Best Baby Bath Tub In India 2020 – Price & Review

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#1 Cho Cho #2 Luvlap #3 Baybee
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Your little fellow is growing fast and so are your kid’s regular needs too. Talking of which, we will discuss more baby bathtubs. Such a bathing option can certainly give parents a safe and relaxing way to get and dry your baby in the bathing process. The tub angle is made in such a way that it can ease the parent’s hands to wash without any kind of risk.

Since newborns tend to have a fragile head, arms, and neck, it is important to take the utmost care. There should not be any room for mistakes as it can make things ugly. When it comes to choosing the right baby bathtub, extra precautions need to be followed. Understand that such type of tub must be chosen considering its ability to offer the solution that is required by parents at the time of bathing. The baby tub is designed in such a way that you can keep your newborn on it safely. This will allow you to use both of your hands to hold and wash the baby at the same time with ease and comfort.

Top 5 Baby Bath Tub – Best Selling 

When you decide on buying the right baby bathtub, you will come across ample of options. Some may fit in the sink while some are a very different bathtub. Depending on the price range and the features that you want, you can decide. If you stay in a small space then choosing a sink route tub is right otherwise, bathtubs can be a great choice. There are also options of soft bathtubs that are made from foam. Listed are some of the trending ones that you can consider buying since they are extremely in demand and trending in the market too.

#1. Cho Cho European Inflatable Baby Bath Tub


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This bathtub is one innovative design to come across. You can adjust the angle of a head slide by inflating more or less air in the separation section. Besides, there is also a convenient storage bag on the side that helps you store the tools and accessories that you may need for bathing purposes. It can also be a great gifting idea. There is the size drain plug at the bottom side that offers the release of the water. You can dry and store it on the plastic rope, which is attached to the base.


  • It is easy to store and carry
  • You can use it at home and travelling
  • It helps kids body stay strong
  • It is available in different colour options
  • The package comes for New Norn Babies to 4 Years


  • It may get punctured within a month
  • The sitting position may not be comfortable
  • You may find the duplicate product because it does not meet the standards

#2. LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Anti Slip



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This is another trending product in the market. Perfectly blended with quality and price, this product can surely help you bath your kid in the tub without any hassle. The best thing it completes the life of parenthood joys since it makes a lot of your baby cleaning work a hassle-free one. To offer maximum safety and features enrichment, this product is a must buy which you shall surely not repent of using. Loaded with care and innovative features, this Luvlap product has undergone ample of quality checks before it got dispatches to the store.


  • It has an anti slipcase for better safety
  • There is a soft-curved edge that offers protection for the baby
  • Thanks to the base plug, the water drains without any hassle
  • It is designed for baby up to 24 month who weighs around 12 kg
  • It is extremely easy to clean and is light in weight too
  • There is a moulded soap case for preventing it against soap slipping


  • The product can get scratched quite easily
  • The seating position may not always be comfortable for the baby

#3. Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub




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This is one safe, fun and convenient option to bath your kid without any kind of risk. Of course, the mom will find it extremely comfortable and relaxing enough to see how the baby enjoys bathing with the water splashing on the face. It is one smart bath solution since it is anatomical in shape. This allows the baby to get an ideal bathing position at the same time protects the baby from getting slipped underwater in any case. There is also an extra-large sized space with a dual position that makes this product an ideal one from the initial stage. Thanks to the safety posts, it protects the baby until 24months


  • There is a drain hole for convenient water drainage
  • Thanks to TPR water outlets, the water can be out quickly
  • This is one safest bathing option
  • It keeps baby warm and safe
  • It is lead-free and non-toxic


  • Over other products, it is a bit pricey
  • The quality does not meet the standard
  • The headrest is uncomfortable

#4. Smart Saver Baby Bath Tub with Temperature Sense 

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This is another incredible folding baby bathtub that is known for versatility. With better convenience and easy storage solution, this product can let your baby bath in a much better way. Needless to say, your baby can enjoy taking bathe comfortably, safely and with no hassle. Since it is foldable, you should not worry about space. It is light in weight and thanks to the compact design; you can store it in any corner of the house. Designed for babies up to 3 years, the bottom side of the tub comes with non-slip material, which is useable on any flat surface.


  • It is made from odourless and non-toxic material
  • There is non-slip leg support that you get
  • It comes with a complete size bathing solution with removable plugs
  • There is a handy storage block for shampoo and soap


  • The parts can tear off early
  • The drain pipe often gets blocked
  • The quality does not meet par

#5. R For Rabbit Folding Baby Bath Tub



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This is one safety based bathtub that is designed from the best plastic material. This way you get the strong, safe and best portable bathtub that can let your baby enjoy the bath. Thanks to its included bather, a newborn can use and later you can use it as a bathtub when your kid starts sitting independently. It is best designed for babies up to 3 years of age. It can also let your kid enjoy a splash of comfort and security that it must be strong.


  • It is an innovative design
  • It has strong support legs
  • It is light in weight and compact


  • Quality is not that good
  • There is a lid to the draining hole that may not work

What is the Benefit of Baby Bathtub

Since infant doesn’t know how to bath on own and is not even capable of doing it, it becomes your duty to do so and for this, it is extremely important to take care of your kid in the tub with safety measures to have a bathtub itself has got ample of perks. You get to explore ample of advantages by using it such as:

  • There is a temperature level indicator that can assist you the right time to put a baby in the water
  • It is loaded with features such as on slippery, newborn sling and even the contoured headrest
  • A routine shower is unhygienic but if you use the tub, the risk of prospective germs to attack is less.
  • Considering safety measures in mind, the tub s more supportive
  • It gives a pleasant and comforting experience to your kid during the bath.

How To Choose Best Bathtub For Your Baby – Buying Guide

  • Get The Proper Size:

Make sure the tub that you plan to buy is a great fit for your baby’s needs. It is important to choose the right size because a big tub can increase the chance of your baby to slide down while the small one can be uncomfortable. Generally, you can get an idea about the size from the weight of the tub which a manufacturer usually gives along with the product’s other information.

  • Cleaning Aspect:

Before you decide to buy a tub, know whether cleaning it will be a friendly option or the difficult one. If the tub has more crevices then time to clean it will be more. Look for the tub, which is not just easy to clean but can also, be dried quickly and thus will protect the mould or mildew growth.

  • Second-Hand Tubs: At Times Can Be A Good Option

If you want to save money then surely choosing a second-hand option is not a bad idea but makes sure it is in a good state. You might have to do the cleaning all over again before you start using it. Also, if you prefer o choose a second-hand bath seat then you may come across the one that has suction cups but ideally they are not reliable. Choose the option that meets CPSC’s mandatory safety standard

  • Look For Features

Be smart to make the choice, as the high-quality ones can be pricey. You need to shortlist the ones that have great attributes and can meet the requirements of your infant. Of cruse to acquire one can be simple but do not forget that to choose the ideal one can be quite challenging.

Final Verdict:

It is always important to go through reviews and feedbacks given by the users as personal experience can always be reliable. Further, it is always important to compare the features, price and even quality amongst the best ones so that making a choice will not be complex for you.

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