Best Curved Monitor in India 2022 for PC, Office Work and Gaming and Movie

Top 3 Picks

#1 Samsung #2 Zebronics #3 Samsung
Samsung 27 inch (68.5 cm) Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor Zebronics curved monitor Samsung 32 inch curved monitor1
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It’s because curved displays fill up more of the peripheral vision, concentrating on your work rather than being distracted by what’s going on in the world around you, that they’re so popular. It’s hard to beat this level of immersion when you’re watching or participating in a video game.

A curved display is ideal for gamers. Whether you’re playing Fortnite or Call of Duty, you’ll be able to experience the battlefield in a more immersive way than ever before.

Since its shape discreetly creates depth inside the screen, it provides an immersive experience whether you’re traveling back in time, stepping into a frightening war zone, or exploring a distant planet.

Additionally, the curvature radius, as well as the viewing distance of a curved screen, affects immersion. In order to see the curve clearly, you must be a considerable distance from the screen. If you’re just a few feet away, this can make a huge difference.

To recap, curved screens aim to make users feel more engrossed in what they’re watching, which theoretically enhances your enjoyment of the experience.

For gamers, the curved display sweet spot provides a real feeling of immersion, as anybody sitting in that area gets immersed in their game. As you face your next opponent, you can look forward to sharp images and excellent color balance.

Top Brands Making Curved Monitor in India


Samsung, a South Korean company, has risen to prominence as a global leader in electronic devices. If you’ve ever owned a Samsung product, whether it’s a TV, soundbar, or even headphones, you’re likely familiar with the company’s wide range of monitors. Many of the companies on this list specialize in gaming monitors. Because they don’t use IPS boards like most other brands, their systems are a little more unusual. 


Hardware as well as electronics manufacturer Acer is a major player in the global market. From entry-level systems to high-end gaming machines, they have a wide range of products to choose from. Acer has long been associated with low-cost monitors because of the company’s reputation for shoddy construction and a lack of additional features. If you don’t give a damn about the additional bells & whistles found on competitive monitors, often these Acer screens deliver a good overall experience.


In terms of gaming peripherals as well as computer components, MSI is among the world’s most prominent manufacturers. For a company that’s only been around for a few years, they’ve made a name for themselves thanks to their high-quality, top-of-the-line gaming monitors. The MSI Optix, Oculus, & MPG ARTYMIS screen lineups are just a few examples of their gaming-focused products. Since most people don’t just use their monitors for gaming, they’ve taken steps to improve their performance and picture quality.


Located in South Korea, LG is a multinational electronics company. If you want to know more about displays, this is among the few manufacturers that make both televisions and monitors. LG monitors tend to use IPS panels with LED backlights instead of OLEDs, which have a lower risk of burn-in than OLEDs, so you didn’t have to think about impacting the display after extended durations of use. 

With the UltraGear line, they usually focus more on gaming, but they have few options for the office work. With its 4K screen and 144Hz refresh rating that can be overclocked to 160Hz and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, the LG best gaming monitor for Xbox One X and PlayStation 5, as well as PC games with high frame rates.

Top 6 Best Curved Monitors in India

#1 Samsung 27 inch (68.5 cm) Curved LED Backlit PC Monitor

Samsung 27 inch (68.5 cm) Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor

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Unlike any other monitor, Samsung’s curved screen provides an immersive viewing experience. The 1,800R screen — including an arc radius of 1,800 mm for better curvature — creates a large field of view, improves the perception of depth, and reduces peripheral interruptions to draw one deeper into the content, like the local iMax theatre screen. The deeper screen curve on Samsung’s smartphones will completely immerse you in your multi-media content, whether it’s a digital movie, a preferred TV show, or a heart-pounding game.

You can keep your eyes focused on an entire screen without having to shift your focus thanks to the 1800R screen’s deeper curvature that more closely mimics the human eye’s natural field – of – view than other monitors.

A wide variety of colors is supported by Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology, resulting in a more vibrant and realistic picture.


  • It comes with flicker-free technology
  • Known for its ultra-slim design
  • Offers an advanced gaming experience
  • Gives immersing viewing experience


  • Does not come with in-built speakers

#2  Samsung 27 inches Curved LED Monitor

Samsung 27 inches 1920 x 1080 Pixels Curved Bezel Less, Speakers, Fabric Textured Back Side, FHD, LED Monitor VA Panel with DP, HDMI, VGA, Audio in, Headphone Ports

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It’s the market leader in curved displays. Samsung has dominated the curved monitor industry since its debut in 2015 as the first company to offer new displays to the general public. First place in market share is a constant for Samsung’s curved monitors, which have a full line of industry-leading technology.

