Best A3 Printer For Architects to Buy in India for 2022

It is really scary to imagine a life without printers since there will be no options to print the necessary artwork or documents. Printers are used everywhere, whether it is home office, home, office, or any other workspace. Even they are popularly used in printing shops where people can easily take printouts of their necessary documents. 

However, all printers are not the same. For example, A3 printers are devices that are used for printing large documents. Regular printers used in homes and offices use A4 papers for printing. But A3 printers use A3 papers, which are larger than A4 papers. Such printers are generally used in offices for printing artwork, charts, large documents, etc. 

Architects, designers, and students who work on creative projects usually need A3 printers to print their designs effectively. These printers provide excellent printing speed and high-quality prints. Also, they perform other options like scanning and copying efficiently. 

In this article, we have listed some of the best A3 printers for architects in India to help you decide which printer is the right choice for you. Also, you will learn many things about A3 printers here.     

What Is A3 Printer?

The simple definition of an A3 printer is a type of printer that is capable of printing on A3 papers. They are different than normal printers used for printing A4 documents. A3 printers are mainly used for printing posters, portfolios, designs, and other large documents. 

Such printers are very popular among architects because they need to print their designs on A3 papers. Also, in offices and businesses where large paper printing is needed, A3 printers are used. 

A3 Printer Paper Size 

The typical size of A3 paper is 420 x 297 mm or 16.5 x 11.7 inches or 42 x 29.7 centimeters. This size of A3 paper is similar to two A4 papers kept in parallel in portrait position. So, when we fold an A3 paper, it becomes two A4 papers.   

A3 Printer Vs. A4 Printer Paper Size

A3 printers are different than A4 printers in many ways. The term A3 and A4 indicate the paper sizes the particular printers can handle. A3 printers are devices that can handle papers up to 420 x 297 mm in size. So, they can also print A4 papers. Also, they can handle A5, A6, legal, letter, envelope, and other size papers.   

On the other hand, A4 printers can handle papers up to 297 x 210 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches in size. These printers can handle A4 paper and other size papers such as Letter, Envelope, Postcard, and Legal.     

Best A3 Printer for Architects in India

#1 Epson L1300 A3 4 Color Printer (Black)

Epson L1300 A3 4 Color Printer (Black)

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With a compact design and cost-efficient printing feature, the Epson L1300 A3 printer is an outstanding product for any architect. This printer helps save the cost with every single print. It has a printing speed of 30 pages per minute which is an excellent thing for any user. The printer achieves this printing speed because of the Micro Piezo printhead. 

Further, it has an excellent page yield of 7100 pages for black prints and 5700 pages for color prints. Therefore, you don’t have to refill the ink more frequently. Also, the ink bottles are eco-friendly and safe to use. The printing resolution it delivers is just amazing. The prints look vibrant and clear with a resolution of 5760 dpi. 

You can use a variety of papers such as thick paper and photo paper with this printer. The rear feed tray makes it easier to put papers in the printer. The overall performance of this printer is superb because of the original ink tank system of Epson. 


  • The one-year manufacturer warranty covers the manufacturing defects and offers peace of mind. 
  • Setting up and using this printer is easier and hassle-free. 
  • Free installation is provided by the brand.


  • After using it for a few months, it shows paper jamming issues. 

#2 Epson Eco Tank L15150 A3 Printer 

pson EcoTank L15150 Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, ADF, Auto Duplex,WiFi,Network A3 Printer, Black, Medium

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This is another printer from the Epson brand. The difference between this printer and the previous one is efficiency. This printer is more efficient than the previous model and comes with advanced technologies. First of all, it is ideal for use in homes, offices, and commercial enterprises. 

This is an Ink Tank type printer and provides great performance. Moreover, you can use this printer for printing, scanning, and photocopying options. Scanning and copying features are not available in the previous model. It comes with a flatbed scanner and has Wi-Fi, App, and USB connectivity options. 


  • It prints up to 32 black & white pages per minute. 
  • You can use A3, A3+, A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL size papers with this printer.
  • This printer can be used for regular and heavy applications. 


  • The price is high. 
  • The quality of color print on photo paper is not good.  

#3 Brother MFC-T4500DW All in One Inkjet Printer 


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The Brother brand is one of the leading manufacturers of printers and other machines worldwide. It has own hearts of many individuals with its outstanding design and high performative products. Brother printers have a huge fanbase because of their excellent quality and efficiency. 

The MFC-T4500DW all-in-one printer is ideal for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. You can perform all these tasks with this printer with no worries. It supports A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, Photo, Photo L Photo 2L, letter, executive, envelope, legal, and folio paper sizes. Therefore, it is safe to say that you can use most types of paper with this printer. 

With this printer, you can use both plain paper and glossy photo paper. This printer supports wired and wireless connectivity. Also, you can make borderless prints with this printer. It comes with a one-year or 1,00,000 pages warranty that gives more flexibility to users. This multifunctional printer provides high performance and meets the requirements of different users. 


