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Looking forward to buying a 4K monitor for your office or gaming setup, but not sure about the right option? Well, it is a common challenge that most buyers feel in India. Awareness regarding tech and all the key features is hard to cop up. Most people have this issue as a monitor or a TV is not a commonly purchased product. 

The best 4K monitor has three key features – a UHD display panel, a better contrast ratio, and a higher PPI count. When choosing a reliable 4K monitor, you can find an excellent variety from all the reputed brands like Acer, Samsung, LG, Dell, BenQ and many more. So, how do you land on an excellent product?

Easy! You check the specs and reviews from the previous buyers. This method is highly reliable to ensure that you get the best product and learn about the good and bad parts from others’ feedback. To make this whole procedure easier, we are here to help you with our well-curated list of the top 6 UHD monitors in India. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive and learn about some of the excellent options – 

6 Best 4K Monitors in India 

4K Monitor Work Setup

#1 LG 27 Inch 4K Monitor 

LG 27 Inch 4K Monitor in India

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LG HDR 10 monitor is available with 27-inch and 4K resolution. It has IPS Panel to improve the performance while using it. The 27-inch display offers different viewing angles to the users. You can sit where ever you want and get the advantage of the best display with 4k resolution. 

There are different ports offered to connect the devices. You can easily attach your headphones to listen to music. A separate display port is also available to enhance the display of content and games. If you are planning to purchase the monitor, then you can check out the ports available in the model. 

Moreover, LG HDR 10 Monitor has an adjustable height stand. You can adjust the height of the model according to your requirements. Black stabilizer, Dynamic Action, Sphere lighting, and On-screen control are also offered with the model so that the users can have the best experience. 


  • The monitor has a big screen of 27-inches for the display.
  • It has tilt adjustment to enhance the viewing experience of users.
  • The monitor is available with an anti-glare coating to offer the best gaming experience.


  • There is possible light sometimes bleeding, depending on the piece. 

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#2 BenQ 28 inch 4k Monitor – UHD, HDR

BenQ 28 inch 4k Monitor

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The monitor has the highest resolution with a 28-inch display. The resolution is with LED UHD to enhance the viewing experience of the users. HDR features of the BenQ 4k gaming monitor improve the dynamic range between black and white. As a result, there is an incredible clarity and details offered with the model in playing games and content viewing. 

Brightness Intelligence and technology are the features that stand the monitor out in the crowd. The monitor automatically adjusts the brightness and colour temperature depending on on-screen content and light conditions. Before purchasing the model, it is essential to know about it. 

In addition to it, the monitor has the best connectivity. The users can get the benefit of multi-device connection built-in speakers. There is the delivery of the noise that does not harm the ears even if you are listening to them for many hours. 


  • The monitor has a 3-year on-site warranty 
  • Broken frames of the model enhance the performance while playing games 
  • The monitor has in-built speakers with a multi-device connection port. 
  • Ambient light conditions are offered to the users with BenQ 4k resolution monitor.


  • Not that experience with BenQ 28-inch monitor 
  • Switching to different ports and cables is not that easy with the model 

#3 PHILIPS 27 4K LED Gaming Monitor

PHILIPS 27 4K LED Gaming Monitor

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Philips 27-inch 4K UHD monitor offers ultra-clear picture quality to view the content. 4K UHD with a comprehensive view is responsible for offering the ultimate clarity and life-like visuals. These are possible from any front angle view. It is so because the product has a multi-angle viewing mode.

Apart from it, the Flicker-free feature of Phillips can reduce eye fatigue after extended use. You can easily play games and view the content for many hours. If you want to have the model, then you should pay attention to the feature. It will allow you to reduce the strains on the eyes. 

In addition to it, the model has IPS LED technology. It offers the best quality of the image and more colour accuracy. As a result, an improvement in the content viewing and playing games is possible. With these features, you should also evaluate the pros and cons before purchasing the model. 


  • It is the perfect choice for game lovers 
  • The refresh rate of the model is 60Hz
  • The monitor has Ultra Clear 4K resolution to offer the best experience.
  • The picture quality is supreme.


  • There is not the best support of 4k resolution for different works.

#4 Samsung 27 inch 4K UHD Computer Monitor

Samsung 27 inch 4K UHD Computer Monitor

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Samsung 70 series monitor has an IPS panel with a 3-sided borderless display. The users can stretch the sides from the edge -to the to-edge. It will allow them to fully view the content and smoothly play the games. Establishing of connection with another monitor is also possible to play multiplayer games. 

The resolution of the model is also the best, with 3840*1440 UHD. It offers more than one billion colours to enhance the viewing content experience. The brightness is also 300nits to reduce the strain on the eyes while working for many hours. 

Height adjustable stand, Customization of the second screen are some other features of the model. These allow you to choose the model for the best gaming experience. Apart from it, the users get a picture-by-picture display. It is beneficial to connect the monitor with different devices without any problem. The use of the monitor will become smooth and seamless for the users. 


