It’s all in the details when planning your big day. From wedding vows to flowers and tablescapes to menu selections, there are so many ways to bring your vision to life. However, no detail is more important than your wedding invitation as it not only welcomes your loved ones to your big day but also introduces your wedding theme. Whether planning on a tight budget or completely unrestricted, there are many approaches you can take in choosing the perfect wedding invitation as well as special touches. Take a look at some of your top options.

6 Wedding Invitations Ideas 

6 Wedding Invitations Ideas 

#1 Handmade Invitations

If you’re the crafty sort, there are tons of ways to make handcrafted wedding invitations. Not only do handmade invitations save budgeting resources, but they also add a special personal touch to your big day. A visit to your local craft or stationery store in addition to countless inspirational websites that have tons of sample wedding invitations to peruse can make all the difference.

#2 Embossed Graphics

If your idea of the perfect wedding is simple and classic, you may love the clean and effortless look of embossed graphics. Embossing high-quality stationery with a simple image, your future last name, or even a monogram can add a simple yet classy touch to your wedding invitations. If you have the time and patience to emboss your stationery by hand, a personalized embosser can be easily purchased with a little lead time. 

#3 Downloadable Templates

Another cool way to approach your wedding invitations is through the purchase of downloadable templates. Artists around the world design and upload invitation templates that can be purchased, downloaded, customized, and printed. With tons of artists doing this, it’s easy to find affordable invitations to match any wedding aesthetic. Simply use suggested software to input your big day’s details and send the digital image off to your favorite local printer for fabrication.

#4 Fill-in-the Blank

A quick and easy way to turn out your wedding invitations is by purchasing simple fill-in-the-blank style cards. Similar to the birthday invitations you might pick up at your local party store, this type of wedding invite can be picked up in a pinch if time and/or budget are a concern. Simply use a pretty pen to fill in the details or, if you’re computer savvy, runoff typewritten copies from your at-home printer. Although this may sound unideal, this type of invitation can be easily embellished with pretty envelopes, snazzy stamps, or flirty decals.

#5 Calligrapher

Hand calligraphy is a special way to add a touch of elegance to any wedding invitation. Talk to friends or search your local social media networks, and chances are you’ll find a local calligrapher perfect for the job. Furthermore, there are mail-in services that can beautifully and ornately handwrite your wedding invitations. If this idea seems a little too grandiose, it might be nice to use a calligrapher just for the envelopes instead of the entire invitation. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a calligrapher.

#6 Graphic Designer

Although a dying art, one of the best ways to ensure you’ve got completely custom wedding invitations is to work with a local graphic designer. Custom wedding invitations allow you to design your invitations, all your wedding stationery for that matter, from start to finish. From selecting your paper quality, colors, and patterns to stationery finishes, borders, and weight as well as from font type, color, and size to inserts, envelopes, and well beyond, the design process is truly rewarding.


Whether working with a strict budget or no budget at all, having tons of time, or being in a big rush, there are many beautiful options for curating the perfect wedding invitation. Of course, if you have a vivid image of what your invite might look like you’re better suited choosing an option such as embossed stationery or working with a graphic designer. On the other hand, form invitations are the perfect way to customize invitations in a pinch. No matter your vision, just know that these among other avenues make it easy to perfectly customize beautiful wedding invitations.

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