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A printer can help in making the work simpler, as you don’t need to rush to a stationary shop every time. Though there are many branded printers which are available in the market, the best printers provide not only the best print quality but also additional services like scanning and photocopying. It is highly recommended to purchase a printer if volumes of printing is a daily activity.

Top 5 Ink Tank Printer – Best Selling

If you are looking forward to starting a business, our exhaustive list of the best printers will help you chose the one which is apt for your shop. More than just printing, it helps you by giving you autonomy, as well as the perfect printer for your office, can increase productivity manifolds. Since we have seen some of the best ways to utilize the printer and few of the advantages of having the printer, let us get along with the best printers that are available in the market, that you must have a look at:

#1. Epson EcoTank L3150 All-in-1 Ink Tank Printer



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Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer lets you print the perfect coloured as well as non-coloured pages at a brisk rate. You can get the wonderful prints since the ink-tank in the printer helps in increasing the speed of the printer. You can print more than 30 greyscale pages within a minute. Let us look at a few startling features of the printer:

  • The printer gets connected with the internet network, hence remote printing with ease.
  • Supports a wide range of size of the pages.
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective printing, perfect for business purpose.
  • Energy-efficient as the consumption of electric power is less than expected


  • Wonderful connectivity makes printing easier and smarter.
  • Durable product and can last for a longer duration
  • You can do all the functionalities of printing, copying and scanning using the printer.
  • Excellent quality of the print, as the image doesn’t burst.


  • The heat generated by the printer cannot be transferred
  • The problem in getting connected to luxurious devices like iPhone and MAC.

#2. Canon Pixma G2012 Ink Tank Colour Printer



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Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer is compatible across different kinds of operating software, thus making it the most versatile system available. Easily connected with a large variety of devices as well as the ink produces pictures of excellent quality that sets them apart. Fast in approach as it prints more than 8 pages in a minute, which makes it stand out. Some of the features of the product include:

  • Perfect for the colours as well as the greyscale printing.
  • Excellent speed of the machine will help you print bulk images quicker
  • You can assess the level of ink which is present in the tanker before going for the print.


  • Excellent to use and the design is perfect to add beauty to your home
  • Colourful print takes place quicker than its competitor products.
  • Efficient as it helps in saving the expenses on ink and electricity.
  • Bulk printing can be done using the printer since the ink doesn’t dry up easily.


  • The printer doesn’t support Apple products for connectivity.
  • Poor customer follow-up service of the product is highly disappointing.

#3. HP 310 All-in-1 Ink Tank Colour Printer



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HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer, one of the best products for the home as well as your business can help in giving wonderful pixeled images as the output. The resolution of the print is better since it is optimized and the printer is in-built to work for heavy hours, thus perfect for heavy usage. Certain features which make the printer stand out are:

  • The printer has an excellent capacity for printing, can print more than 500 pages.
  • Supports a wide range of mostly used pages, thus highly flexible
  • Easily connects to the internet connection, hence remote printing is an asset.


  • Both coloured and greyscale printouts can be made available.
  • You can use it for multiple functions of printing as well as scanning the important document
  • An excellent printer if you are looking to start a small printing business as it can handle large volume.


  • Issues with the colour printer have been reported
  • Installing the printer can become cumbersome as it is complicated.

#4. Epson L4160 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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Epson L4160 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer, with its compact shape and excellent design, make the printer one of the most excellent product available. You can start your business with the printer as it can handle immense printout and produce excellent quality prints, without any worry. Let us see, what makes it special:

  • Sleek design, hence space saving
  • Easy printing, easy cleaning and time saving
  • Economical as less expense on ink.


  • Volumes of work can be handled seamlessly
  • More than 30 pages can be printed in a minute, excellent speed.
  • Easy connectivity with the wireless connection.
  • Amazing image output and seamless scanning.


  • Customer service is poor.
  • Jamming of the paper in the printer.

#5. HP 410 All-in-1 Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer


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HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer is another upgrade from the HP model of printers. HP brand, being the most versatile, renowned yet trustworthy brand, has proven its mettle among its consumers long back. It is therefore recommended to look at few features of HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer before you decide to purchase it:

  • Small in size and highly durable, since the product the can handle bulk work
  • Easy to operate, as the printer can be installed without any complexity
  • The ink tanks can be viewed from outside, hence you can gauge the level of ink.


  • Excellent quality of prints help in making your project looks commendable
  • 3 in 1 product as you can print, scan as well as copy the important documents
  • The tank of the ink has enough capacity to handle volumes of work, seamlessly.


  • Problems with the repairing of the printer have been raised as well as with the warranty.
  • Spillover of the ink from the printer has also been reported.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Int Tank Printer 

Selecting the printer is no doubt one of the hardest tasks. In this article, we attempted to breakdown your task into bits and pieces. It will help you in not selecting the wrong printer. Our exhaustive list of Best Ink Tank Printer 2019 in India aims in helping you to select the best one. Some of the must-have qualities that your printer should have include:

  • Easy installation: The printer should not be too complex to install or use. If you are looking for a printer in the office or your shop, you want that it should be able to print in volumes, quickly. It is only possible if the operation of the printer is fast, and not too complex.
  • Choosing the ink: Are you looking for the inky one or the laser one? Selecting the right printer with the right printing pattern decides the print quality that you will have. You need to make a sound judgement about the quality of the printing material that you want to use, which can improve the printing quality
  • Costs of ink: You don’t want to end up spending on the printer’s ink more than the printer accumulated. It is highly suggested to purchase a printer whose ink doesn’t dry up quickly, nor does the printer’s ink cost a fortune. Remember, a printer is an investment, don’t let it become a liability.
  • See-through tanks: One of the most important features of the printer is the see-through tanks which help you to know the level of the ink that is present in the printer, thus helping to make the right decision about when to change your ink.

Other than the above features, features like dual side printing, the volume of printing, connection with the internet, product warranty and after-sale services of the printer become an important factor to judge the printer before you purchase one. Do write to us about which printer you purchased and your purchase experience with the printer. 

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