  • The page yield is 13000 pages for black & white and 5000 pages for color. 
  • It has Black, Magenta, Yellow, and Cyan colors. 
  • This printer has multiple functionalities and is suitable for various uses. 


  • No cons so far. 

#4 Brother HL-T4000DW A3 Inkjet Printer 

Brother HL-T4000DW - A3 Inkjet Printer, Refill Ink Tank Wireless Duplex Print

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This Brother printer is an ideal choice for you if you need a high-quality A3 printer at an affordable price. It is less expensive than the previous model of the Brother brand. Architects with a low budget can choose this A3 printer for their printing jobs. It has a compact and nice-looking design to compliment any workspace. 

The inkjet printer has 6500 pages yield for black prints and 5000 pages yield for color prints. Apart from that, its cost-efficient printing and two-sided printing help you save up to 50% cost. The tank system of Brother is easy to refill, and you can monitor the ink levels without any hassle. It provides 1200×4800 dpi print resolution for producing high-quality prints. 

This printer prints up to 20 to 22 pages per minute in normal mode and 27 to 35 pages per minute in fast mode. Therefore, it will enhance your printing capabilities and improve your overall workflow. It supports wireless and wired connectivity options, so you can use it conveniently at home and office. The USB direct print feature lets you print photos from your flash drive with ease. 


  • The 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen makes the user interface intuitive. 
  • It supports a wide range of papers for efficient printing performance. 
  • There are security features to limit unauthorized access to the printer. 


  • To warranty option is available. 

#5 Epson Eco Tank L8180 Multifunction A3+ Photo Printer

Epson EcoTank L8180 Multifunction A3+ InkTank Photo Printer

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This A3 photo printer from the Epson brand is an excellent option if you need a powerful and premium quality printer for your application. Just like the other printer models of the Epson brand, this printer also provides great performance and meets the requirements of different people. 

Compared to the L1300 model, it is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price. The quality of color prints it produces is matchless. But it is affordable compared to the EcoTank L15150 printer. It has six color inks to make high-quality prints. This photo printer provides high printing performance, so it is great for use in professional photo studios. 

Photography enthusiasts will find this printer very efficient to use because it is highly capable of making superior quality prints. It has an integrated ink tank for better page yield and to reduce printing costs. Moreover, it also has a USB port, memory card slot, and ethernet for direct printing. 


  • It offers maximum value for money with its unique design and performance. 
  • This printer supports borderless photo printing. 
  • There are 6 color inks to create excellent quality prints. 


  • It doesn’t support multiple types of papers. 

5 Features of the A3 Printer

A3 printers make it easier to take large printouts such as charts, presentations, posters, portfolios, etc. Whenever you need to print large documents on A3 sheets, the role of having a high-quality A3 printer comes in. 

Whether you are an architect, creative designer, businessman, or student who works on creative projects, an A3 printer will be very useful for you. So, it is important to know the features of an A3 printer before you buy one for your use. Here are the 5 features of A3 printers that you need to know.  

#1 Convenient Ink Management System 

Most A3 printers come with easy-to-fill ink tanks so that you won’t face any difficulties when refilling inks. You can easily understand how much ink has left and refill the ink when required. They have specific bottles for each color, so you will feel very easy to refill ink. 

With a convenient Ink Management System, you will feel easier to use the printer. Also, the overall performance of the printer is improved, allowing you to print different types of documents with ease.     

#2 Higher Page Yield 

Another efficient feature of A3 printers is their high page yield. They support up to 13000 pages of black prints and 5000 pages of color prints. Some models can have higher or lower page yields than this limit, but the overall page yield of A3 printers is appreciable. 

It is really an interesting feature because having the ability to print large pages with a high page yield will improve the overall workflow of any office or business. Because of this feature, you don’t have to refill ink too frequently. Once you fill the ink, it will function for a long time. 

#3 Fast Printing Speed 

Although A3 printers print large pages compared to normal printers, their printing speed is high. The average printing speed of an A3 printer is 30 pages per minute for black prints and 25 pages per minute for color prints. 

With this printing speed, you won’t face any delay or difficulties when printing a large number of pages at a time. For block printing of large documents on A3 papers, A3 printers are a very efficient option. Whether you take black/white or color prints, you will definitely get impressed with the printing speed of A3 printers. 

#4 Multi Paper Compatibility 

Although A3 printers are designed for printing on A3 papers, they support different sizes of papers as well. Apart from a3, these printers support A3+, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, envelopes, photo, photo L, photo 2L, executive, DL, and letter size papers. 

Therefore, you can use an A3 printer for different types of prints rather than printing only A3 sheets. This feature makes these printers versatile and suitable for use in homes and offices. 

