Best Electric Lunch Box in India 2022

As we all know, a lunch box is typically a simple and portable container that helps carry food conveniently. But an electric lunch box is a different product, which is invented with the technological advancements going on. This lunch box doesn’t only home and carry the food; it heats the food and makes it tastier. 

Simply, we can say that an electric lunch box heats food in the container without the help of a microwave. It comes with an electric cord and needs a power source to operate. Apart from that, there are other special features in an electric lunch box that make the gadget an efficient product to use. 

So, when buying an electric tiffin, you need to check if it is leak-proof, heat resistant, and has removable containers or not. Here we have listed some of the Best Electric Lunch Box in India to help you decide which one is ideal for your use. Just check these products before choosing an electric lunch box for your use.    

Who Can Use It? 

The popularity of electric lunch boxes is increasing because they have the ability to provide warm, healthy meals on the go. It has many advantages over traditional lunch boxes and allows users to have healthier food at an affordable price. It is used for various purposes because of its versatile design. 

For office goers, electric lunch boxes provide a solution to have tasty and healthy home-cooked food in the office. It heats the food at the right temperature, so the food feels like just been cooked. 

Electric lunch boxes are also suitable for school kids. They usually carry their tiffin every day, and having an electric lunch box will let them have healthy food at school. An electric tiffin keeps school kids from having cold food and getting sick. 

For truck drivers and construction workers, an electric lunch box provides a convenient way of having home-cooked healthy food. They can take the cooked food in the mini electric tiffin and heat the food before having lunch. This is an efficient way of having hot, fresh, and healthy food wherever you are.

For Cars,  It is also ideal for use while traveling in the car since some electric lunch boxes are also compatible with some models of cars such as Kia, Nissan, Nexon, Jeep, Verna, Creta, and others. These lunch boxes take power from the electrical outlet of the car to heat the food. If you want to follow your regular diet or avoid eating outside food while traveling in a car, you can get an electric lunch box compatible with your car model.   

Best Brands of Electric Lunch Box 


Borosil is one of the top brands in the market, with a wide range of lunch boxes at an affordable price. These lunch boxes are efficiently designed to keep your food fresh and hot and let you have healthy food wherever you are. The Borosil electric lunch boxes are made of high-quality materials, so they are safe and convenient to use.  


Wonderchef is a leading kitchen appliance brand in the Indian market. The electric lunch boxes of the Wonderchef brand are durable and efficient to use. It has a broad range of products to meet the requirements of different people. 


Tupperware is a direct selling brand with social selling option. This brand makes durable and practical products that provide high performance. With a wide range of home and kitchenware products, the Tupperware brand is the choice of many people. It also has electric lunch boxes for on-the-go solutions.    


The Milton brand is very popular for making a broad range of kitchen products. It has different types of electric lunch boxes that meet the requirements of different people. With elegant design and high-quality materials, Milton electric lunch boxes are the best option to use.    


Cello is a popular brand known for its superior quality products. Cello electric lunch boxes consume less energy and are very easy to use. Because they are portable, you can have hot and healthy food wherever you are. Also, the Price of Cello products is not very high.  


Jaypee is also a top brand in the Indian market, and its electric lunch boxes are of the best quality. With a detachable power cord and carry handle, the Jaypee electric lunch boxes are the best to use. Just like most brands, the Jaypee electric lunch boxes come with stainless steel containers for better performance.  

6 Best Electric Lunch Box

#1 Milton Swiftorn Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box

Milton Swiftron Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box Buy at Amazon

The Milton stainless steel electric lunch box comes with two containers of 260ml each. It will help you keep two food items safely and reheat them when you want to have lunch. It is made of stainless steel, so you can expect high durability. It has one lunch box with an electric cord to keep your food hot and fresh. 

The tiffin has an elegant style and is completely insulated. So, it locks moisture and keeps food hot for up to 3 to 4 hours. It comes with an auto cut-off feature so the food won’t get overheated. The lunch box can heat the food in only 15 minutes. 


  • The lunch box has a double-walled design for maximum insulation. 
  • It comes with two food-grade stainless steel containers to keep your food safe. 
  • This tiffin box is leak-proof and microwave safe. 