Here is the most daring curve yet. This major step forward in monitor technology is the culmination of years of relentless innovation.

The 1000R’s curvature is closer to the mortal field of view than conventional monitors, resulting in less eye strain. In order to reduce eye fatigue, the entire screen can be viewed in one glance.

It is next-generation technology. The fabric-textured backside as well as a top-quality slim metal stand adds visual interest to the nearly borderless display. As a result, a monitor that not only attracts attention but also blends in with any decor.


  • Known for its next-generation design
  • Minimalist design
  • Easy on the viewer’s eyes
  • Optimum curvature


  • Poor viewing ergonomics

#3 Acer ED322QR 32 Inch Full HD Curved VA Backlit LED Monitor

Acer ED322QR 32 Inch Full HD Curved VA Backlit LED Monitor

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Faster frame rendering, potentially lower latencies, and an immersive gaming experience are all provided by a curved screen and rapid 144Hz refresh rate.

Use Acer Bluelightshield as well as Flicker-less Technologies to shield your eyes from utterly pointless strain. Acer ComfyView reduces monitor glare & eye fatigue, allowing gamers to play for longer periods of time.

With Radeon FreeSync, this monitor’s framerate is synchronized with the graphics cards, resulting in an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Take advantage of 1920 X 1080 complete HD resolution to get the most of every color on your screen.

For long periods of viewing, the curved screen reduces eye strain by putting each corner of the monitor’s screen at an equal distance from the user’s eyes. In order to eliminate screen flickering, Acer developed the Flickerless technology.


  • It has flicker less view
  • Offers a vibrant image viewing experience
  • It has a curved display of 16:9
  • Vibrant FHD resolution


  • Not a good option for using AutoCAD

#4 HP X24c 24 inch Curved Full HD Gaming Monitor 

HP X24c 23.6-inch Curved FHD Gaming Monitor

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This 1500R curved monitor provides an immersive Full HD experience, allowing you to explore new worlds. To reduce blur, the high refresh rate refreshes images twice as fast as other monitors. With AMD FreeSyncTM technology, lags are a thing of the past, and gaming has never been more fluid. Also, make sure the monitor is adjusted properly to prevent any strain on the back or neck.

Viewing content on a curved screen feels more natural. The curvature of the screen also reduces eye strain for gamers and streamers alike.

You may notice that your eyes have to work harder at first when using a curved screen instead of a flat one. However, do not be alarmed; these side effects will only last a short time.

After a few days of using the new screen, you’ll feel like you’re wearing glasses. It’s normal to feel a little disoriented on the first day, but this will pass quickly.

The outer corners of a flat-screen display are where your eyes naturally shift when you’re looking at the screen. And as a result, your eyes have to quickly refocus due to the change in distance between them and the screen.

Using a curved screen means that the eyes are doing less work and refocusing less frequently.


  • Reduces reflections
  • Its height is adjustable
  • Compatible with G-sync
  • Offers freesync technology


  • No cons as such

#5 MSI 24 Inch Anti Glare LED Curved Gaming Monitor

MSI Anti Glare LED Curved Gaming Monitor

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For maximum viewing, the MSI Optix has a 27-inch curved VA display With a screen-to-body ratio of 36 percent, it provides the best immersive experience with such a multi-monitor 180 ° setup.

It provides hours of gaming fun with its 1800R curvature rate display. Using FreeSync, MSI graphics cards deliver silky-smooth images that are free of screen tearing, stuttering, or lagging.

Anti-flicker technology, reduced blue light, a 178-degree viewing angle, and an OSD gaming app are some of the features offered by this monitor.

For the first time, Steelseries GameSense is available on a monitor, allowing for dynamic gameplay and realistic lighting effects.

When you need to move very quickly, you need a refresh rate of at least 144Hz and a response time of at least 1ms.

There’s no better way to enjoy 2560×1440 WQHD gaming than with FreeSync.


  • Offers the best gameplay immersion
  • Known for a frameless design
  • Eliminates screen tearing
  • It comes with a VA panel


  • No cons 

#6 LG Ultragear 34 inch Curved Ultrawide  IPS Gaming Monitor 

LG Ultragear 34 inch Curved Ultrawide  IPS Gaming Monitor 

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Incorporating high-performance functions, LG UltraGear is a decent gaming display gear that can respond to every blockbuster game.

You can enjoy a smoother and faster gaming experience with the LG 34GL750-B Monitor thanks to its NVIDIA-tested and certified G-Sync compatibility.