#5 Auto Duplex Printing 

Another notable feature of modern A3 printers is auto duplex printing. With this feature, these printers print on both sides of the paper automatically. It helps save the cost and paper. Generally, normal printers require manual settings for duplex print. But modern printers come with automatic duplex printing to make it easier to use. 

Because the number of papers is reduced in this printing process, the printed pages will take less space in your office. This way, you can increase free space in your office. Also, printing both sides of the paper consume less energy than normal printing. In the case of bulk printing with duplex printing, the final output becomes lighter and easier to carry.      

Types Of A3 Printer

Before you choose an A3 printer for your office or project work, you need to know about the different types of A3 printers available in the market. This will help you understand which printer will be suitable for your job.   

Laser A3 Printer

Laser A3 printers are a type of device that uses laser technology to melt toner powder for printing papers. These printers are expensive compared to inkjet printers, and the toner cartridges are also costly. 

However, these printers are economical for long-term use because they print faster and reduce the cost per page. They have a drum unit to melt the toner powder and print the paper with the help of heat. Upon receiving a print command, the laser printer collects the document and sends it to the selenium-coated drum with the help of electrical charges. 

Then the drum is rolled into toner, and the toner follows the charged image on the drum. After that, the toner is transferred and fused onto a piece of paper with pressure and heat. Once the printing is done, the drum gets discharged, and the excess toner is collected. 

Laser A3 printers are mostly monochrome types, while laser color printers are very expensive. For large volume print jobs, laser A3 printers are the best choice. They are highly durable and capable of printing monochrome and color documents in large volumes. They can be used in offices as well as homes where A3 printing is necessary.   

A3 Color Printer 

A3 color printers are a type of printer that can produce monochrome and color prints. These printers are a better option than monochrome printers. They have evolved after decades of monochrome printers. They provide high performance and better printing results. 

Moreover, color printers are available in different types, such as inkjet color printers and laser color printers. Inkjet color printers use ink to print color prints with high resolution. On the other side, laser color printers don’t use ink for printing. They use a laser beam, toner, and electrical charges to produce color prints.

In most cases, inkjet A3 color printers are used because they are more affordable than laser color printers. Laser printers are mostly used for monochrome printing.       

A3 Ink Tank Printer

A3 ink tank printers perform similar to inkjet printers, but they use a refillable tank system instead of ink cartridges. So, you need to monitor the level of ink in the ink tank and refill the tank when the ink level is low. 

It uses airtight tubes to deliver ink to the printhead. A3 ink tank printers are better options compared to ink cartridges because they have higher page yields and print thousands of papers at a low cost per page. 

A3 ink tank printers are an ideal option for people who print a lot of pages a day. They are suitable for bulk printing applications. Also, people who don’t want to replace printer cartridges very frequently should consider using an ink tank printer. Epson eco tank A3 printers are an excellent example of A3 ink tank printers.  

A3 Photo Printer

The A3 photo printer is a type of device that is capable of printing on white photo papers. These printers support different sizes of photo papers to meet the requirements of different printing needs. Photo printers usually use inkjet or ink tank technology to deliver ink to the print head. 

These printers are ideal for photo enthusiasts, digital photo studios, and other places where large photo printing is necessary. Some photo printers print only photos, while others print photos along with other documents. Epson eco tank L8180 is an A3 photo printer on this list.    

A3 All in One Printer

The concept of the all-in-one printer is simple. It is a type of printer designed to perform a variety of functions such as printing, scanning, copying, and even faxing. A3 all-in-one printers are available with laser as well as inkjet technologies. 

These printers can be used in offices and other workspaces where a3 printing and other functionalities are performed. They come with extra paper trays and support both monochrome and color prints.    

A3 Printer with Scanner and Copier

A3 printer with scanner and copier is a machine that supports scanning and copying of A3 documents apart from printing. With such a machine, you can perform all printing, scanning, and copying tasks with ease. 

These machines are great for offices or workspaces where scanning and copying of A3 sheets are frequently done. They are available in both color and black & white options. 

Best Brands Making A3 Printers In India

When looking to buy an A3 printer in India, it is a good practice to check which brands are making these machines. Then you can compare those products and choose the right one. Here are the best brands making A3 printers in India.


Founded in 2000, Epson is one of the top brands in India when it comes to buying A3 printers. They have products for businesses, homes, commercial places, and people with specific needs. Epson A3 printers are known for their value and quality. The headquarter of Epson is in Bangalore. 


Brother is a leading printer manufacturer and popular worldwide. With premium design, useful features, and easy to use user interface, brother A3 printers are a great choice for any business or individual. They have different models at different prices to meet the requirements of different people.

Bottom Line 

A3 printers are available in many types and price ranges, so you need to compare different options before finalizing one product. We hope now you know everything about A3 printers and can select the right A3 printer for your work. If you are a professional and looking for a high performative printer, you can choose the Epson L15150 printer. 

But if you have a low budget but need a good quality printer, you can choose the Brother HL-T4000DW printer. This printer provides great performance at an affordable rate. 

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