  • Closing and opening the lids are a little difficult. 

#2 Jaypee Plus Hottline Electric Lunch Box

 Jaypee Plus Hottline, Electric Lunch Box

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If you need a little larger tiffin to keep more food items, the Jaypee electric lunch box is an ideal option. This tiffin box comes with three stainless steel containers aiming to provide you with an efficient lunch experience. It is designed in such a way that the food will get heated efficiently by just plugging in the power cord. 

With this lunch box, you don’t have to eat cold food during the lunch period. An efficient feature of this lunch box is that the power cord can be stored below the handle. Also, there is a locking mechanism to keep the cord safe and secure. The stainless steel containers have a sturdy construction and are easy to clean and maintain. 


  • It has a smart heating feature to let you have hot and tasty food just after 30 to 35 minutes of plugging in. 
  • The electric cord is detachable and can be used with most power sources. 
  • This lunch box has an ergonomic design with a carry handle so you can use it conveniently. 


  • Although it mentions that it can heat food in 35 minutes, it actually takes up to 45 minutes to heat food. 

#3 Ecoline Q4 Electric Lunch Box 

Ecoline Q4, Fabric Electric Lunch Box,

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The Ecoline electric lunch box is a high-quality product available in the market. This brand is one of the top options in the Indian market for buying electric lunch boxes. With this lunch box, you will get hot and healthy food at the office during your lunchtime easily. This lunch box has four stainless steel containers with a total capacity of 1400ml. 

There are two heating containers and two non-heating containers in this tiffin box. Two containers have 400ml capacity while the other two have 300ml capacity. Apart from that, they are made of food-grade materials and are completely safe to use. The pouch is made of stylish and durable fabric with strong zippers. 


  • The lids of containers are BPA-free and safe to use. 
  • It provides fresh, home-cooked food at your workplace. 
  • There are cleaning instructions to let you clean the tiffin box with ease. 


  • It doesn’t have a detachable power cord. 
  • Only two containers have a heating feature out of four containers. 

#4 Cello Electro Electric Stainless Steel Lunch

Cello Electro Electric Stainless Steel Lunch

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The Cellos electro electric lunch box is a high-quality device and consumes less power to keep the food hot and fresh. This electric tiffin box comes with three stainless steel containers to keep your food safe and secure. With the Cello electric lunch box, you can get hot food at your workplace with less effort. 

It has an innovative design and provides maximum convenience to the user. You can use this device to heat your food at any time, anywhere. It will heat the food at the right temperature so that you will get tasty food at work. It consumes only 25 watts and heats food in 45 minutes. 


  • You don’t have to eat cold food when you have this lunch box. 
  • It comes with a detachable cord for high convenience. 
  • The electric lunch box comes with a temperature regulating system for efficient heating. 


  • The quality of the stainless steel containers is not great. 

#5 Milton Electron Tiffin 3 Insulated Lunch Pack

Milton Electron Tiffin 3 Insulated Lunch Pack

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This is another electric lunch box from the Milton brand on this list. This high-quality lunch box comes with three stainless steel containers, and each of them has a capacity of 360ml. It is ideal for offices, picnics, colleges, and other places. It has a leak-proof design and is safe for use in the microwave. 

This electric lunch box heats the food at the right temperature for 30 minutes to offer you fresh and hot food. You can keep using this electric lunch box to reheat the home-cooked food and enjoy tasty food on the go. It comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase that covers all manufacturing defects. 


  • This electric lunch box has an insulated design to keep your food safe. 
  • It is ideal for multipurpose use and offers high performance. 
  • It heats the food in 30 minutes to let you have healthy and hot food.


  • The containers leak food sometimes. The quality of the containers could be better. 

#6 Nexx Hott-2 Electric Lunch Box

Nexx Hott-2 Electric Lunch Box, Stainless Steel

Buy at Amazon

The Nexx Hott-2 electric lunch box is an innovative product that keeps your food fresh and hot. It lets you have good food at the office or while traveling. This mini food warmer comes with two stainless steel containers that keep your food secure. These containers come with a rubber gasket to prevent the leaking of food. 