  • The monitor has a high dynamic range as a unique feature 
  • There are different ports for a better connection, like DisplayPort and HDMI
  • The PBP feature of the model acts as the second screen of the monitor.


  • There is sometimes difficulty in switching between monitors. 

#5 Acer 32 inch 4K UHD Backlit LED LCD Monitor 

Acer 32 inch 4K UHD Backlit LED LCD Monitor 

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Acer monitor is an exceptional high-resolution monitor with a 31.5-inches screen. The resolution of the monitor is also 3840*2160 to offer the best gaming experience. It changes the display while viewing the content. The users can take advantage of the resolution for playing different games. 

It has an HDR-ready feature to increase the dynamic range between black and white. As a result, the showcasing of incredible clarity while watching the movies and series is possible. The users can also prefer their favourite colour with Customization in the model. 

Moreover, there is no connectivity-related issue with the model. It is so because there are different options offered to connect the headphones. One of the primary connections is integrated, stereo speakers. The users can attach them to the monitor to enhance their real-life experience with excellent sound quality. 


  • The monitor has good eye care features to reduce the strain on the eyes. 
  • It is HDR-ready to offer different colours while playing the games. 
  • The connection of the stereo speakers with high-quality noise.
  • Acer vision to protect the eyes when working for many hours 


  • The monitor does not have the right stand 
  • There is a fixed refresh rate 

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#6 LG 27 inch 4K UHD Monitor for Gaming & Design

LG 27 inch 4K UHD Monitor for Gaming & Design

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LG HDR 10 monitor is available with an IPS screen with a 178/178-degree viewing angle. The users can sit where they want to play games and create designs on display. The resolution of the display is also great to offer a smooth and seamless experience while using the model. 

The monitor is available with a colour calibrated display. There are around 1.7 billion colours in the model. The users can choose and adjust the colours to enhance their PC experience. Apart from it, a black stabilizer and DAS mode are important features of the monitor. It is essential to know about them before purchasing the monitor. 

Moreover, VESA Wall Mount is also contributing to making the model the best gaming and design monitor. It is responsible for 4K content from streaming services. The availability of the right game console is also possible with the VESA mount wall. 


  • It is the best monitor for creating the design as well as playing games. 
  • There are separate ports available for gaming and headphones. 
  • Good enough for bright colours 
  • The price of the monitor is budget-friendly


  • The bad picture quality of the model

How to Find the Best 4K Monitor? – Buying Guide

To find the best 4K monitor or to make your purchase decision easier, check out five key features that can come in handy. Here are a few things that you must check-in 4K monitor – 

Display Size

No doubt that you can choose between a wide range of size options while choosing a 4K monitor. However, the question regarding optimal size is common in everyone’s mind. The 27-inch monitor is considered the optimal one for most types of use. But, for the best of all kinds, you can go with 32 inches also. Make sure that you try to avoid small sized 4K monitors unless it is your key requirement. 

Display Panel Type

You can choose between three types of display panels that offer excellent usability but have their own set of pros and cons. These types are –

  • IPS Panels
  • TN Panels
  • IGZO Panels

IPS is one of the common and most selling display panel types used by manufacturers in India. 

Colour Accuracy

To get the most out of your editing, designing or content creation work, a colour accurate monitor plays an important role. Most people don’t pay much attention to this factor but colour accuracy is an important parameter and you can check the DCI P3 colour gamut rating to know more about it. A display with a 97% or higher rating than this number ensures that you are buying a display with an accurate colour profile. Meanwhile, you can check for HDR support to get the best out of your monitor. 


A display with at least 400 nits of brightness or higher is perfect for a 4K monitor and get to see all the details better. If your monitor has HDR support but low brightness, then it is of no use in most situations. Meanwhile, you can pay attention to reviews from previous buyers to learn more about factors like brightness, HDR support, connectivity and so on. Choosing a reputed manufacturer for a quality 4K display is always a better choice than going with any of the affordable ones. 

FAQs About 4K Monitor

Is it worth getting a 4K monitor?

Yes, buying a 4k monitor is the right decision. It has the best resolution of 3840*2160 to offer the best viewing experience. So, the users can play their favourite games and view the content and design them. All of these are possible according to their requirements. 

Is it the right decision to buy a 4k monitor over a TV?

Monitors have less input lag and faster processing. The response time of the monitor is also excellent compared to television. So, it is the right decision to choose a 4K monitor over television. The level of enjoyment is high while playing console games. A competitive spirit is available among the players with the best features. 

Is it necessary to choose a 4k resolution?

If you are looking for a monitor to watch movies and play games, then 4k is the best choice. The performance of unlimited entertainment activities is possible at 4k resolution. Thus, it is a viable choice for the users. 

Can you do coding with the monitor?

The 4K monitor offers sharp text and great screen time. It is beneficial to do coding without any issues. There is an availability to see all things at once. 

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