HDR10 can be used to display fine details in both light and dark areas of wide dynamic range content on this monitor. As a result, gamers can expect brighter and more defined highlights, as well as richer shadows and silhouettes.

Objects are delivered clearly for a more fluid gameplay experience and almost surreal graphic fluidity thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate as well as 1m MBR*. Gamers can gain an advantage over their opponents by focusing on the most efficient and rapid elements of the action.


  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Virtual borderless design
  • Reacts much faster to its opponents
  • G-sync compatible


  • No cons found

Buying guide

Is the biggest always the best? A curved monitor’s dimensions are certainly important, but it’s the radius of the curve that really matters when comparing different models. The radius (abbreviated as “R”) used to denote the monitor’s curvature is always expressed in millimeters.

There are three standard measurements for curved monitors: 1800R, 3000R, and 4000R. The only thing to keep in mind is that a smaller number corresponds to a steeper curve. More measurements exist, but you’ll be able to find all other radius measurements between those 3 numbers. 

Viewing angle

A wider view angle is provided by a larger arc. Because of the way the light is displayed from the screen when looking at a flat LCD screen from every angle other than directly at it, the viewer will often lose contrast and color saturation. Curved screens have a wider view angle than flat LCDs because the slight bend in the screen needs to compensate for the normal distortion.

The expert’s conclusion is that you should sit in the center of your curved PC monitor for it to work at its most optimal level. If you’re sitting off-center, you’ll likely see images that are distorted. For multiple curved screens, you’ll either need to upgrade to a larger desk or be content with just one big curved screen.

Curved monitor resolution

A 4K curved monitor is perfect for playing your favorite video games, but you can save money by purchasing one with the High Definition standard (1080p). A curved monitor with a higher resolution displays more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, and a more realistic image. Full HD is the absolute minimum resolution you should purchase, and curved monitors benefit greatly from an even sharper image, so consider upgrading to one with an even higher resolution if you’re considering one.

A curved monitor creates depth

It’s because of the way they bend that they have less glare and fewer reflections, which can be annoying and take the focus away from the viewing experience.

If you want to get a bright glare from your monitor, you can, of course, position it in such away. If you use common sense when deciding where to put your new monitor, you’ll be less concerned than you would be if you were using a flat screen.

There are those who claim that curved screens mimic your peripheral vision by letting you see a glimpse of the display from all angles. To put it another way, it’s a much more logical perspective. This improves the realism of the gaming experience and the visual quality of the images displayed on the screen as a result.

As a result, curved PC monitors produce an almost 3D-like image without the headaches and annoyances of 3D viewing. Curved screens don’t display 3D images, but they do give the illusion of 3D because of the way they distort your perspective. When compared to a flat-screen television, it makes a noticeable difference, even if it’s just a subtle difference.

Monitor size

In terms of curved PC monitors, bigger is better. Here’s why: If you compare a 30-inch or larger curved monitor with a standard flat LCD monitor, you’ll see little difference. As a result, many users will find that a monitor larger than 30 inches (and possibly even more) is an unnecessary expense.

It’s no secret that a larger, curved monitor provides a more immersive experience when playing your favorite games or multitasking. Larger monitors will provide you with the best experience if you’re looking to enhance the gaming or working output with curved displays.

Tips to remember

As with any purchase of technology, buying a curved monitor can be a nerve-wracking experience. Before making a purchase, use the above-mentioned buying guide to learn more about the products you’re considering. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when deciding on the best types of monitor for your needs. 

Here are some tips to assist you to get the most out of your new curved monitor.

  • When used in single-monitor configurations, curved displays shine.
  • It’s better to have a larger screen with a curvy monitor.
  • The best viewing distance is clearly relevant to the angular position of the curve.
  • With similar features, curved monitors are more costly than straight monitors.
  • Curved monitors can alleviate eye fatigue and headaches caused by prolonged PC use.
  • Curved monitors may necessitate more desk space than other monitors because of their large screens.
  • Straight and curved monitors have the same capabilities in terms of resolution and refresh rate.


Curved monitors can be more costly than flat monitors with features similar, but they are also widely available at lower prices. You can improve your productivity and reduce eye strain by swapping to a curved monitor. 

With the exception of the curvature and viewing angle, the specifications of curved displays are identical to those of flat displays. This information can be extremely useful when making a purchase decision because it tells you where the best place to place the monitor is. 

Consider your workspace carefully because curved monitors could indeed take up more room than expected. Regardless of how you use your computer, a curved monitor offers a number of advantages.

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