The Nexx electric tiffin is 360 degrees leak-proof. The lids have a steam release plug to release the steam when heating. When you want to heat the food, you need to open the steam plug so that there will be no chance of locking the lid. It takes only 15 minutes to warm the home-cooked food. 


  • It is designed using food-grade stainless steel and PP materials. 
  • The lunch box comes with three red LED indicators to let you see the heating process. 
  • It comes with intelligent technology to let you monitor the temperature and control the voltage for efficient heating performance. 


  • Sometimes it leaks the food. The gravy of come out from the containers. 

Steps To Use an Electric Lunch Box 

Using an electric lunch box is very easy and lets you heat the food conveniently. Any person who has access to an electrical outlet can use the electric lunch box conveniently. Electrical outlets near your office desk are a convenient option for using an electric lunch box. Also, some electric lunch boxes are compatible with car electrical outlets. 

Such lunch boxes are suitable for people who travel a lot. They can also be used when you are on a trip with your friends and family. Here are simple steps to use an electric lunch box efficiently. 

  1. First, you will need to pack the food in the tiffin box when it is in hot condition. But make sure that the food is not steaming. 
  2. Once the food is packed, it is ready to be carried to your workplace. Because these devices are portable, you will not face any issues when carrying them. 
  3. Now, you have to plug in the electric lunch box in the electrical outlet before 30 to 40 minutes of having food. Usually, these lunch boxes take 30 to 40 minutes to heat the food, so you have to wait this much time. 
  4. After some time, the food will get heated, and you can enjoy hot food. Most electric lunch boxes come with an auto cut-off feature, so it prevents overcooking of food. You don’t have to worry switch off the device when the food is ready. 
  5. Having home-cooked food at the workplace is an amazing thing. When you have an electric lunch box, you will get fresh home-cooked food every day. 


Is Electric Lunch Box Good for Health?

Because this appliance provides hot and fresh food on the go, it is healthy. However, it is risky because electricity is involved in it. Working people can use these gadgets to have hot food at the workplace. However, it is not safe for children. Also, there is a risk of getting shocked and burning the fuse while using it.   

Can Electric Lunch Box Cook?

Yes, an electric lunch box can cook food. It is used to heat and cook food in just 30 minutes. The mini electric lunch box will take around 30 minutes to fully cook the food. 

How Do You Boil Eggs in Electric Lunch Box?

Boiling eggs in an electric lunch box is very simple. First, you will need to place the eggs in the electric tiffin and then add one cup of water. After that, cover the tiffin and allow the eggs to steam. When it gets ready, the electric tiffin will get shut off. It usually takes 25 minutes to boil eggs in an electric lunch box.   

How Do You Clean an Electric Lunch Box?

Cleaning an electric lunch box is an easier task. You can place the lunch box in the water and rub it with a soft cloth or sponge. After that, rinse the lunch box and wipe clean it with a clean cloth. Some electric lunch boxes are also compatible with a dishwasher, so they can be cleaned easily.    

How Do You Cook Rice in A Portable Lunch Box?

Cooking rice in a portable lunch box is very easy. First, you need to rinse the rice properly and drain the water. Then place the rice in the box and add water to it. After that, switch on it to cook the rice.  

Can You Put Soup in Electric Lunch Box?

Yes, you can put soup in an electric lunch box. The food container can be filled with soup and locked properly to prevent leaking. To keep soup, you will need a high-quality insulated container.  

Can I Put My Electric Lunch Box in The Fridge?

No, electric lunch boxes are supposed to be put in the fridge. They are made to keep food and heat food before eating. But they shouldn’t get frozen in the refrigerator.   

Bottom Line 

Electric lunch boxes are widely used since they provide a convenient way of having home-cooked healthy food. They have a high sales growth within a few years, and their sale is going to increase more in the upcoming years. 

If you love to have hot & fresh food at your work, then this is an ideal product for you. We hope you got enough information about electric lunch boxes from this article and can now choose the right product for your use.     

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