New year, new hairstyle. This should be your mantra this year. As the year progresses, so should our hairstyles; say goodbye to old hairstyles and get inspired by bollywood actress hairstyles.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Women

Here is our list of top 5 hairstyles you should try this year.

1. Textured Layers

If you’re thinking of getting a haircut, then go for textured layers this time. You can take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra hairstyles that include textured layers. This haircut will define each layer of hair and give you a combination of neat and messy looks at the same time. You can make so many hairstyles when you have this haircut, and it looks good on all face shapes. You can get short, medium, or long textured layers, your choice.

2. Short and wild shag

If you want to cut your hair short but don’t want to get the usual boring bob hairstyle, you should try short and wild shag hairstyle this time. It’s fun, unique, and evil somehow, but overall it’s a quirky look. This look is best for any club party.

3. Wispy bangs

Taking hairstyle ideas from Katrina Kaif hairstyles such as wispy bangs. They can look good in any hair length though Kat had this hairstyle when she had long hair. Wispy bangs add cuteness to your beautiful face and can be tried with any outfit. You can keep your hair straight and wavy for a formal meeting for casual things.

4. Blunt textured cut

For the girls who like to keep their overall look bold, you should definitely get a blunt textured haircut this time. It’s a margin above simple and a margin below from being overly stylish. So overall, this is a perfect hairstyle. You can keep your hair curly or straight; it looks good on both. This look goes more with formal occasions than informal ones. If you want to go for an informal event, you can keep your hair wavy instead of straight.

5. Blunt collarbone cut

Are you one of those girls who can’t manage long hair and don’t want short hair? If yes, then you should give blunt collarbone cut a try. It’s easy to maintain, gives you a  classy look, and is not a common hairstyle. You can tie them in a ponytail when you’re feeling warm or leave them open when you’re going outside. Any hairstyle can be made in collarbone cut. Wavy or straight hair will suit this haircut.


In the end, things come to how you maintain your hairstyles. If you take proper care of them, they’ll look good for a long time. However, the same hairstyle can get boring, so we recommend you get a new haircut at least in a few months, if not every, to see how it looks on you. It’s better to take risks than stick to the same old boring hairstyle. You never know you might fall in love with your new hairstyle.

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