Best Wheelchair in India 2020 – Folding & Lightweight Wheelchair

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#1 Kosmocare Dura #2 Dr Trust #3 Kosmocare Pride
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Foldable wheelchairs have an added advantage over the rigid wheelchairs. With the make-shift lifestyle, if you are continuously changing places, the portability of the wheelchair increases as it becomes foldable. The foldable wheelchairs are easy to use and easier to fold. The problems faced with rigid chairs are lack of locomotion, cleaning and washing issues, movability over the rough terrain and many more. On the contrary, the solution to these problems is provided by the foldable wheelchairs. Let us have a look at the top folding wheelchairs that we would suggest you purchase for convenience:

Top 5 Best Foldable Wheelchair 

The search for the folding wheelchair must end here. We have tried to assimilate the Best Foldable Wheelchair in India 2019 which can best fit all your requirements. Meeting the needs as well as building the best convenience, the folding wheelchairs are one of the best ways to ensure comfortable portability. We have also enlisted the must-have qualities in your wheelchair, which is adviced to look into before you take a decision to buy any wheelchair.

Buying a wheelchair is a very important decision. Care must be taken as not to buy a product with a defect or not meeting your requirement and ending up regretting it. We hope that our list helps you in purchasing the best fit product. Do write to us about your buying experience!

#1. Kosmocare Economy Wheel Foldable Wheelchair

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The wheelchair is made of chrome-plated steel plates, which are meant to be one of the lightest wheelchairs available. Weighing just 18 kgs, the foldable wheelchair has the best pair of wheels which make them travel through any terrain. The wheelchair is very easy to clean and take care of with a soft armrest that gives comfort to the arms. The safety of the consumer is given priority by the wheel locks that are provided. Even when you are transporting from one place to another, transporting the wheelchair from one place to another is easier as it just needs to be folded and transported. Various types of wheelchairs are available namely dura spoke, dura soft cushion, dura hard cushion, and wheelchairs with commode.


Maintenance of the wheelchair is very easy

Lower height, hence comfortable to sit for the person.

A wheel having spoken provides relatively faster speed.

Fixed position for armrest and footrest, thus making it comfortable.


Rusts in the presence of water, hence cannot be used during bathing

Arm and footrests are not removable, which can be trouble for a few consumers.

#2. Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair

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Folding Wheelchairs have the benefit of a smooth movement across different terrains. Instant Mobility Victory Standard Wheelchair is beneficial in providing the rigidity and the strength which is needed for travels during rough terrains. Making the ride comfortable for the consumers, the folding wheelchair is made up of coated chrome that can be propelled by self. It can also be propelled by an attendant. The wheels have spokes, which give them stability as well as speed. The width of the seat is around 50 cms.


 The footplate is very strong and sturdy in nature

Designed to be very safe for the attendant with tight grips

Lightweight so easy to be carried.

Wide seat that provides better comfort to the customers.


The bulkiness of the wheelchair makes mobility a concern

The wheelchair is claimed to be clumsy by few users.

#3. KosmoCare Recliner Reclining Foldable Steel Wheelchair

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The wheelchairs which can be folded are very flexible in nature. KosmoCare Recliner Reclining Foldable Steel Wheelchair has a wonderful feature in which the arm and the footrest can be detached, thus making the patients to be transferred to the bed easily without any hassle. The steel frames are plated with chrome and the wheelchair is provided with headrest, which makes it easy to give rest to your necks.

Moreover, the headrest is detachable in nature, giving the wheelchair a unique look. The maximum weight that the wheelchair can bear is 100 kg. The wheels of the wheelchair are resistant to wear and tear since they are made of polyurethane. The detachable footrests are helpful when one wants to shift from the wheelchair to the bed.


Reclination of the wheelchair is possible which makes it more comfortable.

Needs less maintenance as the material is resistant to wear and tear

The footrest can be inclined at an angle, for extra legroom.

Folding of the wheelchair can be done easily. Also, the wheels can be removed while folding.


The durability of the product is a concern by some of the consumers

Absence of any drop back handle.

#4. Dr Trust (USA) Portable Foldable Manual Wheelchair


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One of the safest folding wheelchairs which are available for the users, Dr Trust (USA) Premium Quality Portable Foldable Manual Wheelchair, is the product that focuses more on consumer comfort and convenience. The wheelchair is manual in nature, thus you always need someone to operate it. Lightweight, yet very strong, can bear heavyweights, thus making it durable in nature as well. The armrest which is provided gives support to the arms while you move from the wheelchair to the bed. Movement on the rough roads and terrains can be made smoother, due to the easy accessibility of the wheels present. The presence of the brakes on the wheels helps in controlling the movement of the wheelchair.


Light-weighted, thus making it easy to carry the wheelchair.

. Cleaning of the wheelchair is easy as it can be folded easily.

Perfect size for the patients, making the seating convenient.

The brake of the wheelchair is manual in nature, thus giving you autonomy


Absence of any commode attachment

Absence of any user manual

Tires faced issues, as well as the footrests, were tight.

#5. KosmoCare Dura Black Spoke Wheelchair

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KosmoCare Dura Black Spoke Wheelchairis a folding, light-weight wheelchair which is aimed to give comfort and convenience to the users. With a maximum bearing capacity of no more than 100 kgs, the wheelchair is aimed to make your journey comfortable on difficult roads. The best part of the wheelchair is it is easily foldable, and the foot and armrests are provided for ultimate comfort.


Wheels provided offer one of the best experiences when traveling on uneven roads.

Lightweight, thus making it easy to lift.

Portable in nature, hence best for make-shift people


Lack of any commode facility.

The armrest and footrests could have been flexible.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Foldable WheelChair

There are a number of folding wheelchairs that are available in the market. But, selecting the right wheelchair is the most difficult task. In this article, we have given the Best Foldable Wheelchair in India 2019 which is aimed to make your search easier. Let us have a look at the must-have features which must be present in your folding wheelchair:

Weight: The weight of the wheelchair must not be too heavy. Neither the total wright nor the lifting weight should be large enough to make the portability difficult.

Frames: There are two types of frames: monotube and box type of frame. Selecting the right frame before a purchase is important since it decides the ease of folding of the chair.

Mode of control: Whether the wheelchair is automatic or it requires manual control, must be known before buying the wheelchair. Care must be taken so that it meets the requirements.

Armrests: The armrest of the wheelchair must be adjustable so that it can suit the height, the length on the chair as well as whether the armrest is flappable or not.

Leg Rest: Look for the wheelchairs with removable leg rests since it assists in moving the patient from the wheelchair to the bed.

Wheel Size: The size of the wheels is important since they decide whether the wheelchair can travel smoothly over a tipsy turvy road or not. A larger wheel size provides greater leverage compared to smaller wheel sizes, thus making the journey smooth.

Tilt and Recline: Always prefer a reclining wheelchair compared to a normal one, since it gives you an option to rest your back and enjoy the sunset.

Few Advantages of the Folding Chair are:

Portability: The folding chairs are easily portable since they can be easily reduced in size thus making it easier to carry.

Space-saving: A portable wheelchair saves a lot of space. This is due to the fact that a rigid wheelchair occupies unnecessary space, even when not used.

Cleaning: Since the folding wheelchair reduces in size, it can be washed and cleaned easily. Both the seating area as well as the peripheral areas can be cleaned easily.

Safety: All the wheels of the folding a wheelchair sitting on the terrain, hence the rough terrain during the journey shouldn’t bother you any further.

Folding a wheelchair is completely mentioned in the manual that comes along with the set. Applying the brakes and grabbing the wheelchair from both front and back and lift the seat slowly, helps in folding the wheelchair.

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