company that has managed to offer its customers the best electrical appliances like fans, light, and even pumps. With a sleek design and powerful heating element, this product is worth to invest. It comes with 6.5 bar pressure and is best suited for high rise buildings. Thanks to a 3000-watt copper heating element, you get heated water quickly.


  • It is loaded with a powerful heating element
  • The installation process is simple
  • It has an aesthetic design with 3 litres capacity
  • You can enjoy multifunctional safety valve


  • As compared to other heaters, it does not have much quality assurance
  • The warranty period is limited
  • In case of any damage beyond the warranty, it is a pricey affair

#3 Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater


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We cannot deny the fact that instant water heaters and geysers have become part of our regular living. While buying the best quality one, of course, we would not want to compromise at all. Talking of which Crompton Solarium is one such perfect product that you can think of investing your valuable time and money. The company is a known player when it comes to giving customers with quality water heating solution. Crompton’s instant water heater offers a great solution to match up with your needs for water heating purposes.


  • It has an aesthetic design to match your modern bathroom
  • You get the steel tank water that assures lasting durability
  • It is easy to operate


  • You don’t get the installation done
  • The charge for the product piece damage can be costly
  • You can expect a little high bill

#4 Racold Pronto 1-Litre Geyser


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This premium quality water heater is loaded with some of the best features that you cannot ignore. It has three levels of safety which offer great support. There is high-temperature control and also the pressure control with a thermostat which makes it more reliable for the usage. Additionally, you also get the safety valve to make sure the hot water is available to you in fewer periods. Known for withstanding the high pressure, this instant water heater is best suited for high rise buildings.


  • It has Anti-syphoning system that makes it more in demand
  • It is quite resistant to high pressure
  • The body of the heater is rust proof


  • The water tank capacity is less
  • As camped to other brands, the product is pricey
  • The installation process is tedious

#5 Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser with Flexi Pipe


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This water heater comes with a flexible pipe and is extremely safe to be sued over other heaters. There is an LED indicator by which you will come to know once the heater is ready for use. The best part about this instant heater is the outer body. It is rust-resistant and completely shockproof. Besides, the inner tank is made of stainless tell which means, you get instant heating. Thanks to the fire retardant cord, you can rest assured of the safety measures.


  • It is cost-friendly
  • Durability should not be the concern
  • It is extremely convenient to use


  • The installation process is not friendly
  • There are some parts that you will have to buy before installation

Buying Guide – 4 Things to Know Before Buying Instant Water

Instant water heaters are said to be the most crucial electrical equipment that you can have. It saves a lot of your time that you can utilize by going early to the office or doing other important work. However, for the first time user’s confusion is most likely to occur and if you are one of them then you don’t have to get paranoid. Understand that there are ample of things that you need to consider when buying such incredible appliance. Modern water heaters are of course energy efficient and produce more hot water quickly. However, further buying guide will be more helpful.


#1 Consider The Design Part


Nowadays, there are so many companies that create functional water heaters which also can match up with your bathroom decor too. In today’s time, the interior of course for many people plays a very crucial role. You need to choose the heater which is not just functional or efficient but can also aesthetic for the home. Choose the brand that gives an option in choosing amongst the features and design both.


#2 Capacity To Store


To buy a water heater, make sure you consider this point as per the family members who would be frequently using it. It does not make sense to have a water heater of 25L just for 2 members. It consumes more energy and the utilization of water also does not go to the same extent. But yes, if you have people of 4 in your house then you must consider buying a heater which is between 25 to 30 liters in storage capacity.


#3 Don’t Ignore The Functionality Part


This is another important feature that you should never underestimate. See that you have a product that is extremely easy to operate and gives you a quick heating solution. Some heaters come with heating indicators through LED lights. This eventually changes the color to indicate when the water is hot or ready for using next.


#4 Energy Saving Solution


With the dependency on technology has increased, there is no denial of the fact that you need to have an appliance that is more energy and price friendly. Consider the energy-efficient appliance before you plan to buy it.


There are many tankless models also available these days which are quite efficient in terms of energy over the traditional ones. In case, you have any of your family members and friends who have purchased such an efficient water heater then try taking their opinion on this. It is one kind of investment for which you should not be careless. Right from installation until the warranty and quality of the product everything should be well considered.

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